How To Be A Minimalist And Still “You”: Visible Monday

How to dress in a minimalist style, and retain your “you.” I’ve been drawn to minimalism in my home, life, and wardrobe. I don’t pretend to have invented the idea 😊 but it has a lot of appeal. I find that having fewer things makes me feel calm.

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As far as wardrobe goes, I’m not a classic minimalist dresser. I do have a base of black, ivory and denim clothing, but I enjoy adding a colorful blouse, or scarf, or shoes. I even mix patterns at times, and I adore a big floral skirt. But I do feel good having fewer clothes. I love the ones that remain more than I used to love my big closet.

Today’s cotton/linen trousers are super-minimal, in a neutral tan and with clean lines. I found them at ThredUp, the online consignment store. They were about $12, and they’re by Ralph Lauren. The poly-satin tank top was retail from J. Crew, I believe, and it gets a lot of outings. Also clean and simple.

minimalist style
My fab friend Mel taught me that long trousers look best on me. I can see how they make my legs look crazy-long (and they’re not).

The colorful necklace is the perfect accent piece. It was created for me by the talented and delightful Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo. Check out her well-curated vintage clothing shop here.

I tucked my top into the side of my trousers to create an asymmetrical look.
Add a fabulous pendant like this one to any minimalist-inspired outfit. I alternately wear a kerchief-style scarf with this basic top, or layer it over a tee (too hot for that now).

Are you a minimalist, a maxi-woman or, like most of us, somewhere in-between? Show us in the link-up.

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thanks Emma. You look summer-chic in your new-to-you Finery dress. You’ve inspired me to check them out more! xox

  1. I love your outfit Patti. It’s simple and elegant. I think I fall somewhere between the two. I do like simple, statement styling, however sometimes I can be a little adventurous and wear something really daring.

    • You look wonderful in “simple, statement” styles, and I am going to borrow that term! Thanks for coming by, xox.

    • Thank you Lanae, and thanks for coming by! I enjoyed your post about staying cool – it’s 90 degrees here today : > xox.

    • Including moderation! : > Thanks for linking up, Cheryl – your leopard cocoon coat is so beautiful! xox

    • Thanks Rosemary! I love your “third piece” post – it’s got me searching my closet! xox

  2. I disagree! I think you do have long legs. Stand by an Oompa Loompa like me and you’ll see some short legs.

    Another trick is showing a high waist. These look like they do have a high waist. I use that trick all the time for myself.

    I found some wide leg culottes thrifting that I’ve fallen head over heels for. I just hope when I take photos of myself wearing them they don’t shatter the vision of how I look in my head. Short trousers normally make everyone look shorter than they are.

    I can feel your serenity coming through in this outfit. Classic and clean with a tiny bit of funkiness with the shoes and necklace. (Thanks for the shout-out!) This would be a great NYC ensemble!


    • You are SO NOT an Oompa-Loompa! You’re right about the high waist, and I’m starting to love that look. I can’t wait to see your culottes; I know you’ll style them to perfection. xox

    • Thanks so much, Jess! I love, love the wide leg crop jeans on you – I’ve been wanting to try them but feared looking stumpy. You look elegant as always in them, and have inspired me to try. Have a lovely week ahead, xox.

    • you got that right, Kim! Thanks for linking up and have a great week ahead, xox.

  3. Patti, love your minimalist look. It’s perfect for Florida! Am a a big fan of the wide leg trouser. And Suzanne’s necklace is gorgeous, giving your outfit a nice pop of color.

    • Thanks for all the kind words, Theresa, and for coming over. You’re right, less is often more in the sub-tropics : > xox.

    • Thanks Amy! Yes, those E. Fisher sandals are great for getting around town. Alethea is so big now, and cuter all the time. xox

  4. I’m definitely a maximalist, but it’s fun to try out the different styles occasionally. I just love how that necklace pops against that top Patti.

    • Yes, you’re a gorgeous maximalist! And it is fun to switch it up when the mood strikes, xox.

    • Thank you Julie. Your summer dress is just the ticket – so fresh and pretty. xox

    • Thank you Shelbee and thanks for linking. Your cowgirl look is fab, and those boots are wow! xox

  5. I do like your minimal look and those longer pants are great. Must remember Melanie’s tip. Clever Suzanne , the necklace is pretty special. Many thanks for hosting.

    • Thank you dear Jill. I love your all-black super-cool look today, and esp that hat! xox

  6. Love that look on you Patti. I sometimes try this look but prefer to be a bit more wacky. And totally go for the big jewellery accessories. The necklace you feature looks great πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Penny – and I love your “wacky” styles (they’re not wacky, just fun). Happy birthday to you, xox.

    • Hi KellyAnn! Thanks for coming over. You’re a lovely vision in pink today! xox

  7. I would not say that I am a minimalist. But there are times when I need a “break” from my usual eclectic style and I will grab a simple knit tanks dress – but like you, I add a fun accessory to make it feel more like me! Love your necklace.

    • Thanks for coming by, Suzanne! You have great personal style – and yes, a knit tank dress is a perfect minimal choice (with accessory!) xox

  8. Hi Patti. I like to think I’m a bit of a minimalist, but I do love a pop of color. Blogging about fashion does tend to fill the closet in a rather alarming way, however. Your outfit is the perfect simple look.
    xx Darlene

    • So true about blogging and closets, Darlene! Love your white skirt and new word, “caj.” xox

  9. No question, Pattern Maxer. I dressed in all solids at Mattel in the early ’90s, when we had to adhere to (sort of) a dress code. I bent the “rules” by wearing brights and piling on accessories.

    • I’m glad you were a rule-breaker, Anne! And I know you are a queen of pattern-maxing, and fabulous. xox

  10. Hm, I think I’m a maximalist! I appreciate the minimalist aesthetic, but I love to clutter it up with accessories or more colour. I have been known to rock a black and white print, though! I’ll be along with something funky shortly. ;-P

    Thanks so much for hosting, Patti!

    • Yes, I had a feeling you’re a maxi-woman – you have an AMAZING closet and lots of mixing skillz. Your closet is a wonderland : > xox

  11. Patti, all your trousers look best on you! But the high-waists have always been a friend for a super long-leg look, like you show here, and swish for ventilation. I’m glad you enjoy them too. This combo is smashing. Looking cool!

    • Yes, the swish for ventilation! That’s the key in the summer. Thanks for all the styling advice, you are a goddess! xox

    • Thanks Laurie. I love a classic navy blazer like the one you’re wearing today – always cool and crisp. xox

  12. I am definitely a minimalist. But getting more comfortable with a few maxi touches as I age. Love those tan pants.

    • Thanks, Sue. I love your wardrobe and the way you create it – so thoughtful and personal. And you always look fab. xox

  13. I find myself going through minimalistic periods … followed by … not. Haha … it’s a fun trend to play with and I like the idea of it, but then I get bored pretty easily too. So … IDK!

    Dawn Lucy

    • I love the way you expressed this, Dawn! It’s fun to switch styles when we get bored. xox

    • Thank you, Heather, and thanks for coming by! Your espadrille flats are so cool. xox

  14. I become a LOT more minimal in the summeretime. It is too hot to worry about layering accessories! This looks very expensive on you, the sheen on those trousers is gorge. xx

    • Thank you Lisa. Your red “occasion dress” is the total bomb, and you look gorgeous. xox

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