An Alternative Wedding Ring – Like or No?

I’ve always worn the simple, elegant white-and-yellow gold band my husband gave me on our wedding day. He wears a similar one, all the time too.

I’ve never been a real-diamond woman, though. I did buy a gorgeous 3-stone Moissanite ring and I wear it sometimes, maybe one or two days a week. It’s very “dressy” to my eye, and not an everyday ring.

This one’s similar to mine.

So some days, I wear my simple band on my left ring finger, and some other fab rings on my middle finger and right hand. For the last few months it’s been my new fave, the WendyB “G” ring:

OMG, I love my WendyB ring so much. Buy them here.

I am most definitely going to add Wendy’s other letters to make my own special messages, heh. And I like  the hashtag ring that Judith is sporting in her blog post today.

I also bought a beautiful vintage silver and chocolate garnet ring at a local antique fair, and I wear it with my wedding band quite a bit. It was under $100, but looks lovely as an “engagement” ring.

Mine looks like this one, for sale at eBay now.

What say you all? Are the married/engaged/otherwise partnered among you traditional band-plus-diamond women? Are you into alternative rings or no rings at all? No wrong answers of course, it’s all good, and it means love.

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  1. Wedding rings are a symbol of commitment, a bond, a promise, it symbolized the end of one’s loneliness when we are talking about the likes of wedding rings and heart-shaped valentine gift rings.

  2. Very beautiful Diamond pendants and Earrings, even though I love ladies Diamond rings much more than any other jewelry, but still I must say that these pendants and Earrings are heart touching. Each individual has its own decision. Somebody like Earrings, Rings, Bracelets. Be that as it may, i like Diamond Jewelry most.

  3. I do wish to say that i am a real diamond women. I love diamonds, keep on googling diamond rings, earrings, pendants. But haven’t owned one yet. I don’t have a good financial support to purchase one. I pray god for a hike or promotion so that i can get financial support to purchase my dream jewelry.

  4. You’re right that there are tons of
    alternatives engagement/wedding rings aside from diamonds. Gemstones, for
    example, are widely known as a good alternative for diamonds. And what’s good
    about using gemstones is that you have plenty to choose from. Gemstones are
    also cheaper than traditional diamond rings, which is another reason to like

    @Kimmy Barnes


  5. I’m not the fancy type although I love diamonds. When I pick a design
    for my ring, I choose the one where the diamonds are set inside so I can
    still wear it in any day. If I want to go all out, I wear a
    princess-cut emerald along with my diamond band. I’m so glad the style
    never goes old!

    Bridget Rossi

  6. Hmm, for me, I still believe in the essence of a ring. It's a symbolism of love and unity. But when it comes to safety, I'd rather not wear it for the reason that I am a more important figure for the one who gave it than the ring. Right?

  7. Yes I like this alternative wedding ring, I like its style, I would like to wear it also. 
    Diamond Rings

  8. As long as it’s round, as
    long as it symbolizes your never ending love for each other, it could still be
    appropriate as a wedding ring. 🙂 As individuals, we all have our own preferences
    for the things we choose, and what’s important is that, we are happy with it,
    especially, for wedding rings which represents the love that a couple has for
    each other. 🙂

    Rochel Faltus

  9. How about diamond engagement rings? They can sure be dressy and sparkly but it might be good to have such beautiful ring on your finger. What do you think?

  10. For our 35th anniversary, my husband and I decided to get new rings.  I took my engagement ring (one modest diamond) to a jeweler and had it set with a teardrop shaped aquamarine.  He traded in his plain gold band for a stunning amethyst.  Both are not what you'd expect from a wedding ring, but they make us happy! 

  11. I didn't have an engagement ring. I own a wedding ring but have rarely worn it. (And since gaining a little weight, I couldn't wear it even if I wanted to.) It's a simple ring my husband could afford at the time, gold with some diamond chips in it. Sometimes on the left ring finger I wear a big amethyst ring he gave me, and sometimes something else. But I just don;t wear rings very much, probably because I don't like the friction they generate when I'm at the keyboard.

  12. I just like all rings and all styles, I like to mix them up. I <3 Wendy B too and my exclamation mark ring from here, cant wait to buy my next one.

  13. Traditional? I'll do it for people, of course. But for my own line, I want something more exciting. You can get a solitaire anywhere!

  14.  Well, you and your DH will stay together, for certain!  : >

  15.  Your antique rings sound so beautiful. I didn't know what the three stones signified, so thanks for that!


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    rings are symbol of commitment, a bond, a promise, it
    symbolized the end of ones loneliness, when we are talking about the
    likes of wedding rings and pearl ring.

  17. The only ring I wear consistently is my wedding ring, primarily because it is stuck on my finger!  

  18. Love diamonds! I wear my antique wedding ring (given to us by my mum). It's a gold base with a narrower band of inscribed platinum. And my engagement ring is a 1920's diamond solitaire (half a carat so not huge and fairly low set with two smaller diamonds on each side, inscribed decoration and scroll work underneath).

    For my ten year anniversary I got an ornate, low set diamond ring with three rosettes set across my finger (traditionally three stones represent 'yesterday, today and tomorrow'). I wear all my rings every day, in bed, in the shower, with jeans, doing whatever I do.

  19. I have an engagement ring with a blue topaz in the center. My fiance and I purchased simple gold rings, his is white mine is yellow, for our wedding rings. I am going to wear my engagement ring as a right hand ring. I am old fashioned – my mom wore her wedding ring only.

