A Cheery Color And Outlook: Visible Monday

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Do you wear your “colors”? I always come out as a “Cool” in color analysis and I’ve shied away from bold, warm colors near my face. But I’m taking a chance here with a vivid orange-red blouse that I think does its job. I find it cheery and Visible for this day of visibility 😊.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

I’m pairing the silky blouse (sim) I thrifted on ThredUp with an African print skirt thrifted in Toronto with my friends Suzanne and Ally. I think the two pieces together make an unexpected look, and one that’s fun to wear, for under $25. The skirt is lined and almost too heavy for our 90 degree day, but I had to have a change from summer clothes!

The floral boots don’t match but they “go” and they’re also fun to wear. I added only my beaded name-bracelet, made back in the early 1960’s by my grandfather Gibbons. My hair is my own today, scrunched and crunched with Curls Rock cream.

Sandy just treated me to this gorgeous amethyst, hand-made by a local jeweler. There’s intricate detail engraving on the silver band. Thanks, sweetie!


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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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  1. You look fabulous in warm colours! I’ve been watching how warm it has been there for you guys – I bet you can’t wait for the cooler weather, and we’ll enjoy seeing your newly acquired skirt in more shoots. (Your summer makes me nervous about how hot our summer will be here in Oz – eek!) Thanks so much for hosting xxx

  2. Indeed you look cool in this warm color. I adore your African print skirt. This outfit is remarkably beautiful. Your husband chose a gorgeous amethyst ring!!
    You know me, like you, I am always taking fashion risks. Happy week and happy new month also.

    • Thank you, Elle for all your kind words, and for linking up. Wishing you the best as well, xox

  3. The colour suits you so well and goes beautifully with that great skirt. I am not a fan of the colour coding thing. When I worked in retail I remember women coming in with their colour swatches and being so dead set on the exact colour shade , it was never there.I had mine done once and was told to never wear black , I took no notice. Love the ring too. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

    • Thanks Jill, and I agree about color – it’s better to experiment and wear what makes you feel good. The gardens you visited this week are glorious! xox

  4. This colour looks great on you, Patti. I remember too how Suzanne showed you how that horse dress you bought would look stunning with a slight change of hair tint. I was amazed. So right! The skirt is a fantastic find. Too hot there? 14C (57). Would love to join you in Toronto. Thanks for hosting!!

    • Thank you, fabulous Mel. Please blow some cool air our way? Love your Rock Star adventure. xox

  5. I firmly believe that if you like a colour, you should wear it! You look awesome in this lovely shade of red, and I adore that luscious skirt! What a find! I just unpacked my brown floral Docs yesterday and thought of you! That ring is a stunner – wow, nicely done, Sandy!

    I’ll be here with some brightness of my own soon! Thanks so much for hosting, Patti!

  6. I think that whole warm/cool color thing is a bunch of B.S.—it’s more about the undertones than the actual color (like why one looks better in forest green vs. lime green), and anyway, that bright top looks so good on you! So-called rules are meant to be rebelled against. 😉
    Cheryl Shops | http://www.cherylshops.net

    • I’m with you on the rebellion, Cheryl! Thanks for linking up, and I love your French woman look. xox

  7. A lovely ring, Patti.
    Some days I love colour – which is very of the moment – but others I feel happiest in greys and monochrome. And always happy in black!

    • Thanks so much, and thank you for linking up. I always enjoy your neutral looks. xox

  8. What a lovely gift from the hubby! He really knows your style.

    I’ve never had my colours done but I know that they change dramatically dependant upon your hair colour.

    Love this wild skirt paired with the printed Docs and bright top.

    If you need some cooler weather come on up for a visit! I’ll accommodate your wishes, it’s only 13 C here today.


    • Ok then, I am on my way. My room is ready? And my pug? xox – I’m on my way to your post to read about your life, and the big changes coming soon.

  9. Beautiful! I love everything about your outfit, Patti – the ring is gorgeous, what a treat, your curly hair is pretty, the skirt is fantastic, and this color of blouse is beautiful on you! Very visible and unique! I used to be more color conscious, but today I love and embrace all colors, even those which aren’t considered “my” colors. Colors are fun!
    Thanks for the linkup, have a wonderful week ahead!

    • Your sparkly leopard brooch! So great. Thanks for your kind words and for linking up, xox

  10. That silky blouse looks amazing on you, Patti. What a gorgeous colour. In fact, I think your whole outfit is fabulous, and right up my – colourful – street! And what a gorgeous ring Sandy treated you with. He really does have a good eye for jewellery! xxx

    • Thank you Ann! Loving your chevron-print dress today and how you’ve added even more lovely colors, xox.

  11. I think that colour looks wonderful on you, Patti. I love it with the super cool boots and gorgeous maxi and both the ring and the bracelet are just lovely – especially as they have stories attached to them.
    I had my colours done for free back in the 80s and mine were all cool coloured pastels, not sure if they suited me, I just felt horrible in them! xxx

    • Thanks Vix – I could see you enjoying this skirt too. Love your Greek Island tour; and your stunning white maxi. xox

    • I love the way you take style risks and always have a fresh look, Jess. Thanks for linking up and stay fabulous, xox

  12. You look pretty in this bold pink color. I like the bright shade against your neutral skirt, which is so fabulous, by the way!

    • Thanks, Jennie! I need to wear this skirt more often. Love your easy chambray dress, xox

  13. Hi Patti, I really like the cuts and colors of your outfit. I remember seeing a vid recently that stated as long as the undertone of the cooler is cool, the overtone can be warm, or something like that!

    • Thank you Vale, and thanks for linking up. I love your all-black look today, so chic. xo

  14. Love the color of the top. Such a cute look. I’ve been told I was a “winter” or “warm” by people that were into that sort of thing, but I’ve never done a color analysis myself. I just wear what I like and what I think I look good in.

  15. I love your new profile picture. It seems soooo you — kinda rocker chick, kinda elegant woman, kinda sweet gal! All good!

  16. Your red blouse looks fabulous on you!, and I love your skirt and boots! so cool and autumnal!.
    I’m a believer in the power of Red Color! mwhaha

    • Thank you Rena. Your work-wear looks terrific. And talk about hair – yours is most enviable!! xox

  17. I’m probably too much of a color lover. There are times that I’m sure people look at me and feel the need to put on their sunglasses!!
    But color always makes me smile, and I love this combination on you, Patti!

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