My Seven Favorite Things, 2018 Edition

My favorite things, 2018 edition. In many ways, 2018 has been a challenging year. In the US, our revered institutions and practices of democracy have been under attack. Our international friendships are threatened, economic markets are plunging, and natural disasters have wreaked havoc. As years go, we’ve had better.

There are many things to be grateful for, too, in the past year. The most precious to me are good health and a happy marriage, the foundations of a joyful life. These are my favorites every year.

Some awesome things happened in 2018, too. We saw women in all walks of life say “no more” to sexual harassment and worse. The Winter Olympics had some shining moments (looking at you, Adam Rippon). The survivors of the Parkland, FL mass shooting inspired the country to pay attention. Harry and Megan got married. More women ran for, and won, seats in the US Congress. The Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud appears to have ended.

And here are some of my personal favorites from 2018:

  • Friends.  This one is deep and wide. I have solidified friendships with a handful of people in 2018, by spending more time (that’s the key!) with them, caring about their lives, and receiving a multitude of blessings in return. I plan to keep this up indefinitely.😄
  • Opportunities to stretch my comfort zone with style: like doing several video interviews with the lovely Margaret Manning, and attending a Nordstrom Canada product launch with my gla-mazing friend Melanie of Bag And A Beret!

Melanie is one of the faces of Nordstrom Canada!

  • A ring by artist O:  Acquiring a special piece-of-art ring made by the artist O was a highlight. It’s got magic in it.

This ring is a beauty and I love wearing it.

  • Kindle and Netflix and Public Television for amazing entertainment and education. I don’t remember television being so engrossing (check out Maniac on Netflix) or inspirational (look for Winter at Wesbeth on Public Broadcasting). Kindle lets me bring my books everywhere in a pocket-sized device.
  • Lots of live music. Sandy plays the horn in the local orchestra, and I get to hear live music all the time. In NYC, we can go to student concerts and plays for free or cheap. The year was a banner one for music appreciation, and I’m still singing, with an online coach.
  • Funky new shoes. It sounds trivial, but discovering a comfortable brand of shoes has made life so much happier. My new favorites are by Sofft (they don’t sponsor me), usually oxford-style tie-ups and sandals, with superb comfort.

These are the latest booties I’ve acquired; I love the deep blue color.

  • Not Dead Yet. I made it to 63 and a half, and I’m grateful. Aging is not for sissies, as many of you already know. But it’s still great to be here.

I’d love to hear about your 2018 favorite in the comments.

Keep joy in your heart, Happiest New Year to you, and stay fabulous, xo,

Here’s some cool favorite-worthy pieces:

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  1. Great post! You have such a nice collection of things. They’re for keeps indeed. I love reading your posts. Keep them coming!

  2. Loved reading your post, as it made me reflect on the year. There is always ups and downs, but, health and happiness are key. My children seem to be in a good place following a turbulent year so that makes me happy. I am spoilt as far as live music is concerned as my hubby is a musician – so if he isnt recording in the house he is strumming his guitar or out gigging. Suppose it keeps us both out of mischief as there is always lots of activity. I think it’s so important to follow our dreams especially at this age!
    Alison xx

      • I was just trying to change it to notify me of new posts. I don’t want to get every comment, but I can’t get it to stick when I unchecked it

        • You can get every new blog post by subscribing via email, on the upper right corner of this page. I think the DISQUS commenting software may have a bug, but you won’t need them to receive new posts. HTH, xox.

  3. Until a few weeks ago I would have thought you were in your early 50’s. I too am 63 1/2 (July 1955) and I like being this age even with the aches and pains I am enduring that took me to the doctor early this week and today confirmed arthritis.
    My nook app on my tablet is full of great books, which I love because I can read anywhere. The newest down-load to my Nook is 30 Days To Taming Your Tongue, by Deborah Smith Pegues. In addition to being one of the sweetest people I have ever met she is also beautiful, wise, and funny. Talk about power women, she has worked in the corporate world, written many books, and speaks all over the US. I am looking forward to reading and applying her book. My tongue gets out of hand now and then. I feel you are never too old to learn a more beneficial behavior. Netflix is a another joy I have. I like detective shows and there are so many there to choose. Family, grands especially, my three best friends and my church are my greatest joys above all else. Good post as always and I enjoy reading everyone’s replies.

    • Hi Sue! A lot of great women seem to have been born in mid-1955 : >
      I appreciate your list of favorites, and I agree 100% that we’re not too old to learn something new, xox.

  4. Favourite moments are some of the ones I spent with my girlfriend gang for sure : ) I’m really happy we are all making the effort to make it work despite living in different countries.

    Another favourite moment was when my husband moved back home from overseas. No more living separate lives!

    Those boots are SWEET!

    Happy New Year Patti!


    • Living in different countries – yet we still make it happen! As for living in the *same* country, it’s so wonderful that your husband is home. Hope your New Year is magical in all the good ways, xox.

  5. Another wonderful post, Patti!

    Delightful finds/favorite things of 2018:

    Your blog.

    Bzees brand shoes. My wide feet and longer second toes are so happy.

    Ketogenic way of eating. I lost 80 pounds this year eating this way and I don’t do any formal exercise other than leisurely walking. I have a “re-feed” day a few times a month where I eat and drink anything I please. I’ve lost my rabid sweet tooth and things like bread, bread and more bread have lost their siren song as well.

