Favorite Real-Life Looks Of The Year; Visible Monday Takes A Holiday

My fellow fashion bloggers are where I get 90% of my style inspiration, and favorite looks. There’s a lot of variety, and even “opposite” styles below, but that’s what makes fashion so much fun: steal a little here, borrow a bit there, mix it up and make it all your own.

There are so many more bloggers whose style I adore – see my “Blogs I Love” page. Here are just a few of them, along with the fashion advice I’ve borrowed:

Consult your inner artist. Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo is a dear friend as well as one of my favorite stylists. She does magic with her sense of art and color. She’s demonstrated that colors are to be played with, likewise patterns, texture and shine. She’s always whispering in my ear (figuratively!) when I’m thrift shopping.

Classic, classy, timeless. Susan of Une Femme was one of the first bloggers I followed, starting seven years ago. Her style has always inspired me to add some luxury pieces to the basics, and to do the basics well. Her outfits are all authentically “Susan” because she adds unique accessories. She also infects others with her love of all things French!

Enjoy dressing up. Vale of Fashion And Cookies is not afraid to take the elegance up a notch, any day of the week. She does jeans and tees with aplomb, and when she dresses up, as here, it’s a Wow moment. Don’t save all your gorgeous dresses and jewelry for once a year – enjoy them any time you want to celebrate the day.

Pure NYC style in black and white. Alida of Alida Style is now a friend, as we have met in NYC, and she’s been generous in helping me with my real estate adventures there. She told me she has dressed in only black and white for decades, and she always makes it fresh and fabulous. Her accessories are all silver, and that glorious hair is naturally curly and thick. Alida shows that a monochromatic wardrobe can be captivating.

Be creative, try anything once, have a great sense of humor. Melanie of Bag And A Beret has no peers in her creativity and style boldness, and her writing always makes me laugh out loud, in the best way. I hear her too in my head, saying “Go for those oversized trousers and belt them up,” “Make a dress out of that skirt/scarf,” and “Paint your own shoes.” She’s a treasure.

And me. I smile when I see this picture, even though it’s far from couture. I love a big, swooshy skirt, cool booties and the Florida breezes in my hair. Love the silhouette, the colors, and the vibe. And the cat’s head up my skirt (wait, what?).

Visible Monday is taking a week off, and will return on January 1st (see you next year, heh). However you choose to celebrate, I wish you all a fabulous and memorable holiday season.

Stay fabulous and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some pretty winter pieces to browse:

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  1. Such a wonderfully diverse mix to show that STYLE is whatever you want it to be! You lovely Style Bloggers give confidence to so many women, and permission even, to just enjoy being themselves.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year x

  2. Patti, you’re my favorite in the bunch (and Suzanne is a very close second). Thank you for all of inspirations this year and for highlighting a couple bloggers for me to discover. Happy holidays and I hope you have a wonderful week.


    • Thanks for your kind words, Rena, and I wish a happy holiday season to you and all those under your roof! Be well, and stay fab, xox

  3. What a wonderful tribute to these talented self- expressive women. There are a couple I’m unfamiliar with but will check out because of your informative views!

  4. I love the breezy photo of you at the end, just as I admire the shots of Suzanne and Melanie, and some new ladies that I admire! Thanks for the introduction.
    Wishing you a fabulous and joyous holiday season.
    xoxo. Elle

  5. You are one of the first style bloggers I found when looking for inspiration, and still my favorite! Enjoy the holidays — I look forward to “seeing” you again next year!

  6. Like you, I get my style inspiration from people who love playing with clothes, and I am always so happy when people get it back from me. Thanks for including me in your list! Have a fabulous Christmas break!! I’ll raise a glass of hot water to you. If your cat had a tail I’m sure it would be twitching in that photo. Bad kitty! Hahaha!!

  7. I’m always on the lookout for style inspiration, so thank you for this post today which introduces me to some new fashionistas. Your blog too is a great influence for me especially as we have thrifting in common.
    Enjoy your festive break, and have a wonderful time over the holidays.
    Anna x

  8. Same back to you and yours – a merry, peaceful Christmas. And thanks for catching the error in the link! xox

  9. Thank you for including me with these other fabulous ladies and yourself. (((( Patti )))))

    Your keen sense of personal style and your ability to find great items when thrifting is a highly prized skill set. ( I do hope you finally got that great African skirt fitted!)

    I need to check out Alida.
    You might want to double check the link to Alida. When I clicked it went to Fashion and Cookies.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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