Visible Monday #108: Pleats, Pleats Me, Oh Yeah

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Will you forgive the terrible title pun? For you youngsters, it’s a play on a 1963 hit by the Pleatles, um, Beatles, called “Please, Please Me”. How adorable were they?

Today I wore my crisp, all-round knife pleated skirt (Banana Republic, thrifted). I was inspired by the gorgeous all-white outfits sported by Beverly here. I went green on top, though, with a Vivienne Vivienne Tam high-low tank top (similar). I don’t go in for camo much, but this top is feminine and floaty enough to carry it off.

A thrifted leaf pendant and wooden bangle are the finishing touches. I’ve worn these White Mountain sandals to the nubs; they are so comfortable and versatile. I may have to spring for a new pair soon.

Pleats! They have a retro look that I really like.

It’s OK if I spill something today, on my top only.  ☺

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I love the play on words; love the Beatles. Your pleats are very pretty!! XOXO Lynn

  2. I love this skirt and it looks great on you! These kind of skirts always make me feel so feminine and pretty πŸ™‚

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  3. That skirt is totally gorgeous, love the edgy knife pleats! I've actually been really into oogling Vivienne Tam pieces on ebay. Haven't taken the plunge on anything yet, but I definitely find myself swooning.

  4. So many amazing women! Sorry I'm late to the party this weekend – the extra day just got away from me.

    I love this outfit on you, Patti! Such a great skirt.

  5. We gots pleats together! You look lovely in yours … have always liked those sandals. Thought about taking them to a cobbler, or do you just want new ones? You could do both! I forswear camouflage patterns as it is impossible to do with irony here where the start of huntin' season is a bank holiday, but you look sweet and feminine. Pretty necklace, too.
    Thanks again for being the Hostess with the Mostest to us all!

  6. Oh! I have very cheekily put two posts on today. I am so sorry. I am behind and fasting and easily confused. I love knife pleats – they are so beautiful. The white and camo works really well. they enliven each ther. Thanks so uch for hosting!!

  7. What a great skirt. I love how you combined the different textures and patterns. You look comfy & chic.

  8. Haha….cute pun. I'm just floored that you thrifted that skirt; I actually had to go back to make sure I read it right the first time. I thought for sure it had to be straight from the store! You look so easy, breezy Patti!
    p.s. – thanks for a little Beatles to brighten up this Monday morning!

  9. Oh of course I remember that song! You kidding? I grew up on the Beatles and then so did my daughters. My oldest grand-daughter who is ten is just getting into them now. They are timeless, really. I liked your play on words. This is a great hop. Thanks Patti, Have a fab Monday.

  10. Ha, great I found you, love love love your blog, you have such a great style and positive attitude! Love the visible monday idea!

  11. This pretty styling Patti, the pleats and the miliatry paint by number top.
    I have a few pleated skirt they are versatile!


  12. That pleated white skirt is divine! I love how you've balanced out its smartness with that fun camouflage top, brilliant summer outfit.

  13. Oh dear I fear I am in a very small minority! I love the skirt but HATE the top, πŸ™

  14. Hi Patti! Looking lovely as usual, I especially love your pretty camo top and those sandals are gorgeous! A cream pleated skirt is so chic for summer, this is a really great look! Wishing you a good week ahead Sharon xx

  15. I love how cute you look in that white skirt and the camo stops it looking librarian! x

  16. This has got to be one of my favorite looks of yours. It's retro and edgy and rock and roll and feminine all at the same time!

  17. Beautiful skirt and I love the camo top. I don't think I own a single piece of camoflaged clothing although I always eyeball the camo cargo pants.

  18. This is an airy top – just right for the summer!
    And the leaf pendant I like very much.
    (I myself always carry a problem to white skirts or pants wear darker tops – actually why?)
    Have a nice week πŸ™‚

  19. Love, love that camo tank! You look awesome! I just saw your link on Lady of Style's blog and had to come over and check out your Visible Monday's! I would love to participate. Are Sunday evenings the time to make the hook up? Please let me know! Looking forward to it! Have already discovered some great new blogs! Love it!


  20. This is really lovely! While the colors of the tank look camo, the print really looks more natural and organic than what I think of when I hear the word camo – pretty and feminine with the pleated skirt!

  21. This is a great mash up…who would have ever thought that a pleated skirt and some camo could look good together.

    Thanks again for hosting lady : )


  22. Bwa-ha-ha! Pleatles. I'm mutton dressed as lamb today, one of my favouritest phrases of ALL TIME (I am sooo kidding) but they'd be called the Bleetles. You are gorgeous gorgeous in that summery wear. I love how the camo has been completely feminized here. It's so sad when good shoes go bad, but I look forward to seeing a new pair on your feet soon too.

  23. Such a fresh, summery look. I really like the pleats and of course, I LOVE the Beatles…always and forever!

  24. Girly camo! You are absolutely brilliant and beautiful.

  25. Patti, I am loving all the videos on YouTube for adding to posts! The early Beatles always remind me of the classic old Barbies – I was mad for both.

    But I wish you had a video of yourself walking in this outfit. I bet it looks even better in motion, nice and swooshy and graceful. I think the hi-lo hem of the top is just perfect here!

  26. Woh yeah! Patti, I am singing along, and loving that skirt every time I see it! The pleats are so crisp and fresh, I really like the skirt.
    I am not a camouflage print fan (sorry…) but you have made it look pretty and feminine and lovely – by the Power of Patti, how amazing is that?!

    Thank you for being a lovely host, as always. xxxxx

  27. Patti~Love these knife pleats on you; I had a skirt very similar when I was in the 7th grade and i loved it! I prefer pleats that are sewn down, but I do love them! And the camo top makes it look so modern~xoxo

  28. Beautiful skirt, pleats are a classic and mix in a cool way with the camo. This outfit looks young and fresh to my eyes!

    blue hue wonderland

  29. I love your easy breezy summerly look. The pleated skirt is amazing. Pleated skirts always remind me to great Marilyn.

  30. ooo pleats are pleating gooood!! and that leaf necklace is amazing!im gutted its thrifted or i would have popped over and bought it in a jiffy, its so lovely! thank u again for hosting lovely patti xx

  31. Patti, I love camo and to find an item that has some feminity to it, well that's awesome. I would be pairing this amazing tank with my pink shorts or pants right this minute. What a great find, and I do love how you paired it with your amazing pleated skirt.

  32. I love your crisp white skirt Patti! I am a big fan of knife pleat skirts! Love the floaty top with it as a contrast.

  33. Last week in green … this week pleated skirts – seems I am totally copying you! Except for the wonderfully summery part – such a lovely outfit, Patti. Thank you for Visible Monday!

  34. You are so lovely in camo – which I really, really dislike – that you have my permission to wear it πŸ˜‰
    I think my aversion to the current camo trend stems from the fact that in my little rural pocket of paradise I see way too much of it worn very, very badly. But, as usual, you take what could be a disastrous look and make it soft, feminine, and classy. Classy and camo in the same sentence? I may have to lie down! You're a true beauty, Patti!


  35. Yay! The first one to comment…that's a first!
    I love how versatile that pleated white skirt is. I have got to find one of those for my wardrobe. I have been lusting after yours for far too long!
    Thank you for hosting Visible Monday, Patti!
    xo, A

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