Minimalism, I Face It

Well, not in my closet. The closet is amply stocked. (Being a counter, I currently count 79 hanging items alone, hardly the mark of a minimalist.)

And not exactly in my home, although I have pared down a lot since we moved to the condo. But we still have two televisions for two people, two beds, two vacuum cleaners, three cats and “X” (too embarrassed to say) number of computer-like devices. I am about to add a sewing machine, and we are “upgrading” our cell phones. So stuff, yeah, I has it.

Hey! We don’t count as “things”. Lest you forget, human, we run this joint.

I am going more minimal with my makeup. Odd, because as we age, many of us tend to fade in color (if not in opinions). Our brows, lips, and cheeks are not as vivid. So theoretically, I could be using more makeup, at least color makeup, than 25 years ago.

But I’m enjoying a basic routine that relies mainly on great lips. Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

  • After moisturizer, a tinted sunscreen for my face. I really like Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41. It’s easy to apply and lasts all day, but it only comes in one shade (!) so my recommendation is limited to fair-skinned women.
  • Eyeliner, usually a dark brown gel by Ulta.
  • Black mascara, one light coat (saves the vigorous clean-up in the evening).
  • Lips, forever. My favorites now are Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hour Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge and Ultimate Blush. This is the only makeup I reapply during the day (the 14 hour claim is bogus, as you may have guessed  ☺).
Find it here, and lots of places.

How about you, fabulous readers? Do you do a lighter makeup in summer, or as you grow older? Or have you focused like I have on just one feature? Or do you skip the paint altogether?

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

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  1. I guess I'm the odd woman out, here. At 61, I find I'm collecting and using MORE makeup than I ever have, because I finally have the time to enjoy it! Playing with the colors of an eyeshadow palette is a joy for me (and since my kids are grown and gone, I have a few dollars to buy the beautiful stuff). I don't wear makeup in an attempt to look younger (to me, trying to look younger disrespects the dignity of our age), so I really don't care that my skin is not the smooth canvas it was when I was young. I wear makeup for the fun of creating looks…yes, even on my old face.

  2. I've gotten WAY more minimal. gone are the days of 3 coats of mascara, eyeliner, 3 shades of shadow, concealer, foundation, blush, powder, eyebrow stuff, and lips!!
    Now it's either a light tinted moisturizer/sunscreen in summer or BB cream in winter, light eyebrow, bit of powder and lips. I now NEED brighter lip colors. Mascara and such are no more due to sensitivities to all that stuff!!

  3. The older I get, the simpler my makeup becomes. I no longer experiment with crazy eye shadow combinations and wild lip colors, but have settled into a natural palette that only takes about 10 minutes to apply.

  4. I've been a minimalist my whole life. I don´t like to much stuff in my face, because I love to hug and kiss my family, the kids so I can´t run out every half an hour to make the make-up new. Also I think, I look much better with a minimal make-up and my skin is much better. In summer I don´t use foundations only a soft powder.

    I love your minimalism Patty 🙂

    Dana, Germany

  5. Lovely choices. I am more of an eyes-person, but I recently have gotten into lip balms like the chubby sticks from clinique. They are awesome and make it much easier for me to wear nice lipstick as well. I need to speak a lot at work and can't wear all those sticks

    Otherwise I prefer a nude/brown eyeshadow and loads of mascara

  6. I wear very little makeup. Black mascara only sometimes. Lotion always. Sunscreen sometimes. Pink cream blush. Lip moisturizer always.

  7. I've always been a minimalist – concealer on dark circles, blush, a brush of eyeshadow and some mascara. My latest addition, though is a Powder Palette Multicolored Highlighter from Physician's Formula. I brush it on to hide the shine of sunscreen and to even out my skin tone. It's so easy!

  8. Nope, same all year round, pretty much. SPF 30 Roc Moisturizer, let it set … then SPF 100 (ok, I know it's not really possible, but it's very high) spary for neck, face and arms (anything exposed) Sheer conceal for the problematic T-zone … a swish of very sheer Bare Minerals, simple eye shadow, liner and sheer-ish blush lip. Mascara last, actually and against all advice. Just works best for me.
    THEN … more sunscreen everwhere except face. Enough already. All light, but in layers.

  9. Love the cat dialogue. And, I'm excited that you are getting a sewing machine.

    I haven't gone minimal with my makeup. If anything, it feels like I'm using more. 🙁 I've discovered brow makeup and as much as I love having visible eyebrows, they take a bit of effort for me. My skin seem more unevenly coloured, so I'm using more than one product on my face, when I used to get away without foundation, never mind concealer. The irony is that I'm trying to achieve an effortless, minimal look. {Sigh} Maybe I'm trying too hard. I'm willing to try a routine such as yours…xo

  10. I'm much lower maintenance these days too, doing my face is quick and easy and basic!
    LOVE those cuddly kitties! xxxx

  11. I used to be so in to makeup when I was younger. Now, I just buy only the basics: mascara, eyeliner, concealer, brow pencil and a lipstick or gloss. No more dark lips for me. I like a nude or a rose color and I like them sheer.
    What I do wear more now than I did 5 years ago is a BB cream to give me some coverage and even out my skintone. I use one with an spf of 30 (I think, maybe 25) by Jane Iredale.

  12. I think minimalism as you get older is a great idea. Less is best. The more makeup that gets piled on the more wrinkles seem to show. Most days I totally skip eye shadow and heavy eye liner. That seems to age me the most. I still use foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, and a little bronzer. No red lips for me. Just light pink shades. That also seems to make my skin look healthy and fresh.

  13. I don't focus on count so much with minimalism but more about what I need, use and value. Our lifestyle and stage in our life is a major influence on how much we own or purge. Anyhoo, I wear little makeup. With age I find I need to pay more attention to the health of my skin so I'm focused more on skin care. Makeup is easy: shadow when I feel like it and I stick with neutral colors. I wear more gloss now that I'm older and yes, I wear lighter colors but that is as much about the shift in my color choices in my clothes than my complexion. My complexion hasn't lighten much, and in my family that doesn't happen till around 60. I wear a little mascara, and I have switched to brown/black but black is harsher than I want. I rarely where foundation. My avatar is me two years ago.

  14. If you ever feel the need to get minimalist with the cats I'll have them!
    My make up's minimal – well the amount not the colours. The brighter the better, take's the attention away from the wrinkles! x

  15. I've always taken a minimal approach but I do think it's best to tone things down as you get older.

  16. I really like the Elta MD products; they provide excellent SPF and with your fair skin it is a very wise choice! :~)
    My routine is about the same–must have lippy if nothing else! xoxo

  17. i find i've pared down my make-up routine as ive gotten older. i think it's because i've gotten lazier and the fact that companies discontiue their products so often. i cant be bothered to try out a bunch of new samples every time something runs out so that means i don't have much in my make-up drawer!


    Hippie Lace

  18. I focus on brows, mascara, lips and i like to put a little color on my eyelid, nothing too heavy – But what i like most and it works is primer, it softens, hightlights and smooths the wrinkles – Smashbox is great and i have been using Lancôme which i like too –
    Primer is pricey about $50.00 but you only need a bit, so you get plenty for your money
    I advise all the Ladies to try a primer –

  19. Yes, I've found as I get older I look better with subtler makeup. I focus on brows, mascara, lips. And use a BB cream but might have to try your Elta.

  20. Interesting post, Patti. As I am retired as well as getting older ( we won't go there), I find that my makeup regime has become much more simple. I am very particular and disciplined with skin care, but makeup application is much lighter. I seem to need more cheek color and light mascara, but when at home prefer just a lip gloss or balm rather than a lot of color.

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