Photo-A-Day: Hands

Fab blogger Chantelle at FatMumSlim is sponsoring the February Photo-a-Day Challenge. Just go here to read the super-simple guidelines, then start posting and sharing.

Today’s theme is Hands. Here’s my pick for a very fine use of a human finger, combined with kitty hands.
(The rules didn’t say “human hands”  : > )

Image via Catster

Happy Friday to all.

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  1. Love the picture. A do miss my lovely black cat maybe I will get another one.

  2. Very cute…so I reached down for my cat's paw and she bit me!!  Spoiled the moment!

  3. What a cute photo. Thanks so much for you sweet comment. I am looking forward to see each photo for the month of February.

  4. Ha!  earlier this week, we captured two coons in a trap we keep to protect our pigeons from wild cats.  Although we drove out in the country and released them, it was amazing to see their tiny hands.

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