Visible Monday #51: Karina Dresses Make Me Visible

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I’ve been a huge fan of Karina dresses for a long time, and when I saw the new version of  the “Audrey” dress, I was beyond delighted. This creation by Karina features one the most beloved style icons of the 20th century, in her classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s pose.

While in New York City, I had the privilege of meeting up with Karina and her partner at a cool Japanese restaurant, and the designer herself was wearing . . . Audrey! And looking fabulous. I was wearing a Karina Megan and feeling pretty sassy as well.

A few important tidbits about Karina designs:

  • The dresses are made from imported microfiber blend fabric with four-way stretch. They’re machine and sink-washable and perfect for travel, as I can happily testify.
  • Every dress is made in a limited edition print, produced in their Brooklyn facility.
  • “Made in the USA” means sparing the environment the gas, oil and diesel that is burned to transport most of our clothes.
  • Some of their styles fit up to a traditional size 20, and are designed for all figure types and all ages (yippee!). Karina and I shocked my husband when we told him we could swap dresses right there and still look perfect. (Her designs are amazing this way: Karina and I don’t usually wear the same size dress.)
Looks like I enjoyed my cocktails a bit too much . . .
Karina is so lovely inside and out.
I love this dress. I added a scarf-as-belt that picks up all the colors.
This is a great weekend/date/lunch look.
Oh yes, Audrey from the back view too.
And perfect for work (casual office) with a black tee and skinny belt.
And Happy Times: For all readers of my blog, here is a $30 discount code for any full price Karina dress:

$30 Off Any Full Price Dress  – GIBP30

You can use your discount code online at:

This discount is a terrific way to experience a Karina dress that’s likely to become one of your best wardrobe friends.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Great dress, stripes are in full gear this season.  Just found  your blog, searching  for over forty fashion blogger like myself.  Wasn't many when I first starting blogging, glad to see so many now.

  2. Discovered your link party on the Citizen Rosebud site.Now about your dress.  I love a good graphic print and this one certainly rocks.  I especially love the Made In the USA factor re these dresses. 

  3. Hi Patti!

    I arrived here via Kezzie's blog. You have such a happy smile and you look great in the Katrina's Audrey black/white striped dress. 🙂 I am going to check out Katrina's web store now, thanks for your introduction!


  4.  Most of them are Small/Medium and Medium/Large, but there is so much "give" in them, they accommodate a lot of different shapes!

  5. Both the Karina dresses look fabulous, and it's amazing how it fits both of you. Are they all just one size fits all?

  6. What a wonderful dress Patti!
    Audrey is my absolute favorite

    Ariane xxxxx

  7. I love that Audrey dress. All the styles look not only comfortable but also gorgeous. How cool that you got to meet the designer! I also like how you've styled the dress with the T and skinny belt creating a whole new feel.

  8. How exciting Patti, lunch with the designer! I love those kinds of dresses. They can be stuffed in a suitcase and come out looking just fine.

  9. Happy Monday, Patti! That dress is just too cool, and I loved reading about your happy meet-up. Style blogging is awesome.

  10.  Thanks Bliss…once you have 1 Karina dress youll want many more. check out the web store right now bc our 1/2 price sale is ending shortly. xoxo karina

  11. Thanks! Thats what Karina Dresses is all about…real, life, style. Come visit our web store sometime or ou blog (
    xoxo karina

  12.  Come visit us in NYC Lynne.But youll have to wear your favorite Karina dress of course! xoxo karina

  13.  Thanks Jean!- stop by our web store or blog ( sometime. xoxo karina

  14. Thanks Adrienne- check out the Karina Dresses web store when you get a chance. 🙂

  15.  hi pam- we love reading your blog as well. thks for helping us spread the word.

  16.  Rachel {Raw-kul} – thanks for your kind words. nows a great time to try us out bc we're running a 1/2 price sale online. Once that sale is over you can use Patti's coupon code (GIBP30) to get $30 off any full price dress. Let us know what you think. Or better yet, send us a pic of yourself in the dress!

  17. Both dresses are just gorgeous. You're so beautiful Patti! I love the last layered look. It's fun and funky. I totally wish I wasn't on a shopping hiatus right now. I could totally use a dress named after me in such a gorgeous cut and amazing prints. Hope somebody gets to take advantage of the discount!

  18. Patti, that dress is beautiful!  I must be wonderful knowing the designer and maker too!  You look gorgeous as does Karina!

  19. You look fabulous in your Audrey dress!  The scarf is such a nice touch – I thought it was part of the dress!  I'm amazed at how seamlessly it goes with the dress 🙂
    And I love your comment about enjoying your cocktail too much.  I know I have many photos of myself reallllly enjoying my drink.  haha!


  20. I quite like the Karina dresses. Thanks for posting the discount code. Anything Audrey is OK by me.

  21. I love that dress! I think it is a wonderful style and the fitting. It looks really good! I want one! hehehe… I love, love, love, love it! You look wonderful. 🙂 

  22. I just LOVE the flattering angle of the stripes on this dress!  So many designers do the horizontal thing – YUKKY!  Hopping on over to her website.  
    YOU look great!

  23. Well for one, you look awesomely visible standing NEXT to Karina- what a treat to have met her! I am a hug fan of Karina Dresses, for all the reasons you mentioned and I've been drooling over that special edition of the Audrey dress all summer. I just got mine last week and can NOT wait to wear it! You and Karina both look fab in it. Super visible!

  24. I've had a look at the website and these dresses are gorgeous – another addition to my New York wish list! I find it incredible that you're both wearing the same dress only in different fabric – and you both look lovely! I've never seen anything like that before!

  25. That dress is so cute,I loved how you also paired it with a black t-shirt over top. I have been reading a lot lately about Audrey Hepburn, she was a definitely a fashion icon!

  26. Best dress ever. Do invite me next time, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  27. I appreciate the honesty of real women wearing real clothes and looking fabulous!

  28. Patti, thanks for posting on my blog. Nice to meet you and looking forward to checking out your blog.

  29. I LOVE both of those dresses on you.  I will definitely check out the website.  Absolutely adorable.

  30. Both you and Karina are radiant in your dresses!  The fact that they are perfect for travel is a huge plus and I love your added touches in the last photo.

  31. I love the idea of the perfect dress!  It looks as though this line is incredible.  Will have to check it out.  You look great in yours!!

  32. What a fabulous dress – and you (and Karina) look amazing in it! I love how you've layered it and added the scarf to make it really "you."

    I'll add my Monday outfit tomorrow! 🙂

  33. What a flattering dress! I love how it hugs your tiny little waist. My favorite look is with the floral scarf tied around your waist. 
    How fun to meet up with the Karina ladies. 

  34. Patti i love how you added the t shirt, creating   a completely different look!  Kudos, you look positively beautiful!

  35. What a fun dress, Patti!  They put out such a figure flattering line of dresses!!

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