My First Blog Stalker! And Photo-A-Day

Maybe you more seasoned bloggers have gotten lots of stalker emails as a result of your blog posts. I just got my first! Mr. Creepy wrote (among other things) about his desire to see more photos of feet, stockings and “silettos” (sic) (sick).

It’s a big world out there, and our posts do go far and wide. We can’t control who will read and respond to our writings/photos. I doubt Mr. Feets will bother me again. But have you ever been troubled by a persistent stalker? How did you handle it?

Ironically, today’s Photo-A-Day (via FatMumSlim) is “A Stranger”.  I don’t usually categorize people that way, as it has a vaguely suspicious tone, perhaps more suited to the Big City than to our smallish one. But here is a photo that evokes Stranger-ness for me. The actor, Michael C. Hall, is handsome and friendly-looking. But the character, Dexter Morgan, is the ultimate Stranger: he has a very deep, disturbing Secret, and by he time you uncover it, it’s too late!

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  1. Great! Why did I comment firsthand …Now I have people visiting my blog (your stalker maybe?), who googled for "feet paula". Great. :-/

  2. Oh, I've read about those feet people on other fashion blogs.  The world is so big there are people for everything.

  3. Hi Patti, my first time to hear about blog stalker. I was a victim of plagiarism but not blog stalking. I just wonder all the photos that we put in here, somebody could steal it and I know one photo blogger whose photo was stolen and is being sold and used in a website in another country. That is why I am very careful about putting kids face. And this footsie guy oh oh he must be a sicko! 
    A suggestion we shall watermark our photos.  Kim, USA

  4. Ugh! Very sorry you experienced that, Patti.  I guess it just comes with the territory, as they say, but still! Best wishes for no more creepy creepers.

  5. Yikes!  Haven't had a blog stalker yet.  Your ultimate stranger photo hits the mark.

  6. Yes, I agree that it's something to shake your head over, laugh if you can, and then ignore it and carry on doing your thing. Once you put stuff out there, you have no control over who looks at it and what they do with it. Have a look at the search terms bit on your blog stats page (I think those terms are right, but they might not be, I'm no expert), it's very surprising, and very funny! x

  7.  Well, SB, I think you are my age (or a bit younger), so hardly old  : > And rather attractive, if I may say so without being stalker-ish. But thank you for the words of wisdom, I know you are right.

  8.  As always, looking forward to reading about your interesting experiences. Real-life stalkers are scary stuff!

  9. I know exactly the term you're referring to! And I agree about the search terms — I also don't want to repeat them here, but they make me spit my coffee with surprise sometimes  : >

  10. I've had one or two stalkers.  The one you describe sounds very similar to one I received a couple of weeks ago.  I deleted the e-mail and went on my merry way, without concern for obliging his peculiar tastes.

  11. I got a very similar email from a guy. I just ignored it. But, when I read it, my first thought was WTH? Really? I do post shoe photos, but it is for fashion to share a cool looking shoe.  There are sure a lot of weird people out there!

  12. Ok, kind of creepy, but also kind of hilarious!  More pics of your feet?!  I don't think I'll ever understand fetishes!  Of course, if I told my husband about this, he'd say, "See!  I told you, MEN read these blogs! You've got to be careful!"  He's a retired policeman so he's attuned to potentially dangerous situation.  Hugs girly and don't let the creepers get the better of you!  ~Serene

  13. Being an old unattractive man, I don't get stalkers but some of my cute girlfriends have. Usually they are harmless lonely guys with some fetish you've triggered. Ignore 'em. For serious stalkers, there are practical and legal remedies. Hang in there and see this as a consequence of living in a connected world.

  14. This is really creepy…
    I have some men following my blog…not sure why? I don't quite know what to think of it…kinda weird, too.  Guess it's a big cyber world out there and you're bound to attract some shady characters. Hope that was your one and only.

  15. I can't believe this came up, because I've been trying to compose a blog post about stalkers. I've had several real-life stalkers, and the occasional unwanted facebook visitor. I find the cyperstalkers to be easier to deal with (so far) because I can delete comments, report as spam, etc. It's not so easy to delete a real person.
    I'll have to get back to writing that post so everyone can share my interesting experiences.

  16. Oh creepy! I've only gotten a couple of questionable e-mails. My big concern is that somehow someone will find out where I live. That worriees me and is one of the reasons I don't talk about my kids on my blog. But I'm sure the weirdos are out there !

  17. Oh no! There are lots of feet-liking people out there. I wrote a post about…well, I won't write the actual words because I don't want to draw the traffic to you. Let's just say it's the part of the foot that shoes when you wear a low vamp. It was meant to be a fashion post, but it's now become a destination for feet lovers. Ugh. I leave it because I can tell a good number of people also visit to find out about that kind of shoe fashion and the post in itself is innocent in nature. But I have to admit that some of the searches that get people to my blog are creepy! 

    I also did a post in the very beginning of my blog about an at-home pedicure – complete with photos of my tootsies. Not really a good idea. No one has left any comments about my feet since that shoe and toe post…but the traffic via google images of my feet trickle in steadily.  I hope your feet man doesn't come back again. I wonder what you can do about direct emails that are weird/nasty/harassing? I guess not much aside from not responding. 
    Sorry that happened to you. 

    See you for Visible Monday! 

  18. I've heard about people being stalked on social media sites and such, but this is the first time I'm hearing about a blog stalker! The world is just soo……..full of weird people who have lotsa time on their hands apparently.

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