How To Banish Wardrobe Boredom, At Any Age

Boredom in any area of our lives – our meals, music, workouts – is completely natural. We’re built that way. We like newness and variety. Especially at the start of a new season, we seem to crave something original and fresh. Wardrobe is not exempt. 😊If you’re just plain bored with your daily life, own it, and add in some new adventures to your routines: visit a tiny museum, or listen to a local band, go for a swim if you never swim, add in some yoga or tai-chi, re-arrange your wall art and throw pillows, go see a quirky independent movie – whatever is a change from your usual.

If you’re bored with your wardrobe, even better news: you don’t have to leave your home to fix it.

Here are some ideas to banish closet boredom:

Hit up Pinterest and Instagram. I have a few search terms I use when I need a Pinterest inspiration: French woman, weekend looks, style over 50, thrifted style, and more. I was browsing “older women style” (heh) and this image popped up to inspire:

What to do with an over-size scarf? I love this idea via Linda Wright IG.

While you’re doing online searches, borrow from the best. If there’s a public person whose style you admire, look at a dozen pictures and find something new. One of my favorites is Jenna Lyons, and the way she mingles her colors and patterns. Try your print trousers with a classic mariniere tee.

Create a wardrobe challenge for yourself. Yes, just for you; you don’t have to get anyone else on board. For example: wear the same skirt or trousers three times in a week, but with different accessories and moods. Wear a graphic sweatshirt and sneakers one day, a fitted chambray shirt with heeled loafers on the second, and a soft, colorful tee with a blazer for the third.

Let a friend pick out your outfit for the day, from your closet. And then wear it, and see how you feel. Another perspective, in person, is incredibly helpful. You might discover that a fitted, shorter dress, or a pattern-mixed outfit looks truly fabulous on you. My friend Suzanne once suggested just picking a top and a bottom from your closet without even looking! That’s daring and fun, and look what I came up with:

OK, this look is not too inspiring but it’s a fun exercise. Kitty likes it.

Check out Visible Monday. The fashionistas who post there have a slew of ideas to bust boredom. Check out the way Nora works some scarf magic, Nicole tries high socks under her glam boots, and Miss Cellany combines a petticoat with a skirt.

Miss Cellany looks lovely in a monochrome outfit that incorporates a gray net petticoat.

Explore, experiment, take a chance, and stay fabulous, xo,

Some not-boring pieces to browse:

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    • you know, the more I look at the mixed outfit, the more I like it : >
      your wardrobe is an inspiration! xox

  1. Patti I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time and you always come up with thought provoking ideas, thank you. As an antidote to Wardrobe Boredom I enjoy rearranging my outfits. When I had a higher profile job they were sorted into “Corporate”, “Cocktail” and “Casual”. Currently I have everything colour coded. This is supposed to stop me from buying yet another orange or blue top (but it doesn’t always work )

    • Thanks for coming by, Lynne. Sounds like you are an organized keeper of the closet, bravo for you! xo

  2. I love experimenting with my wardrobe! Visible Monday, of course, is always an inspiration. And I love Jenna Lyons’s printed trousers and striped top combo. Very nice! xxx

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