Throw Back All-Black Friday: I Used To Be So Young!

I know, Thursdays are for throwbacks, but we can make our own rules, yeah? Today I’m taking a look back at a three-year-old post, and making a few observations. Mainly: I used to be so young.

I was wearing a silver and black sweater (sim, now gone), a black tulle skirt (sim, wear it all the time) and a pair of thrifted Donald J Pliner (sim, donated to a new home). I still have and wear the $10 silver-tone leaf necklace.

Here’s a few things that occurred to me as I pulled out this pic from the archives:

My face was fuller just a couple of years ago (is that why facial fillers are so popular?). Always appreciate the face you have today; things shift around after age 60. And I have lost about six pounds since my broken wrist surgery – I lost my appetite for a while, and now have gotten used to eating less. But those couple of pounds make a difference in my face. Brownie skillet for dinner?

My hair was thicker three years ago. I’ve had a major fallout following general anesthesia and surgery in August. It’s coming back slowly, but I still use helper hair a lot. And heh, I thought my hair was thin when this pic was taken!

My old camera had a fuzzier resolution. I have a better camera now, and fewer places to hide from the truth: there are lines and spots appearing. Damn you, better cameras!

Life is still good, lots of peace and knowledge have come our way in three years. Not dead yet.

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  1. I wouldn’t have thought this was taken three years ago either – great outfit! Having had a blog for 8 years now, I have a record of how I’ve changed physically, and some of the changes are good, others, not so much. It does make me happy to have a record of outfits I loved that I no longer have.

  2. You were and still are so beautiful !!! I notice that too – when my body seems just about right, my face is gaunt. Ugh. Oh well, I just wear big sunglasses and draw the attention down to the good ol’ bod.

  3. You continue to be lovely inside and out. Whats more, you’re an inspiration!

  4. Sadly, we can’t stop or turn back the time but I think you still lovely and is a great inspiration for those who are on the road to turn 60 soon. It all depends how comfortable you feel in your own skin and if you are happy with it, that’s what important. Otherwise, there are fillers 🙂

  5. Patti, one of the benefits (or perhaps pitfalls) of a blog like yours and mine is the ability to look back at previous posts and to assess them anew. With this second look, there is an opportunity to realize how ridiculously harsh we may have judged originally and how fabulous we actually were (and still are). You were then, and are now, gorgeous!


  6. I wouldn’t have known this was three years ago either! Our own eagle eyes are our greatest “flaw” detectors. When I had photos taken by someone with really sharp camera focus I thought, Whaaa?!! I only see that in the magnifying mirror!! I was horrified that lenses can be so cruel. So Mary is right on!! And Ms. Deneuve. Hahaha!

  7. I thought this was taken this week! You look just as gorgeous now as you did then.

    Life isn’t fair when we lose weight from our face and not our bellies!

    I love what Mary wrote.


    • thank you, sweetest friend! And so true about weight loss; like Catherine Deneuve said, “at some age we have to choose between our face and our ass.” Tell it, Catherine. xox

  8. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Until you said this photo was from three years ago, I thought it was from today. You are still beautiful. Remember, your heart shines through your eyes–not your skin. 🙂

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