  20. I am not married but I love rings and have many.  I always wear at least one!

  21.  I bet it is indeed beautiful today as well – the Princess cut has become a new Classic, love it.

  22.  Ah, you made me go look up the Cartier bands, and they are indeed beautiful, Angie. I love the gold one with the small sapphire  : >

  23. When I decided on the princess cut for my engagement ring, the cut was new and to me it combined the sparkle of the traditional brilliant and the square shape of the emerald which I preferred. The wedding band was made to fit the engagement ring and I added sapphires to be different =) Still love my set 20 years later.

  24. I wear my simple gold engagement ring and alternate fingers depending on my weight. But I also wear all kinds of rings most of them faux but quite a big collection. I take those out as soon as I reach home.I'd love to buy the cartier bond ring one day.

  25. Thank you for the mention Patti.  I love my hashtag ring, and like Wendy B says,  you can never wear too many rings.  Why not???

  26. Oh, congrats to the happy couple, that's wonderful! What a happy evening for everyone.

  27. That's so pretty, Megan, and very "you". Those Candytuft rings are definitely you too!

  28. I sometimes wear the white gold/diamond band my father gave my mother in 1954 – I agree, the "real deal" vintage is so lovely.

  29. Your blue stone is simply beautiful, Sheila. I don't think I've seen your gold band with emeralds and diamonds yet; I'll look for it.

  30.  I see what you mean – so pretty, but not so practical. I love channel set stones.

  31.  Mmmm, the late Liz Taylor had some rocks! Seriously, I think bands are so special, and I love silver, too.

  32.  The stacking Siobhan is gorgeous – I am sure your one-of-a-kind ring is exquisite, Une Femme.

  33. Exactly one hour ago I was looking at the engagement ring that my son is giving to his girlfriend of the last five years when he asks the questions tonight…then the families are off for a celebratory dinner.  So, it really struck me when I opened your post, Patti!!  My future daughter in laws ring and my ring are diamonds…both are special and beautiful!  Wendy has such fun, quality jewelry pieces…she is a talent!

  34. I didn't have an engagement ring. I have worn a single slim white gold band since the day I got married, and after my 1st anniversary I've worn a $25 silver Celtic-style ring that my husband got at a little shop where we took our vacation:

    I'm not a diamond girl, I prefer silver in all my jewelry. Hubs later bought me a pretty three-sapphire type ring that I can't wear because of the prongs. (I scratch myself with it!) I do slip it on once in awhile, but it rarely stays on more than a day. I work with my hands constantly: sewing, cooking, drawing, typing, video games, so I need something streamlined.

    I am really really hoping to be somewhere more financially feasible by my 5th anniversary because I dearly want one of Wendy's Candytuft style rings (if she resizes them) to replace my celtic style ring. I've been hunting the internet high and low for the perfect non-prong, non-diamond "alternative engagement ring" and that's come the closest to what I want. It helps that it's silver too!

  35. I'd never even considered changing my rings until I read about Angie on You Look Fab. The modest rings we paid cash for in the early 1980s don't get in the way, somehow changing them up while keeping the same husband doesn't seem quite right. I was on a drug that made my fingers swell a few years back and dutifully took my rings in and had them enlarged a little. 

    I make due with the diamond earrings I got for an anniversary gift.  You know what they say: make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

  36. I had my original wedding set remounted into a new more blingy set that I rarely wear because it catches one everything. I generally wear the vintage white gold rings I inherited. I love vintage 1950's type rings, to me they have a unique look that no modern ring has, even those that try to look vintage. My husband doesn't care if I wear a ring or not.

  37. I wear my gold Celtic knot wedding ring, but I don't wear my engagement ring anymore. Instead, I wear a plain gold band inset with emeralds and diamonds that I got for my 10th anniversary. And this year, I added my Wendy Brandes lapis lazuli ring for my 15th anniversary! I also wear a plain gold band on my pinkie.

  38. When I was married, my ring was a 2-piece wedding & engagement set–the kind where the "wedding ring" is actually a jacket that fits around the engagement ring and isn't meant to be worn by itself.  It looked kind of like the one in the attached image.  My ex bought it second hand (as I did with his ring), and the jeweler who resized it for me talked me into getting the two pieces soldered together after we got married.  Frankly, that was a mistake.  The extra diamonds on the jacket looked too fancy for everyday wear. Also, I have a habit of running my hands through my hair. With the jacket, the ring was more likely to catch on my hair when I did that (although the ring without the jacket did catch on lots of things before the wedding.)  I ended up just not wearing it a lot of the time.

    I doubt I will get married again, but if I do, I will get a simple band or possibly a band with some channel-set stones (not diamonds.)  I think that a ring with a stone mounted on top of it is just not compatible with the way that I live my everyday life.

  39. My husband and I bought silver rings for our engagement. We never bothered to change into something more expensive. Now my finger size fluctuates with the weather, so I can't wear the same rings every day. With a ring size of 66 mm (11 1/2 US size) there's not much ready made available (not in Europe anyway), and certainly not to my taste. Besides – who can afford the size of rock that my big fingers requires?

  40. I had Wendy Brandes re-design my original, more traditionally styled engagement ring (the wedding band portion had been lost…long story) into a version of her stacking "Siobhan" ring. I wear it all the time and couldn't be more thrilled with it.  I've been eyeing some of those OMG and swear rings…may have to get for the right hand.

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