I Tried A Chemical Peel At Home

I am not recommending or promoting the idea of a chemical peel at home! I’m not a doctor or chemist. Anything you put on your face can hurt you. Don’t do what I did. /End of warnings and disclosures.

I’ve read and watched a lot of videos about doing a TCA Peel at home. Most doctors’ offices will tell you NO, do not ever do this. But I did, using a low concentration (15%) of the TCA solution. I bought my kit here, from MUAC, a reliable and long-standing retailer. I followed the instructions to the letter, and I am often a big cheater on stuff like this. I bought the kit with my own $$, and am not sponsored by this company.

So here’s my experience, and P.S. – it turned to be a very not-big deal. As I said, I followed the MUAC instructions and kit to perfection. The TCA solution burns and stings the first two minutes, but it was bearable. My hair dryer on cool setting was a good solution for managing the discomfort. I left the peel on for 5 minutes, then washed it off and slathered on moisturizer.

Here’s how I looked the next day. I cannot see anything different, no redness or swelling. No positive changes either, just a nice normal complexion.

chemical peel

Just a normal slightly silly expression – with eye makeup and lipstick only. No face makeup. Lots of sunscreen.

The second day after the peel my face experienced the most microscopic flaking ever. Many users of this peel report major peeling over several days. Not me. Starting with a milder peel is the smart way to go, but the results are mild too .

chemical peel

No make-up, no Photoshop, no filter. Burn after reading! I had a few teeny, tiny flakes around my nose and mouth. All my friends still recognized me.

And by the third day, I was back to normal, but with a little extra firmness and glow. Just a temporary effect, but one of the claims of the peel is that it helps regenerate collagen over time, to produce longer lasting results. Interim verdict: nice for a glow; will likely repeat. I’ll let you know if anything amazing happens. Find lots more information here and here.


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  1. I would be terrified to try something like that at home (or in a doctor’s office) for fear I would end up looking like Samantha from the episode of Sex and the City when she got a chemical peel before Carrie’s book party. You have a beautiful complexion already so perhaps that’s why you saw minimal results. I would like to minimize some of the brown spots on my face though…maybe I will give the lemon juice a try.

  2. Not sure I’m as game as you Patti but I’m pleased your face didn’t suffer and still looks beautiful. I’m using lime juice on my face every day to get rid of age spots and it burns a bit but is working, will take a few months but all natural and working. xx

    • I’ve heard that lemon and lime juice are good for reducing brown spots – must investigate. xox

  3. Well you looked much better than I did after my IPL! Hahahaha!

    I do think you skin is conditioned because of the high does Retin A you use daily. Maybe that is why you saw limited results.

    Also your skin is so healthy it would be harder to recognize improvement.

    I’m sure I’d peel for a month after something like that but still it might be better than another IPL. I need to read up on it more.

    Thanks for sharing! This is making me think I may finally share my IPL story.

    Did I tell you that Ally sent me a Cabbage Patch doll in the mail? hahahahahaha!


    • LOL at Cabbage Patch doll!! You had the roughest IPL experience ever. xox

  4. I’m eager to see what you think over the next weeks. I am sure my face would mount major resistance. Even face creams that I’ve used for years end up irritating my skin. Good for you if DIY works!

    • I know, a lot of us experience skin irritation. I’ve been baby-ing mine lately. xox

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