The Endless Summer Blues: Visible Monday

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I’ve got the endless summer blues, Florida edition. We can’t see on the weather horizon a day with high temps of under 89 degrees. And the stores are full of tempting sweaters and boots, because: end of September. All my summer clothes have been worn and worn again. (I understand, no pity for the woman with a view of the Atlantic Ocean as I type 😎) .

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Because endless summer clothing gets a little stale, I added this silk print top (similar) just a few days ago. It was thrifted at Angel Street thrift store in NYC, and since they were moving shop, all the clothes were $3 each. Sweet. The blouse is almost weightless, and even though it’s silk I washed it in cold water, no worries.

endless summer

This is a tame pattern-mix, but it creates more interest than a solid navy top.

The top wanted to be worn with a print, so I paired it with this full floral skirt from Modcloth. It’s not a bold pattern mix (see Gucci, here) but it livens up the look without adding layers. The blue leather sandals are by Sofft, now my favorite shoe brand (no professional association). I’ve got three pairs in my closet and the comfort is heavenly.

endless summer

I love a flouncy skirt.

endless summer

My husband bought me this vintage kitty brooch (sim) for my birthday.


Are you wearing sweaters? Go ahead, link them up, I promise not to cry.


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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thank you Emma, for coming by and posting! Love your plaid jacket and i’m envious of a touch of frost, xox

    • Thanks Debbie. I love your story about running outside in your bathrobe to welcome Fall! xox

  1. We’re definitely on our way to sweater weather here, so I’m just that tiny bit jealous of the fact that you’re able to wear this adorable flouncy skirt and silk print top combo! Then again, I can imagine getting bored of your Summer wardrobe at some point! I’m swooning over the kitty brooch, which is divine. Your husband certainly has excellent taste! xxx

  2. Hi Patty! I love that silk top! While I can relate to you wanting a little variety in the weather, trust me, it’s better when the sun in shining. Our last trip to FL we left Scotland in the height of summer, and came back to winter. We did not seem to get much of a break until today, when it is decidedly fall, at last. As always, you look amazing.

    • Yes, you do get some bone-chilling days there on the lake! Thanks for linking up, and I love your stripes today. xox

  3. I feel for you, Patti. I am over the heat! However, this morning we are in the 40’s with a high of 70 later this afternoon…which makes getting dressed in the morning quite confusing! Soon enough, the fall weather will set in and be more predictable, I presume. Great pattern mix and lovely outfit for bringing summer to a close.


    • Thank you, Shelbee, for posting and coming by. I love your plaids among the pumpkin patch! xox

  4. I love the kitty brooch, Sandy’s got excellent taste!
    I’m so envious of your bare legs and arms, we’ve plunged headlong into Autumn here. Jon had to scrape the windows of the van this morning. xxx

  5. Love the blue pattern mix Patti. I guess sweaters and boots never really get a look in where you are. The kitty is just perfect. Many thanks for hosting.

  6. Such a pretty flouncey skirt and the pin is adorable. Here in the UK we have plunged headlong into autumn/fall and it’s cold enough for jumpers. The change of wardrobe is nice but it’s also depressing to think the weather will now get progressively worse.

  7. I’m hanging on to my summer wardrobe for dear life… I guess I’m just not ready to plunge into that dreary, dark and cold petiod, a.k.a winter, just yet…
    That top looks great, what a bargain!

    • Yes, you do get more than a fair share of winter, Tiina. Thanks for posting, love the dotted umbrella! xox

  8. Patti, your post makes me laugh!! I love it. Surprisingly, we are actually having fall-ish weather here. Well, at least for us, as it’s in the 70’s. But I expect much more warm weather to make a comeback! I’m enjoying sort-of fall styles, but can never do the heavy stuff here in SoCal. I just attended a blogging conference in Orlando last weekend, and yes, it was in the 90’s!! BTW, I love your gentle pattern mixing. It is super cute!!
    xx Darlene

    • thanks for posting and for your kind words, Darlene. Your camel blazer is such a great classic. xo

  9. I’m still trying to eke out a few summer outfits, Patti! But sweater weather is nearly here for us farther to the north.

    Wishing you a week of fun times. Thank you as always for hosting!

    • Thanks lovely Sheila! I am so like you with socializing – I love it and it wears me out. You look gorge in double yellow, xox.

  10. I’m chomping at the bit to start wearing the gorgeous blazers that are hanging in my closet but the 90 degree weather in Clearwater has put a halt to Fall clothing. I’m trying to represent Fall through darker colors and Fall accessories! Love your outfit Patti! Your cute kitty pin is the perfect touch! Have a great week!

    • i know you share the pain, Kim : >
      Clearwater is such a beautiful place, though. Thank you for linking up, xo

  11. Patti, those of us in SoCal also look longingly at the weather forecast for some glimmer of cooler temps. I’ve got my fingers crossed for October. Your outfit is lovely and a fitting for your seaside locale. Thanks as always for sharing your styling insights and for the link up. Take care,


    • Yes, I’m sure you’re looking forward to tossing on a cardigan too! Thanks for linking up and for your kind words, xox

  12. Love the pattern mixing. And, yes, I feel you — I so want to wear my sweaters and boots but it’s nearly one hundred degrees here in Louisiana. I’m a bit jealous {but not a whole lot LOLOL} of people who can enjoy the fall.

  13. I love this pattern mix! I have been religious about solid colors over my bold flowered skirts. This looks fantastic. I’m going to now look for more subtle patterned tops to wear over my skirts. Thank You for sharing this!

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