The Greatest Tee In the World?

I’m a sucker for anything that starts with “The Greatest . . .”  I was delighted that in New York City, there are hundreds of World’s Greatest Pizzas, Hamburgers and Coffees.

So I had to investigate the Greatest Tee In The World, via the snarky/funny gadget blog, Gizmodo. And I was actually intrigued enough to check out the site, and the reviews of the product.

The tee in question is the Tech Tee by Icebreaker, a New Zealand company. It’s made of ultra-thin merino wool, and is supposed to be super-comfortable in both hot and cold weather, keep its shape, wash like a dream, dry quickly, and never smell bad.

The Gizmodo article is about the guy’s tee, natch, but there’s also a couple of women’s versions, in a nice variety of colors. The price is high for a tee, $65, but if it really is so magical, it might be worth the investment.

This one‘s sold via Blue Ridge Mountain Sports
And you can get this one via for $45.99

It’s difficult to contemplate a wool tee shirt, in Florida, in June, but I might give one a try. It’s the Greatest, after all . . .

Anyone have any experience with this brand?

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  1. I've got a bunch of stuff from this company (leggings and long sleeved merino wool t-shirts) and I recommend them highly. The super fine merino wool is as easy to wash and dry as cotton (I hang most of my T-shirts anyway and the wool comes out of the spin cycle feeling almost dry). None of the shirts I purchased have a chest logo though. I'd look for a style that didn't have that detail. You might also want to check out a company called New Zealand Nature they have a lot of similar fine merino layering pieces.

  2. This sounds intriguing. I TOTALLY agree with you on summer + warm climate + contemplating wool. Add in hot flashes, and, well…
    However, last winter, in our unheated house where it gets in the low 50s, I wore a merino tank as a base layer. Worked quite well.

  3. A nice tee would be worth it. And wool is very breathable. I seem to ignore the wool in the summer sometimes, but I should pull it out. Thanks for this post that reminds me that wool is "all weather". 🙂

  4. I have never heard of them, but i find myself getting pickier and pickier about the fit of T shirts!  Also the feel of the knit.  This is a great orange color and would be worth trying the brand!

  5. I've never heard of that brand but I'd be tempted to try it. Merino wool is fantastic and lasts forever.
    My favorite well made soft t-shirts are made by Horny Toad. You can get them on Zappos and eBay. They looks so good they can be worn with skirts.

  6. I don't know this brand and have never experienced a wool tee.  Just the fact that they say it never smells bad is quite the selling point!

  7. I have actually come across wool tees in my thrifting…and always wondered why they were priced so high.  Now, I know!

  8. Sometimes you can get good value with out-of-season purchases.  With the temps in the high 90s a wool t-shirt is out-of-season in my book. I might like a less bright color.  A t-shirt like that would be something I'd wear as a layer so I might not want it to pop quite so much.

  9. Ugh, why must they put a logo right on the chest?? That eliminates it for me – I loathe advertising on my clothing. It will always look like sportswear.

    I love fine wool, and merino is awesome. T-shirts aren't worth it, in my opinion, because we sweat and wash them so much.

  10. Not with the brand specifically, but I CAN attest to merino wool being heavenly for moisture wicking and temperature control. My favorite tee is a wool/modal blend, and it is super thin and fantastic for any weather (layered or not). Mine is a thrifted NWT Ann Taylor, not this brand, but hey it's pretty awesome.

    I also have 100% merino wool socks that are my favorite things ever for non-sweaty feeties in boots, and other pieces blended with wool. I think it's dependent on weight for season – like wool suiting.

    If the price is right, I definitely love wool/wool blends when I can find them.

  11. I don't have one, but orange IS the color of the season so why not try that one!  Love a good tee that holds it's shape, so it might just be worth the $$.

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