    Shopping my own closet. Sure, this is something that is often recommended but this year I took it to heart and discovered treasures I’d overlooked or totally forgotten about, and doing this also helped me to get rid of and donate things that are no longer relevant (I work from home now, no need to look ‘corporate’) or pleasing to me.

    Using a dressmakers dummy to style looks. I bought an inexpensive one on Ebay and have had hours of fun creating outfits/looks on it. Laying pieces together on the bed and photographing them is no match for seeing them ‘live’ as they drape on a 3D figure. It’s also wonderful not to have to spend several hours dressing and undressing myself to do this.

    Buying a clothing steamer. I used to iron most of my clothing before wearing it. Sometimes just touching up a jacket, a pleat or button placket but sometimes ironing the whole piece. Often, rather than ironing something, I would stuff it back in the closet because I did not want to take the time. Now I can touch something up minutes and this is especially satisfying when I am dressing to go out on a 98 degree day with 90 percent humidity.

    Finding a superlative pedicurist. Probably like a lot of women, I always went for very inexpensive pedicures. I had been using a neighborhood shop a block from my home, but found myself coming away each time with a cut cuticle, sore heels, raw, scraped feet and finally badly ingrown toenails from uncaring, improper cutting, I did a search for the best mani/pedi place in my area. The day I went, I needed to have both big toenails “freed” from being painfully ingrown. It’s expensive compared to the $10 salons on every other corner, but since I now only go once per month and then take myself out for a nice lunch after, it has become a part of my self care routine and a treat to look forward to. I keep my fingernails very short and do my own manicures. Since I started patronizing this “green” salon (no acetones, no synthetic nails, no formaldehyde products, no cell phones, no lumbering, buzzing ‘spa’ chairs or cheap, odorous lotions), I have not once awakened with toenails so painful that the weight of the sheet made me wince with agony. Every time I look at my toes, I am giddy with delight.

    Happy New Year and thank you for helping me to honor and appreciate myself.

    • What a fabulous round-up of favorites, Cee. I love your idea of having a steamer, and a mannequin – great tools for looking put-together! And you’ve inspired me to upgrade my pedicures : > xox.

  6. This time of year is definitely a time for reflection. We appraise the year that’s almost gone and make plans for the future. Looking back at 2018, I’m fully aware that this wasn’t the easiest of years for me professionally. However, I prefer to highlight the positive things, such as realizing our plans to have more holidays (we went away 4 times this year) and meeting up with blogger friends in the UK during one of them. Thank you for this “timely” reminder, Patti. xxx

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Ann. It seems you traveled more than four times! I think you make every weekend special, that’s the ticket. xox

  7. I enjoyed the calm thoughtfulness of this post, Patti. And I am honoured to be on your list. Having you come to the party made this a truly amazing event. O was also thrilled that you bought his ring. Definitely opportunities and friends top my list as well. I am thankful to have a network of friends to help me make sense of a wobbly world. Yeah, great boots!!! And horse dress from Suzanne!

    • Yes, all the good things seem to grow from taking chances, and taking opportunities. You’ve had quite a year, with your awesome modeling and acting! thanks for coming by, I look forward to seeing you asap. xox

  8. I love this list Patti… and comfortable shoes are NOT trivial at all BTW!
    I’m intending on seeing more plays and live music this year… I don’t do it enough.
    And nurturing my female friendships.
    Have a wonderful 2019!

  9. This post is just what I needed to nudge me out of my mid-holiday sugar induced inertia….thanks Patti!
    Reading your 2018 favourites makes me happy…I mean. Friends. Music. Magical jewels. And…those boots! Your list could easily be my list too!
    Here’s cheers to a joyful and healthy 2019! xoxo

  10. I enjoy your blog very much. Fashion is partly a reflection of the times we live in and so commenting on events that concern us as women and citizens of the world is timely and always welcome.

    • Thanks, Diana. We can always agree to disagree on issues, but to be concerned and thoughtful – the world needs us! xox

  11. Thanks to you, two of your Favorite Things are also two of mine from 2018: You’re the one who told me about Maniac on Netflix. So good!! So I’m thankful for that. And you being my friend–You’re the kind of person I can trust with important things like good show recommendation (grin) and, perhaps more importantly, strong shoulders when needed and lots of laughs when we get together. I am thankful for you, your leadership in this field, and your love of people and rich culture.

    May 2019 bring more to cheer and sing about and less heartbreak and disappointment.


    • Thank you, Sherry. Your words are so kind, and I think we are due for some great laughing sessions! I share your toast to the New Year! xox

  12. I enjoy your blog and follow you on Facebook. Thank you for being authentic, and for always reminding me that it’s wonderful to be 60 and hip!

  13. Really?? Democracy and our institutions are under attack?? By Democrats perhaps. I enjoy your fashion posts, but if you are going to make this blog political i just can’t.

  14. Patti, I am new to your blog, I found you on “Sixty and me”. You must have been born around July (1955) because 63 1/2 is my age also. I love following your blog. I have learned so much about several things and have received alot of inspiration from you. Look forward to your new and interesting information in 2019 . Thank You for being there. I know it’s very hard work to have a blog.

    • Hi Marilyn, and welcome! I’m so glad you came by, and took the time to leave a comment. We are just two months or less apart in age, so we have likely experienced many of the same things. I hope you’ll keep coming over, and have a wonderful day, xox.

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