Dress Inside Out! Epic Style Fail


I believe style should be fun and experimental and creative. Wear what you love, mix things up, break the old rules and enjoy. I love wearing navy with black, rock and roll tee shirts, combat boots with a dress, colorful hose: all that good stuff along with the occasional style fail. In the spirit of fashion experimentation and sharing, I tried this Pinterest “tip” today:

Yes, the graphic looks odd, and begs the question: why not just wear a skirt? But there’s no way to know if this is the New Thing, unless you have fashion courage.

I chose a stretchy dress because it looks like we’re going to need some give. I did manage to wiggle into the inside-out, upside-down dress with a little guidance from Sandy, who is after all a Master Engineer.

Before the challenge: a perfectly nice, if slightly ho-hum summer dress.

After I got into my upside down dress and pulled it up, the bodice created a bizarre underthing. Armholes were resting on my hips. Belting the ever-shifting fabric was a challenge too; I finally went with a scarf-as-belt. It takes a little coordination, so small fails occurred here.

I’ve tied the scarf around my waist. My legs are standing in the neckline of the dress. No way a clear picture of this is going on the ‘nets.

Once I had belted and flipped down the “skirt” part, I got the concept: I have a new-to-me skirt with an underwear problem and a hem problem. I also have a new pot belly, from two belts and lots of extra fabric.

The final look:

Actually, not a bad look, if a bit too sheer.

Verdict: go the easy way, and wear a blouse over a dress to make a lovely top + skirt look. Nobody wants lumpy underwear.

style fail

This way works, too: blouse over knit dress. No engineer needed.

Let us know how you experiment with your clothes, and stay fabulous, xox,

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  1. What a bizarre challenge! Good for you for giving it a shot, Patti.

  2. Patti, I had to admit, the drawing made me laugh! I suppose if skirts became extinct and we were dying to have one, this is an option! Lumpy underwear made me laugh too! You gave it a good go and i know what you are saying, experiment with your clothes! and I do think you look lovely in the dress as is 🙂
    jess xx

  3. The concept made me laugh out loud, and your description of your “trial” is just hilarious. In all in all, it doesn’t look too bad, but I simply fail to understand the concept. If I tried this with any of my dresses, I would end up with even more of a pot belly than I already have of my own. And let that be the thing I’m always doing my best to hide 😉 xxx

  4. Gad… I laughed out loud too, Patti. Ha. Underwear problem. Too funny. Love the dress as a dress. Why mess with success?

  5. Yes sometimes simple is best. I think you did a fabulous job styling this particular look, but sometimes the newest fashion notion is just too convoluted. It does look very well except for the sheerness which is fine from a distance. I love the dress as it is originally worn . Perhaps if one were stranded on a desert island with only four objects of clothing … ?
    Happy weekend!

  6. Since I do not own anything that could remotely fit this experiment, I offer my own inside/out fail: while trying on tops in a store, I failed to notice that my own voile top–one whose colors are the same both inside and out–was, in fact, put on inside out. Didn’t notice the wash tags flapping around, small buttons inside–but ones that didn’t require undoing to put it on/off, didn’t notice anything amiss, despite going into DMV (luckily, not to get my photo taken for a driver’s license that would be good for 10 years…), the grocery store, the drug store. Pretty sure that folks who noticed just figured I was a crazy lady. Only discovered my error later in the day when I got home. Then I couldn’t stop laughing after thinking how many places I wore the top inside/out. Crazy lady, indeed.

  7. I just laughed out loud, thank you! I think I could pull this off… quickly, and put something else on instead!

  8. Hahahahaha! OMG That first photo is hilarious.
    I will not be trying this out anytime soon. It will put the many skirts I own out of commission.


    • Thanks Rena! Haven’t seen you lately; it’s great to hear from you. xo

  9. This was definitely a worthy experiment. It looks like it could be really cute if it worked like it did in the graphic. Your dress-as-skirt version, with a top over a dress, seems far more doable and less fussy! And I’m all about less fussy.

    – Sherry

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