Sweet And Demure: Visible Monday

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Sweet and demure. Hello, Visible Monday friends. Do you ever feel like trying a new and rather different look? Of course you do! And that’s what I did for this Visible Monday: I switched out my usual classic-with-some-funk look for something vintage, feminine and a little sweet.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

This 1980’s floral Evan Picone dress was thrifted in NYC. They were a major American brand for my work-wear in the 80’s, and made mid-range conservative suits and separates. This dress could definitely be worn to the office, but it’s a departure from their mainstream pieces. I think it’s modest and demure, with a prairie sensibility.

Like most 80’s dresses, this one is rayon, and I’ve hand washed it, no problem. I like the oversized ruffled collar and dainty cuffs.

I don’t love a waisted dress, so I tried to make this one a funky shift by pulling out the waist elastic. Major re-fashion fail, so I’m wearing a belt to distract you. I also added my Annie Hall hat from Tenth Street Hats (they are terrific to work with, go check them out).

The belt is made from Costa Rican cocobolo wood, and it was designed by my late, beloved brother-in-law Randy. Miss you! A thrifted pendant and my Cydwoq booties finish the vintage look.

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Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thanks so much, Neo, and Happy New Year! I swooned over your December round-up of beauty products, xox.

    • thanks Cheryl, and Happy New Year to you too! I think the rabbit hole sounds inviting! xox

  1. Love the dress. Like you – not so keen on a waisted dress, but the belt goes perfectly. Looks fabulous with the hat! Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and Happy new year!
    Alison xx

    • Thanks Jess! I just watched your video with Margaret Manning today – so good! And I love your NY Eve look, with the floral booties. Really wow. Happy New Year! xox

  2. J’adore the booties. I don’t usually go for a kitten heel, but there’s always the exception! The details are life-giving. On the rack, I probably wouldn’t have given this dress a second glance, but your eye for fun, personalized touches really makes it a stand-out!

    • Thank you for such a wonderful review! And for introducing us to your website, it’s supercool. xox

    • Thanks Debbie. I love how you successfully re-fashioned your jeans for a cool distressed look. I shall copy you : > Happy New Year, xox.

    • Glad to hear I’m not alone in my elastic-waist faux pas! Thanks for your kind words and good wishes – the same is sent to you and the ones you love, for a brilliant new year. xox

  3. Sometimes you think you can alter a garment and you fail. But… you found a solution again. Good work.
    As I am off work this week, I finally have the time to join your Visible Monday again.
    Happy, happy new year Patti.

    • It’s great to see you again, Greetje! Loving your vibrant green blouse in your post today. Happy New Year to you, xox.

  4. Of course I love trying something new and different 😉 I really love that dress, it’s one I would have picked too. And you’ve managed to make it look all but demure by adding the belt, pendant and hat, but above all, those fabulous booties! Wishing you and Sandy a fabulous 2019! xxx

    • Thank you dear Ann. Your post today is going in my box of treasures, to read over and over. Happy New Year to you and Jos and all those you love, xox.

  5. Patti, this is such a lovely dress! I love the tiny floral print and it’s perfect paired with booties. I am not a huge fan of waisted dresses either as they are not the most flattering on me. I have also fallen victim to refashion fails, but you saved it in the best way possible. It looks great belted! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Shelbee and thanks for linking up! You manage to make the End of the World a bit less scary, and I agree: love and kindness are the best “weapons”. Happy New Year!! xox

  6. That dress looks good on you especially with the added hipster vibes of the hat and the boots. Love the belt, your Randy was a talented chap.
    Happy New Year to you, Sandy and the cats! xxx

    • Thanks, Vix – Randy was one of those Most Unforgettable Characters we’re honored to have known. Love your post about going naked from the internet – food for thought! Happy New Year!! xox

  7. Always fun to try something a little different than our usual style. The floral is rather pretty and the belt , boots and hat do make it not so overly girlie.
    Many thanks for hosting Visible Monday , a place to share with like minded souls .
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019.
    P.S. I have enjoyed your Margaret Manning videos. xxx

    • Thank YOU, Jill for joining the party so faithfully, with your fab looks. I love today’s black and white outfit, and all the glorious bangles. Happy New Year! xox

  8. I love that you’re changing it up here, Patti! You look just lovely! I’m not a huge fan of the prairie look on me, but I’ll never say never!

    Thank you for so many years of hosting “Visible Monday”, Patti! Even if we don’t feel like we need to be visible all the time, it’s a good reminder and inspiration to see all of these wonderful participants putting their best foot forward and pleasing themselves.

    Happy New Year to you and Sandy and your furry fam. *hugs*

    • Hi Sheila! Happy New Year! I don’t think I’m a huge fan of prairie either, I prefer the funk. But it’s fun to try. Thanks for supporting Vis Mon all these years, you’re a true-blue, xox.

  9. I bought a prairie dress yesterday and it’s absolutely going to be one of my favourites! Aren’t they just fabulous! Love yours too!

  10. I love that look, Patti! The hat and the belt are the ideal things to keep the dress from being too demure. Both adds a nice alternative kind of sauciness. : )

    I am slowly emerging from my all black all the time wardrobe and have bought a few floral midi dresses, a floral pleated midi skirt and 2 floral long “bishop sleeve” blouses. Also fell for H & M’s William Morris print pieces they did in collaboration with Morris & Co.

    Happy, healthy and color filled New Year to you! <3

    • Thanks, Cee! I Iove a floral pleated midi – you’ll have fun styling it! Wishing you the best New Year, xox.

  11. Well, I would leave the prairie look behind, personally. But, the question is: Why does one even need to be visible? I’m in my 60s. I dress as I please. I’m thin/slim and look younger than my years. I dress to please me. I don’t crave any particular “visibility.” I enjoy the blog. Mel K. of Vancouver is particularly entertaining. Thank you!

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