My Most-Fun Statement Pieces Of the Last Year

My wardrobe is made up of an adequate number of Basics (skirts, tees, shirts, and jeans) and a handful of Statements. I love the style of women who wear Statements all the time, and look fabulous. I don’t have that skill, at least not yet.

But if I’m doing any recreational shopping, it’s for a Statement because they are the most fun. They usually have a story or a person I care about connected to them, and they’re almost always second-hand.

Here’s my favorites for the last 12 months:

My horsey dress from Suzanne’s Etsy shop makes me happy. I wore it, below, to Melanie’s big Nordstrom campaign launch, where there were lots of people cooler than I am. Not only is it fun and unique, the talented Suzanne tailored it to fit me perfectly. Now that is good service and quality product!

This gorgeous ring is not secondhand; it’s from O’s Etsy shop. O is a talented designer/artist and he hand crafted this ring. The ruby ball is tension-mounted; I didn’t know that was a thing until my local jeweler saw the ring. “Wow, that’s tension mounted!” he said. O is also married to my dear friend Mel, so there’s good vibes all over this ring.

Pink vintage tie-dye coat. This 1980’s beauty is from Vintage Vix‘s online shop. She finds the most amazing pieces. This is the topper I wear in New York City, because it makes me feel like a Downtown Girl.

My Doc Martens floral boots just made it under the one-year deadline, as I got them last November. My friend Pam had bought them for herself, then decided she didn’t love the clunky factor. She gave them to me, an incredibly warmhearted gift.

My collection of graphic tees. These get added and subtracted all the time, and are often thrifted. Although Shelley did turn me on to a fab artists’ shop that sells them new. Next on my list, the Tiny Triceratops tee.


Make a statement, have fun dressing, and stay fabulous, xo,


Here’s some statement pieces to browse:

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Patti! I’m thrilled that the caot made it to your favourite list!
    I love O’s ring and Suzanne’s horsey dress, too. Utterly fabulous stuff.
    I bought myself my first pair of DMs since the 1980s this Summer, I’d forgotten how comfy they are. xxx

  2. For me, dressing is one of life’s greatest joys, and I’m always on the lookout for colourful pieces, which I guess makes them statement pieces. I love Suzanne’s horsey dress, and Vix’s tie-dye coat. I also love your floral Doc Martens, which I have put on my “to look out for” list! xxx

  3. I agree that clothing with a story and history is so much more fun to wear.
    All of these outfits and pieces are so “Patti”. It is wonderful when you can hit a style stride like this in your 60s.
    If I wore rings I’d love that ring from O.
    Thanks for the shout-out! I appreciate it : )


    • Thanks so much Suzanne – your shop has created many Statement possibilities! xox

  4. Hi, Patti! I’ve never commented before, but I have to tell you that I LOVE the ring, and I definitely intend to head to that Etsy shop as soon as I’m done writing this comment. I also really like the jean jacket with the jean skirt and a statement tee. I plan to copy that look. Thank you!

  5. I immediately clicked on this because I realized that you epitomize fun in dressing and I just had to see what your favorites were. Great stuff.
    Clothes should be practical but also should make us happy. They aren’t mutually exclusive criteria.

    • Thanks for the kind words, TOF. Totally agree that clothes should create joy! xo

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