Don’t (Yes, Please Do) Make Me Repeat Myself

I usually keep my clothes for a long time, and I’m an habitual repeater of pieces. I don’t usually repeat a whole outfit; I change the tops, scarves, shoes and jackets. But if I love something, I wear it till it’s done. 

The things in our closets that we repeat a lot inform us about what styles we love in general. It’s enlightening to examine the elements of our favorite pieces: is it the color, silhouette, print, or the feel against our skin?

Here are some items that got repeated in the last year, and are still in rotation for 2018. I’m not including basics like jeans, tee shirts, and black trousers. Below are what Anuschka Rees – in her book The Curated Closet – would call “key” pieces: they mix with your basics and give them more personality. Perhaps in a future post I should feature the one-hit wonders, and why they were never seen again  : >
My “Bella” dress. I bought this 80’s hippie/festival/granny dress from Citizen Rosebud (the Etsy shop owned by my friend Bella) several years ago, for under $40. It’s one of my favorites, for its easy, graceful fit and tiny floral print. It works under a sweater, upper right with a fab blogger posse, or jacket, or on its own – with booties, sneakers or platform heels.

Floral skirt from Modcloth. I don’t buy much retail, but I’m glad I bought this full floral skirt from Modcloth (similar). It’s a year-round piece in Florida and lends itself to pattern mixing. I’ll have to try adding a crinoline for fun.

Tan Eileen Fisher skirt. This thrifted cotton skirt is a huge repeat-er. I love the way it’s tucked and draped, and the length is perfect for boots or summer sandals. I want to find another one before this one wears out!

Pink wool swing jacket. I found this vintage 80’s(?) jacket at a thrift in New York. It’s not original 1950’s but it has that great swing shape, and bracelet sleeves. It’s a great finishing piece for a print dress, flared trousers, or my old corduroy jeans.


Checked Trina Turk jacket.  Well you’ve seen this jacket twice above, so it may be the repeat winner. I found this at the Molly Mutt II Thrift Shop where I volunteer. Below it’s topping off neutral pieces, and it looks fab with prints too.


How about you? Some of us crave novelty, and there’s no wrong way to do your personal style. Are you a repeater or a changer-upper?


Stay fabulous and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some pretty pieces to browse:


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  1. I love discovering that certain pieces in my wardrobe are HUGE repeaters. They are always comfortable, a flattering color, and adaptable to many looks. They become “homey fashion” for lack of a better term!

  2. These repeater pieces look really good on you, and I am fully on board with repeating. What looks good, looks good. Done! But like you, I usually switch things around, but not always. I want to see your one-hitters! Heh.

    • Same here. And I’d love to see my blogger friends repeat looks, with a little tweak. xox

  3. Oh I definitely am a repeater offline, but try to change it up on the blog. I think, that I never posted the exact same look twice, but I do think that some staples have been mixed up quite a lot. I don’t see the benefits in buying new all the time and not wearing it more than a couple of times. Wardrobe staples and classic pieces are so versatile. We don’t need to be sad about wearing them over and over again. I love skirts for that as we can combine them so differently all the time. But I do love me a good dress as well. just needs a pretty cardigan or throw or sth and it’s a new look!

    • So true – and I love skirts too for that reason, you can always make them look a little different. Thanks for coming by today! xo

  4. I’d love to have that Eileen Fisher skirt. I have pieces that I turn to again and again. Some because the fit is just right, some because they’re comfortable without looking sloppy, some because they express the inner me so well, some because I look and feel fabulous in them! It’s always a sad day when a piece that I love wears out past redemption and I can’t find another like it!

    • I know – I feel that pain! But we still should wear the pieces we love, I think, and not save them for “good.” xox

  5. I find I repeat more during the winter months. Summer time is when I try to come out of my comfort zone and try new patterns!

    • That’s a good observation, Shirley – coats and jackets probably get repeated the most. xo

  6. We all have repeat pieces, don’t we? Mine are mostly coats and jackets. I love the floral skirt, and I wouldn’t mind having that pink swing jacket in my wardrobe! Happy holidays, Patti! xxx

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