How To Capture Beauty, On A Budget

I’m well recognized as a woman who likes simple, mostly neutral things, and is frugal (husband says “cheapskate”). I like to buy most everything –  save for underwear – at a thrift or resale store. I have no trouble spending ridiculous amounts on wine in New York City, and we eat out multiple times a week, and Sandy has a really nice French horn. So we are not poor. But I have an allergy to spending big bunches of money on clothes and accessories. It makes me itchy, truth.

Beauty does attract me – and everyone – and sometimes, beauty and super-high price do intersect (hello, Liz Taylor’s jewelry). It’s always a personal decision to spring for something original and beautiful, like a painting or fine wine, or be happy with a substitute. No one else can tell you which “beauty” will spark joy in you, just like you have to choose your own fragrances and husbands.

Here are some items I find of great beauty, and what I will probably buy instead:


At left, the beautiful Hermes Cuivreries, and at right a darling Ralph Lauren scarf. The Hermes is more elegant, but six times the price. Still, I’d like to have an Hermes one day, just for the beauty.


The stunning necklace on the left is a vintage 1930’s blue zircon set in rose gold and white gold. On the right, the blue zircon necklace lacks the history, but still brings beauty at $32.


I love wearing red lipstick, and do so most every day. I’ve enjoyed the high-end brands from time to time, like the Guerlain Rouge G on the left. But one of my favorites that also makes me feel great is Color Girl Outlast, in Red Siren 915 for $9.


Classic and gorgeous Valentino Rockstuds on the left, and TopShop on the right. Since I find beauty in all kinds of shoes, I can save about $1200 by going with the TopShops. Still very cool.

When you meet up with beauty, is cost a major factor?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. I’m pretty cheap, I mean frugal, too. If I had the money, I’d love to support small artisan makers rather than the big brands. But for now, I have what I need (still checking the thrift shops for a pair of jeans, though).

  2. The Top Shop boots are much cooler than the expensive ones!
    The only thing I buy new is make-up and honestly don’t think the high end stuff is any better. xxx

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