Natural Fabrics For The Win: Visible Monday

Natural fabrics for the summer win. Natural fabrics are the best prescription for hot days, and we are having them here in Florida. Today it will reach 90 degrees, and I’ll be seeking air conditioned spaces! Simple cotton and linen pieces breathe, maximize comfort, wash well, and can look polished enough to take me anywhere.

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Today’s look is super-comfortable and creates a silhouette I like: a full top over a slim bottom. In this case, the bottom is actually a light cotton knit tank dress, thrifted downtown for $12. It feels good on its own too, but shows a lot of skin – so I added this airy linen top, thrifted at the same store, The Genesis House charity boutique.

I find that minimal jewelry is more comfortable in the heat too. Just a simple leaf pendant and vintage bracelet today. I didn’t do it intentionally, but my lipstick color from Wet n Wild goes perfectly with the top.

The linen tee can be worn with lots of other pieces in my closet this summer: denim skirt, flowy palazzo pants, and lightweight jeans. A cotton bowler hat from My Sister’s Closet makes the perfect topper.

The gladiator sandals are new, from Sofft shoes. I wanted a pair with a wedge heel to add height for some outfits. I would wear this look with sneakers, too. 😄

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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    • Thanks so much, and I am already coveting your cool holiday wardrobe! xox

  1. Natural fibres are definately the way to go in Summer heat and humidity. Winter here so lots of woollen garments. Enjoy your week Patti and many thanks for Visible Monday.

    • Thank you for linking up, Jill. Your new embroidered cape is elegant! xox

    • thanks Linda and thank you for coming by. Your new pink blazer is summer-fab! xox

    • Thanks Cheryl, and thanks for linking up. I enjoyed your Mexico travel diary! xox

  2. Unlike me, you are looking cool and collected in the heat, Patti. I’m loving the shape and colour of your fabulous linen tee! xxx

    • You look cool and relaxed in your red, white, and blue cotton dress, Ann. And the shady lanes you walked look lovely too. thanks for coming by and have a great week ahead. xox

  3. I think extreme heat requires natural fabrics. I couldn’t think of wearing anything that doesn’t breathe when it’s that hot outside, especially when I’m having hot flashes all the time already.

    I also avoid jewellery in the heat.

    I love this cinnamon colour on you.


    • Yeah, nature’s own hot flashes don’t help. I love, love your featured jumpsuit today, and it’s such a bargain in your shop. Thanks for coming over, and stay fabulous, and see you verrrrry soon! xox

  4. Yep Summer came to SoCal late this year, but it came with a vengeance — it was 100F inland today. “But it’s a dry heat”, they say. Ha.
    I was “road testing” one of my Lularoe polyester dresses at work last week for my upcoming trip east (your kind of heat + humidity) and the verdict was a definite NO. The rayon kimono fabric tunic, on the other hand (tested the next day), was a huge winner (as I already knew).

    • Yikes – the thought of 100 degrees is making me melt (even though it’s “dry”!). It’s smart to pre-test your road trip clothes, and by the way, have a marvelous trip! xox

  5. This is a cute, easy look Patti. The linen top was a wonderful find! I agree on light jewelry, I have some with leather instead of chain and they are great.

    • Thanks Kim! You’re having Florida summer too : > Love your eyelet topper for all the air-conditioned spaces. xox

  6. The material of our clothes does make such a difference when it gets so hot out!! Needless to say it’s still chilly here, but I have my favorite linen things for when we finally get heat!!

    • Thanks for coming by, Jodie! I envy your cool days : >
      Loved your post about jumpsuits and fit – and your snakeskin print is fabulous! xox

  7. You look great Patti. But re: ‘natural’ fabrics – they’re not as good as we think for the planet. It’s a challenge knowing what to wear that is both ethical and good for the planet, but one I think we have to tackle 🙂 Cotton especially needs so much water. Linen I think is better and great to see you in the linen tee – nice colour too!

    • Thank you Penny, and yes you are right of course – all new clothing takes up precious resources. I try to keep my closet at least 80% second-hand, and add only sparingly. Your post today is excellent! xox

  8. Patti, I love linen when it starts getting so hot! We hit almost 90 yesterday which is super hot for up here. I went for some linen blend trousers and a cute airy cropped white tee. I didn’t take pictures, but I think I will wear it again and take some photos to share. I love this look on you and that necklace is so pretty!


    • Hi Shelbee! I can’t believe how hot it is in your neighborhood! Love your post about body positivity; we can all use more of that. xox

  9. Hi Patti, as it is a bank holiday here in the Netherlands, I finally have time to join your link-up again.
    Your outfit looks sophisticated and at the same time casual. A lovely combination. The hat does it for me.

  10. I like those two colors together! Although natural fabrics feel most comfortable in warmer weather, I hardly ever wear them.

    • Hi Nancy – thanks for coming over! I love your two retro blouses, xox.

    • Thanks Becky. No, it’s not OK – the whole planet is in meltdown! Love your post about the Mr and Mrs Gay contest, xox.

  11. Count me in as a fan of natural fibres for all seasons! I love silks, linen and cottons at this time of year. That linen tee is amazing, Patti!

    Thank you so much for hosting “Visible Monday” – I’ll be along shortly in my striped pants!

    • Love those striped pants! And how great is Indolence Day? Thanks for coming over and stay fabulous, xox.

    • Thank you Heather, and thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful Monday, xox.

    • Thanks KellyAnn and thanks for coming by! Have a fabulous, steamy Florida week ahead, xox.

    • thank you Jessica! You’re so right about linen, it’s a life saver here in the South. Have a fabulous week ahead, xox.

    • Va va voom back at ya, dear Sherry! You look fabulous in your new MelSuit. Thanks for coming over and lighting up the place, xox.

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