ISO: The Perfect Ballerina Flat

For the past few weeks I’ve been ISO (In Search Of) the perfect-in-every-way ballerina flat. Oh yes, I am on a French woman kick. Other items on my ISO-Paris list include an Hermes or Hermes-like scarf, and the ultimate slouchy cotton tee. (BTW, I still have not chosen the striped knit jacket that I’ve been ISO, and I fear it will be hopelessly outdated by the time I do!)

To be perfect for moi, the ballet flat has to have a bit of support in the arch, and that’s the major limiting factor. There are so many adorable versions are out there, including these:

Drat! Even these classic beauties (around $600) don’t offer much support.
Love the simple design and the price is pretty good . . .

. . . but they are truly “flat” in the insole and therefore not wearable for more than an hour or so.

I’d also like my new flats to be fairly unadorned, in a good leather, and with a very small heel. To keep me on the straight and narrow, I recite “Audrey Tatou” or “Ines de la Fressange” when I contemplate a pair.

Here are a couple of contenders:

I want to like these Naya flats more, but I’m not crazy about the cut-out
adornment. Great reviews, though.
These Vaneli’s have a lot of the qualities I’m looking for.
We may have a winner with these Born flats: they make a very
comfortable, unadorned shoe.

Do you have a favorite? Or do you like this look at all? Shall I wear Converse instead (also a French favorite) and call it a day?  : > 

Have a groovy Saturday, and don’t forget, Monday, July 16th is Visible Monday! Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. Finding flats is so much harder than finding heels.  I will never understand why.

  2. I think I like the born flats the best myself.  I keep studying Inez book…but I just don't think I can do a true ballerina flat.  It would be like going barefoot all day.

  3. I love Sam Edelman flats.  If you are in a shop that has them be sure to check them out.  They feel like you are walking on pillows:)

  4. I would fall in love with the $600 classic beauties…lol. I have high-arched feet and love some good arch support, but my ballet flats from Target and Loft are surprisingly comfortable. I also bought a pair of Saks 5th Avenue flats super on sale last year at the Saks Outlet, and have worn the heck of them as seen via the blog 😛

  5. I love flats too! I have had great luck at TJ Maxx, Macys and Nordstroms. Thanks for sharing some really neat ideas!

  6. I have two pair of ballerina slipper… well, okay… one pair.  I gave the pretty ones to Goodwill a couple of weeks ago because were horridly uncomfortable and I'm not at all sure why I purchased a pair of plain black ones this summer because they simply offer no support to my feet.  They are, however, okay around the house.  Mine are the Lucky Brand.  Well made, but as I said.. no support really.

  7. Have you thought about an insert that gives you the arch support?  And I love my Converse sneaks!

  8. You can't go wrong with Born, and they are always comfy. I've been ISO a striped blazer too and have the same fears. I saw a few online at sears that are not to pricy. 

  9. I am in Paris right now. Walking around all day today, I spotted some serious stilettos (and one pair of Louboutins), but also plenty of sturdy/conical mid-heels and many ballet flats. (Repetto is the classic, but I don't think they have much support.) Also, a ton of Converse and Bensimon, even on women of a certain age. Myself I alternated between black Converse low-tops and a a black LL Bean flat with a lot of support that sadly i don;t think they make any more.

  10. I prefer a bit of a heel on my shoes, but my challenge is teaching me that I don't have enough flats in my wardrobe! I have rectified this…something is coming via mail for me soon.

    I like the black embellished ones best.

  11. I have had Mee Too ballet flats and French Connection UK. The FCUK ballerinas were gorgeous and a lot like Repetto's but no support.

    I am on the hunt for some great flats in red.

    Happy hunting Patti!

  12. I found a pair of Naturalizer flats at DSW or TJ Maxx and wore them to death.  Like you I need support in my shoes.  I wish I could find the Naturalizers again, but they seem to have been discontinued or some such thing.  Figures.

  13. I have so many favorite flats!!  I just purchased three new pair on the DSW clearance rack!  One of my favorite I bought last summer and they are Sam Edelmann.  I put an arch support piece in every shoe I wear…even flats.  I just buy the Dr. Scholls arch support at the grocery store, but it works well!!  Love any post on flats!  have a great weekend, Patti!

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