How To Do Prairie Style Over 50: Visible Monday

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I am no follower of fashion rules (no red lips over 50, e.g.) except for my own: nothing too short, too tight, or too low-cut. YMMV. A prairie skirt may be said by some to be for the young. I say phooey to that. The classic American Prairie look has a long history, from the actual Western prairie, to square dancing, to Gunne Sax (remember them?) and Ralph Lauren’s 1978 collection.



Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Please be kind and leave a link to Not Dead Yet Style in your post.

As Ralph Lauren is the modern master of the style, I’m wearing a Polo cotton prairie skirt (similar) found at a consignment store for about $7. It’s a lovely weight cotton, and I enjoy all the bias cuts and the swing. The navy knit top (similar) is not prairie at all, just an old closet favorite. It keeps me from looking costume-y with my big skirt. The boots are my current faves, the “Troopa” by Steve Madden. They go prairie, or urban, or badass (I love that term for a 60 year-old suburban retiree  😉 ).



To fend off the raw Florida winter, a houndstooth scarf (sim) in a bright color. A bright bangle (sim) for contrast.



I just had my remaining blonde hair lightened and toned to silver, so we are getting there!


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  2. Hello there! Great series! I was thinking if you wanted to go even further back through the history of &#ei;02r8mix2ng” you could even reference the collage works of Surrealists such as Max Ernst or Andre Breton. There is actually a section in the first Surrealist manifesto in which Breton takes clips from various newspapers and assembles them into a “poem” of sorts. The process is nearly identical to the one performed by Burroughs and was published in 1924 (a truly “early” form of remixing). Just a thought.

  3. Hi Patti, I am Magda from Poland (in fact – from Bloglovin :))) . I am glad You founded me 🙂 I like blogs with fashion above 40, because I am above 40 (ok, sometimes I am tried to look like 25, why not :). Anyway, I like this colorful outfit and this is one of the best yours lately – but in this yellow scarf. It gives much. Super combination of colors and I like this boots – its unusual, badass :). Looks great, original! I see You like create.

  4. Patti I could see you out on the Prairie in this! Such a lovely skirt and a great pairing with the shawl too. Thanks for the link up party – I’ve been off the radar for a little while, but it’s good to be back x
    Anna’s Island Style

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  5. Only $7! You know how to find a bargain! Love the blue and yellow together. I hope you’re having a good week 🙂

    Emma xxx

  6. That’s a really terrific ensemble, Patti. Such a stylist you are, especially with that winter wrap for those cool Florida winds. I have the same boots!

  7. I love your skirt and badass boots, I can just imagine you stamping and swirling about. Badass with a bit of a flounce – what better!

  8. Patti, love this prairie skirt, beautiful cut and color. It flows or so well on you. I actually spotted a new Ralph Lauren prairie style skirt this season and walked away shaking my head that I hadn’t held on to my 1980’s style. But closet space is closet space, right? Those boots are proving to be a must have item. And I love the added touch of yellow you threw on with the scarf in keep you warm in your cold Florida Winter, haha.

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  9. Super cute look on you! I am not a fan of prairie skirts on me, but you are rockin it for sure!! 50’s style is great and I totally embrace my age like you! I just turned 51..


  10. There’s definitely no age limit on this style, Patti, and you wear it extremely well! Great skirt, it looks fab with your kickass boots. xxx

  11. Patti, you know how there are some styles which, we believe with absolute conviction, simply do not suit us? Well, prairie style is my special beast 🙂 I can’t imagine me in anything remotely like what you’re wearing and looking halfway decent, let alone looking positively stunning as you do clearly do, my friend!!! And because I can’t imagine wearing prairie-esque, I am SO going to attempt it GRIN much love!!!

  12. Oh yes, I remember Gunne Sax dresses. And they’re so hard to find now, especially in sizes that aren’t miniscule. You often see prairie skirts in tiny floral prints, but I really love the look of the diagonal windowpane check on yours. Unique and looks great with those boots!

  13. You look fabulous Patti! Your locks are luscious and I had to scroll back up to take a second look at the colour….I love how your transition away from colouring has been so natural and organic! Gorgeous! That skirt is a work of art…the piecing is boggling my seamstress brain.

  14. I really love this skirt! The pattern mixed with the cut make it so unique.

    Blue really is your colour. The hair is looking fabulous! but you hair always looks great.


  15. Little House on the Prairie just got bad ass! Love this look on you, the skirt and boots rock and your hair is so gorgeous. xxx

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  17. A very fun look! The plaid prairie skirt and badass boot combination made me smile. 🙂 I can see why those boots are a current favorite.

  18. Patti, I love that yellow wrap with this patterned skirt. Oh yeeeah! It’s country with a big badass twist. And the bracelet, another punch. Thanks for this party yet again.

  19. Only you can make a prairie skirt work with combat boots. Love that blue plaid midi skirt by the way. I own a similar one in an olive plaid. =))

  20. I’ve been contemplating going for a retro prairie look too but I had some of those dresses when I was a little girl so… I want to do it in a grown-up way. Maybe your post will give me the kick to try it. I just got a vintage, April Cornell dress that’s almost prairie style and very pretty. Look for it in an upcoming post.

  21. Fantastic outfit Patti! I love the skirt with the throw, and your boots are perfect as ever! Great look 🙂 hugs xxx

  22. I am partial to anything prairie- pretty sure it comes from childhood spent watching Little House on the Prairie! 😉 Great skirt and look, and I need those boots! 🙂

  23. Oh, prairie skirts are so wonderful for hot weather! I used to wear them, too, when I was a teenager in the early 80s. So perfect for summer! You look lovely in your signature blue.

  24. I LOVE this look!! The colors of yellow and blue are divine and the patterns look so sweet together. Such a lovely outfit Patti!!

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