How I Plan To Plaid

I’ve been watching the mini-series Outlander, set in the Scottish highlands in the 18th century. It’s got lots of kissing and fighting and cursing, so I like it. Oh, and this fellow as one of the leads:

And plaid, lots of plaid:

I am not a big fan of plaid, having worn hilariously loud wool plaid bell-bottoms in my teens:

Oh yes, I wore these. You too? Via The Rusty Zipper vintage shop.

But I’d like a scrap of plaid for Fall and Winter. These plaid accessories would do me just fine:

Love the colors in this scarf, not too heavy for Florida winter.
Everyone needs a fresh makeup bag. This one’s just $6.
Plaid seems perfect for rain boots, yes? These are via Nordie‘s.

Are you into plaid?

Enjoy your day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. recently bought the most hideous granny style plaid skirt because of the material , inspiration will strike before long . Outlander is doing such a good promotion for proper muted plaid rather than dreadful loud tourist tartan…ps you can watch outlander in the uk on project tv …you shouldnt miss the pleasure of a bit of dougal and Jamie

  2. I love plaid, or as we call it, tartan. Red white and black or blue and green are some in my wardrobe. But I love that peach and pink scarf. Never seen those colours before. I can see it on you now. Great colours for you! We are thinking pink and green spring colours at the mo. How crazy is this world…but beautiful! Xo JJ

  3. Don't miss the Starz production when it comes out on Netflix. It doesn't follow the book exactly but on its own it's just as good (they note that it's based on the book).

  4. My sister is an Outlander book series mega fan, and she's finding the TV series quite well done. Check out the conversation on the show's Facebook page where lovers of the books are very vocal on their opinions. It made me want to check out the Starz series, and now I'm listening to the first book on Audible during my morning walks!

  5. Oh is it the young lad Jamie who is causing me to lust after all the tartans? Love Outlander! I don't feel I can wear a plaid skirt or trousers, I've done that trend far too many times in the past, but the plaid flannel (and possibly a fitted plaid shirt maybe with a few ruffles or leather trip) are right up my alley, and I'd incorporate one of those plaid scarves you've featured into my wardrobe!

  6. I love plaid…but I don't have that much! Will have to put it on my next search list for Goodwill!

  7. I. LOVE. this. show. !!! In fact, I was on Etsy looking for remakes of Claire's cute knitted wraps and I did purchase a knitted cowl neck scarf. I'm even following Terry Dresbach's blog .. love learning about how she designs the costumes.


  8. I'm like you – I like plaid in limited amounts and styles. But the variations are nice, like that scarf. Did you see Anne Bray's post describing the various plaids last year? It was really interesting – madras print, houndstooth, tattersall, gingham are all plaids that I can live with.

  9. Oooh…that leading man looks quite swishy.

    I have a brilliant plaid jacket I bought 2 years ago that I love. I would love to have skinny enough legs to wear plaid pants but will need to drop another 10 lbs.


  10. I like a bit of plaid. Watched episode 1 of the show and that guy is pretty smoking' hot! I can't understand the older Scot guys at all, yet lol. Sometimes accents take a while to sink in and then I'm like OK, got it!

  11. I adore plaid and I'll be wearing lots of it this fall/winter. I'm watching Outlander as well (I read 4-5 of the books – read the first one, it's awesome), and loving the "abs and kilts", lol.

  12. "It's got lots of kissing and fighting and cursing, so I like it." How you make me smile πŸ™‚

    I love all the plaids you've laid out for us, especially the coral scarf.

  13. I loved the books. The details are exquisite. I'm staying away from the tv series out of fear that it won't live up to the books. I go hot and cold on plaid, though this post definitely has me warming up again.

  14. I'm also loving this series, and I normally never tune into a series. And the plaid is a bonus with this series.
    Patti, I do believe I owned a pair of those amazing plaid bell bottoms and proudly wore them. Now days I'm more into the plaid tops and scarfs. Really loving that fun make-up bag and the scarf.

  15. This time of the year when all the stores bring out all their plaid goodies, I do fall in love with it all over again. I just recently bought a pair of plaid pants & trench coat and love them. I think I need to watch to show just to check out this handsome fella.


  16. I'm looking forward to seeing this when it hits Netflix. And I'm with you on plaid, not my favorite, and every time I buy a plaid shirt because it's "in", I always feel a little off when I wear it. But I do sorta like red tartan plaid in small doses so I'll be looking for a scarf, too.

  17. Ohh, loved the Outlander books but I don't get Starz do can't see the shows til they come out on DVD. I do love me some plaid though and I have a scarf all ready for fall. Wouldn't mind having a Sam Heughan to accessorize with either!

  18. Never heard of Outlander, and no, not a big fan of tartan either. I know, I'll be kicked out of the bloggers' union for saying that! In fact, now that I've sold my 1960s tartan shift dress, I don't think I own anything plaid at all. Maybe it was growing up in the 1970s with the Bay City Rollers and Hogmanay celebrations on TV at New Year, it scarred me for life! The scarf you selected is pretty though, perhaps it appeals because it is a looser, more colourful check. xxxx

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