Favorite Weekend Wear: Visible Monday

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It’s not fair for a happy retired woman to write about “weekend wear.” I dress casually almost all the time, but there’s still a different feel to Saturday and Sunday. My husband works less on those days, as do my still-employed friends. There’s football, and new movies at the cinema.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

Here’s a typical weekend look for me: based on comfortable straight leg jeans (similar), a graphic sweater or tee, and of course, boots. At least until February : > . These are my new Doc Martens that I wear with everything. And a honkin’ big vintage cuff from Citizen Rosebud‘s shop.

I added a personality piece, with this hot pink wool jacket. It looks vintage, but I’m not sure. I remember it cost less than $15 in a NYC thrift, so I’m a happy shopper.

A skinny suede belt pulls it together.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

    1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
    2. Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinkz button “Add Your Link”. It should open a new page.
    3. In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!
    4. Visit a few other bloggers, to make new friends and increase your own following.

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love,

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  1. Sneaking in late to the party, i had shopping to do first haha.
    How I wish for warmer weather so that I can strip a few layers back. No little jackets here I’m afraid Patti, its far to cold

  2. My work is not weekend-based but I still feel a sense of levity, throwbacks I guess from school and other jobs I’ve had in the past. I love your casual jeans/T look, and the hot pink kicks it up notch. I suppose Passenger could refer to you being a foot passenger… No matter what, like that word on there. Time for you to go out! Thanks for the linkup, Patti.

  3. This is one killer weekend look Patti. And how cute are those shoes? Your weekend sounds perfect. Due to my husband’s job we do not get to do “normal” weekends sharing just Sundays. But we have been living like this for more than 20 years now so it is our “normal” 🙂 Have a lovely week. xo Sabina

  4. What a completely loveable outfit! Although I only have knock-off Doc. Martens I love the look. I find it interesting how pairing the boots with a more formal jacket elevates the entire look. You are clearly ready for weekend fun Patti!

  5. Can we talk about how very tiny your waist is looking lately woman?

    Love the funky groove and those fabulous boots.


  6. You look very relaxed Patti, the jacket looks vintage and what a great price! I’m lovin’ floral boots! I bought a pair too (not Docs) a velvety fabric. I do have a pair of Dr. Martens from the ’90s, Black Watch tartan fabric. I must show them on my blog someday.

    I’m not retired but I have to dress casually because I teach dance and don’t plan to retire from something I love. Now that I’ll be 66 next month, I hope to cut down because I teach 5 days a week (1 – 4 classes a day) and will cut down to 4 days this year and then 3 and ideally twice a week by the time I’m 90. lol



  7. I just totally love that pink jacket. The thing is because we live near a city, we dress for the city whatever day it is, so if we go in to Brighton on a Saturday it’s city gear and if not it’s more casual wear. I love dressing up though, and would have to make an excuse to go into Brighton (or London) if we don’t go for a few days!

    As for your shoes – they’re amazing x

  8. I wish I could do casual, and wear jeans like you do, but I don’t think they look well on me. They do on you, especially with that pop of pink from the jacket and those fabulous Doc Martens! xxx

  9. You look awesome, Patti. And that purple jacket really does it for you. I have those same exact docs too. hehe

  10. Well, weekends are still different from weekdays, as far as your activities go? I have some friends who are retired, and they’re just as busy as I am. The only difference is that they only do things they love. But I often think they’re far more committed to their projects than I am to my work. Hmm, what does that say about me… Anyway, that’s a cute and relaxed weekend look.

  11. Patti, I’m retired too so I understand. Living in the country as we do, I’m probably even a bit understated than mos during the day. Sometimes, we have a symphony to go to on the weekend so things get a tad reversed because my weekends can occasionally out-do my weekdays. I love the pop of color with your jacket. You always make me want to go to New York just to thrift.

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