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I have been collecting super-easy sewing ideas for when I get my sewing machine. I know some things about myself: I am impatient and like instant gratification, for example. So I am gathering up jiffy projects that even I will be able to do in one afternoon. ☺

I came across this tutorial and I know I can do this! I’m on the hunt now for appropriate scarves. The resulting slouchy top looks like my style. And since I’ve also been looking for platinums to show my hair stylist, double success! Love this near-white hair.

I also like the choppy short do, but my hair will never behave that way without torturing it daily. I’m looking at crazy curly styles to compliment my new (end of August) hair color. This one looks do-able and modern:

This model has lots more hair than I do, but I think the cut could still work.
From NaturallyCurly.com.

Any hair changes on your agenda?

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  1. That is a great cut for a naturally curly gal. A friend of mine just got a similar cut (her hair is a lot like the texture in the pic) and it is universally flattering.

  2. Love love love that haircut! Pinning and saving – and you are tempting me to cut my hair instead of growing it out!!! Uggghhh- my indecisiveness annoys the heck out of me (at least when it pertains to my hair). What I love about this is it's short, but with long, almost choppy pieces. Perfect – and as you say, modern. Maybe I'll just enjoy it on you from afar for a while and try to keep growing!

  3. Ooh, I LOVE that curly style. I've wanted a mop of shortish curls for years. I permed for 2-3 years but perms cause lots of dryness and a bit of frizz. I love the look of my hair after it's been curled with a curling iron, but it takes a good half hour or more so it's not an every day look.

    My hair is naturally fairly this and a bit wavy. I'm struggling to find a style I like. My hairdresser keeps cutting is far sleeker than I think I want.

  4. I've been meaning to attempt that scarf top for a couple of years, thanks for reminding me, I've a couple of tatty scarves that need re-purposing!
    Love the hair, it would look fantastic on your pretty face. I did my roots earlier, does that count? x

  5. I am very excited about your colour change, not because I think it will be "better" but because I suspect it will bring about other exciting changes as well – at least that's what a big change in hair does for me. I think platinum will look fantastic and I look forward to seeing it. No hair changes planned here, except I've gone into shaggy hippy Warhol mode, which I like but I'm rapidly sliding into serious gaaaah stage.

  6. The top is adorable and definitely YOU!!
    You're going platinum?? AWESOMEE
    Best thing I ever did was go "natural"-I LOVE it because now I can rock pink or whatever I want in the front (thinking of doing some purple this winter!!)

  7. I'm with you, I love everything about that page, including the hair. I so wish I could get brave enough to chop my hair like this and go platinum. The curly short bob would look amazing on you, as well as a fun platinum. Can't wait to see your new do in a few weeks.

  8. What gorgeous inspiration photos! The shape in the 2nd would look marvellous on you.

    When I'm too fatigued to cut my hair I think about letting it grow, but the many, many tragically awkward stages plus the 15 years it stayed waist-length the last time I "let it go" keep me in check!

    Thanks for your generous comments, Patti!

  9. That scarf top is really cute.
    I think you should try the platinum curly bob 'do! Why not? As they say, if you don't like it, it'll grow back.

    I am going to get rid of the ombre I have been sporting for the past 6 or more months. I will go for an all over color in some brunette shade next month. That is about as daring as I get!

  10. Love the scarf/top idea for summer, will definitely try this one day too. Thanks for sharing Patti

  11. I have been wanting platinum colored hair for a few years and when I asked my hairdresser about it she said we could not do that with my hair… I'm not sure why because I am a blonde to begin with. Need to run this idea past her again. Not sure how my husband feels about this look though, but hey… who cares, right? LOL

  12. I collect silk scarves and am always reluctant to do anything like this with the,, but I know some of them would make such a pretty top. I've pinned it to try out later. X

  13. That would be a cute top for you! You have such a nice slim figure so you can wear almost anything. I actually like both hair styles. I might be able to carry off the one on the first model. Thanks for all your informative fun posts and for hosting Visible Monday. It's great to meet other bloggers!

  14. Yes to both the hair ideas! I can't wait to see what you finally do. And the top – I bought two scarves at Goodwill with the idea of making a scarf top. They looked the same, just different prints, but when I got them home and actually looked at the labels I saw that one is wool and the other acrylic. I think it will still work, but they're surprisingly warm!

  15. I dye my Hairs sometimes bright red, but rarely. Because it is not good to do too much chemistry on the head …
    But it looks good – I'll take pictures next time
    My super short cut (9 mm when it is freshly cut) I have not changed for many years. There's this stupid transition period until they are again long enough for a hairstyle … I do not hold out.
    Also, I'm very clumsy with hair and I have no money for professional hairdressing.
    I used to have long hair to the butt, but that takes a lot of care and patience to comb it.
    Have a nice weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Love both looks! I'm going to try to keep pushing my hair lighter. I don't know if I'll ever get the gold/red tones to budge, even after nearly shaving it, but I am enjoying it so much right now.

  17. Go for it, I think this cut and platinum would look great on you! I just cut my hair a bit shorter and went blonder and I love it. I too can't wait until I can stop coloring my hair.
    This blouse idea is really cool.

    blue hue wonderland

  18. I had to smile when I read your post, I'm the same way ~ if I can't complete it in one afternoon or evening, I am beyond frustrated.

    The best thing I ever did was let my hair go completely natural .. at almost 72 it looks very close to the model's hair color in photo #1. My cut is also quite similar. No more hair color for me … ever!

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