Visible Monday #109: I Don’t Match, But I Go

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I used to be a “must-match” dresser. I still adore color-coordinated outfits, but I don’t give a hoot if my colors are mismatched any given day. I’ve learned to trust my eye and my instincts.

This colorful summer dress is from Canvas at Lands End, on super-clearance. It’s got a great feminine vibe. It came with a skinny self-belt, but I like to change the look by going belt-less, or, in this case, adding a silk scarf. The scarf doesn’t match the print precisely, but it goes.

I added a yellow bangle (match!) and a pink one (well, it matches my skin), and completely neutral platform sandals (Anne Klein, similar). I would never have worn this look 20 years ago but now I feel authentic and colorful and who’s gonna give me a ticket anyway for “Failure to Match”?  ☺

I’d like an extra inch at the hem to cover my knees, but this is not scandalous.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. It doesn't match, but it *goes* … so it totally WORKS! Pretty dress, pretty you. So summery, lady. Thanks again for hostessing … I'm an awful guest who always comes late. You'd think I'd at least bring a bottle of wine, huh?

  2. I would totally ticket you for being awesome if I were in the fashion police.

  3. I think there is nothing wrong with your styling. I think the French call this "tone sûr tone". And it matches perfectly. Such a feminine dress. Suits your curls.

  4. You look wonderful in this maidenly dress! The scarf with the little bow makes it unique and very yours.

  5. I actually prefer when colors don't match. And I think you wore the perfect example of how colors in an outfit don't have to match, they just have to go together. The belt plays off the dress so well, and adds interest to the entire ensemble. This may just be my favorite thing I've ever seen you in!! Go Patti!!


  6. You won't get any tickets from me! I think it looks great! I love being this "age" in life. There's such a freedom. I love it! XOXO

  7. You have an amazing eye. This outfit coordinates together beautifully, in an original and interesting way that definitely beats matching in my view!

  8. I think your orange scarf adds a perfect touch of color, you look elegant with a twist!, gorgeous!

  9. You look stunning in this beautifully put together outfit dear Patti, I particularly love the scarf belt against that dress, it really makes it! I forgot to write just now on my link, that this is my special summer post, Mermaid themed….

  10. Hi patti-to me your styling is spot on-the whole look is fresh and inspiring and I really love the print on your floral dress too! Have a great week xx Sharon

  11. Isn't it funny or odd how something not acceptable 20-30 years ago is 'alright' or yearned for today. It keeps us hopping!

  12. Pretty dress!
    The contrast of the yellow colored cloth to the patterned dress is very good and I find: important. A narrow belt in the material of the dress makes the whole thing too colorful (maybe I'm just overly cautious even with patterns?)
    Have a nice week 🙂

  13. Your floral dress is beautiful on you Patti, and your mustard belt works a treat!

  14. Life is so much more interesting when we surprise ourselves isn't it? I love mis-matching my clothes and decor in my home … lovely Patti 🙂 xo

  15. I absolutely love the scarf as a belt with this dress. Fantastic look! I still feel pressure to 'match', although I'm okay with things that 'go together' too most of the time. It's when I try to mix really different prints or colors I wouldn't normally put together that I feel off.

  16. Hey Patti! You look perfect as far as I'm concerned. I love the dress. XXOO

  17. That is a lovely dress, Patti! I really like your "going" accessories too – I have a tendency to go matchy-matchy (which I did for my Visible Monday outfit).

  18. I love it. The dress is beautiful and I agree the scarf is a great addition. Personally, I am a big fan of belts and I often change out what might have originally come with a piece of clothing.

  19. Oh, the scarf as a belt brings out the yellows in the dress nicely. I was thinking about matchy-matchy the other day–recalling my approach in my younger years when my bag ALWAYS had to match my shoes.

  20. Oh, you look wonderful, Patti…isn't it great to be done with "matching"?

  21. I like this floral dress, so lovely and feminine print. And it looks great with the scarf. It may not match completely but you are right, it goes well with the dress' print.

  22. Very cool, both your outfit and how you organize other bloggers. I applaud that.

  23. I don't see anything wrong with this outfit! It's cute. The way you started the blog, I was expecting 12 different colors and patterns. lol

  24. I love this Patti–so cute!!
    I've had to retrain my OCD matchymatchy self to let things just "go"

  25. Being brought up from 50's standards, yes, I feel comfortable matching.
    But being trained as an artist, I have learned there are SO MANY MORE POSSIBILITIES! And yours is a great "goes with"! xoxo

  26. That is a really cute dress and I think the length is perfect!
    I agree with Alicia – matchy matchy is falling out of vogue so you are right on trend by not matching!

  27. So many of us over 40 have been having to discard the matchy- match way of our mother's generation and subscribe to the It doesn't have to match it has to Go philosophy!

  28. On my screen the scarf pretty much is the same color as the darker yellow in the flowers, and it looks great together! The scarf accentuates the feminine vibe. Such a pretty outfit, and the hem length is fine, IMHO.

  29. Oh Patty, you've it down pat in terms of matching and styling :). I love the scarf as a belt and the mix of pattern and your accessories. Thanks also for the lovely party.

  30. Patti this is such a gorgeous dress! I'm a sucker for floral prints and I love the combination of purple, yellow and olive in the print here. Funny – I have always been the other way round – I've spent most of last twenty years making sure I didn't match anything as you are doing now. It's only recently I've been having fun with matching pieces!

  31. I like this feminine dress, especially the scarf tied at the waist. I wouldn't have thought of this and it looks great. Pretty colors and the ruffled neckline is unique.

    blue hue wonderland

  32. Patti, I used to be so matchy matchy too. It is the way fashion and styling was back in the day. Since playing here though, I have definitely broadened my horizons. 🙂

  33. Your dress is so pretty, Patti and you've done a great job with the color combo. I wish I had more of an eye and instinct for putting things together that "go" rather than matchy match.. at least sometimes. It's a fun process of learning though. I'll keep working at it.

  34. I would never have guessed that to be a dress from Land's End. Love the colors on you!
    I just posted my first ever Visible Monday. I forgot to put the badge in my post, but I did link you! You always have great style ~ I've been lurking for awhile!

  35. Lovely, Patti! I am a matchy-matchy type but am beginning to slip away from it – colours and patterns that 'go' (and even those that 'shriek' at each other but well) are appealing more to me now. I like how your colours harmonise beautifully, particularly with your skintone.

    Side note – explaining to students when teaching English as a foreign language (9 years ago) about 'match' and 'go' was a trial!!

  36. You look great in tha cute little floral dress – I adore the yellow scarf tied around the waist.. the perfect accessory! I too, like my dresses and skirts just a little longer. Sometimes I wear a lacy little slip that peeks out or a longer skirt underneath, but then it can add too much warmth!

  37. I love how you've styled this, Patti! I've heard more than a few younger fashionistas relegate the "matchy-matchy" style to "old ladies". It is definitely falling out of vogue so you're right on target! I love the mustard scarf-belt and your bangles are beautiful!


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