Basic Black For Summer? Visible Monday

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Summer temperatures call for light colors, light fabrics, tons of sunscreen (melanoma patient here), a haircut, and a relaxed vibe. I’ve got all the above today, except I am wearing basic black. I love black all year, it makes me feel properly dressed. I like to mix it with white and ivory, and I enjoy the freedom to eat spaghetti at lunch without my Tide pen in hand.

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The structured dress I’m wearing is dressier than most of my daily outfits, but I still love wearing it to bike around town, or walk down to the corner to get a slice. One of the many delights of retirement is having no wardrobe divisions – it’s all for fun now. I thrifted this no-tag dress downtown, and I usually add a couple of necklaces. Here I wore only two bracelets, one from when I was about eight years old. It spells out “Patti” in tiny beads, and my grandfather Gibbons crafted it.

I got a long-overdue hair trim, and said good-bye to some old blond hair. I’m still not as silver as I want to be, but it’s closer.

If you’re eating indoors in Florida, you’ll need a jacket – strange but true. The restaurants and shops are kept chilly, for the tourists I reckon. I’m loving this thrifted jean jacket by Lucky Brand; it goes with every darn thing in my closet. Summer sandals to show off the pedicure, naturally.


Undercover style cat has style.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo


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  1. I really have a love-hate for aircon! So hard to get right.
    Simple chic is sometimes best isn’t it?
    I love my denim jacket, a wardrobe staple for sure x

  2. Don’t know where to start Patti! Well, okay – the dress: stunning. Totally lacking words to express how well this suits you!!!

    The heat? Aw, do not get me started on this one. At least you got aircon in the US. Here, we are just melting away..and no sleeping at nights …it is like as if we were in a freaking dschungel….:)

    The story about your grandfather is adorable. It is what we cherish the most, right?

    Just last nite I did some serious trip planning to NYC for a friend of mine who is travelling to the city for the first time. It was such fun….Have a breezy week! Sabina xxxx

  3. I love this more structured style on you Patti and that jeans jacket is the perfect foil! Thanks for the link up party x

  4. We’re mind-melding – I wrote about pasta in my latest post too. I love how you punked up the dress with the denim and I love that your grandfather Gibbons made your bracelet! Looking cool. Thanks for the linkup, Patti.

  5. I hate it when they have the AC on so high. Ridiculous. That is how people get sick in the middle of summer.

    LOVE this chic dress and how you’ve chosen to style it.

    The hair is wonderful too. I also chopped my hair. Are we getting ready for the meet-up? ; P

  6. The denim jacket is a fab find and beautifully modeled by the cat. You look spectacular in your black summer dress and the treasured bracelet is a wonderful addition. xxx

  7. I really like the unique details at ghe bustline of this dress and the neckline is also unexpected znd very cool. I love the jean jacket as an accessory and the orange kitty is workin it too! 🙂

  8. Oh, I love that fabulous dress – the structure is just gorgeous! A jacket in AC is always a must!

    Thanks so much for hosting “Visible Monday”, Patti, sorry I’m a bit late to the party!

  9. Black is always a good idea. Great dress and so good with your denim jacket. Never sure why places have to be either ridiculously over cooled or over heated. Many thanks for hosting Patti.

  10. I love the look of a denim jacket over a LBD. Always. You look cute, easy and polished!

  11. LOVE your little necklace that your grandfather made for you with your name, so sweet Patti. I love sentimental things. Black and denim blue are fabulous together!! Thank you for hosting Patti!!!


  12. Love your thrifted black dress, and how amazing that you still have that bracelet crafted by your grandmother all those years ago! That’s so sweet! Like you, I am loving my thrifted denim jacket, which seems to go with everything. It even suits undercover cat! xxx

  13. So very sweet that you still have your handcrafted bracelet. That just makes my heart happy.

    Love the dress and that collar is all kinds of fab! Cute with the denim jacket. I work in a library and am always layered up {I even keep a heater at my desk}. Seriously, why does it have to be freezing, just because it’s warm outside?

  14. I love that dress. The neckline, the sleeves that are just enough to avoid shoulder sunburn.
    I wear black all the time in summer. I have had too many white dresses ruined by sunblock stains–it turns them yellow.

  15. Lovely dress and it looks fab with the denim jacket, comfy&cool!, and you’re gorgeous!
    (and so cute undercover style cat, this has put a smile on my face!)

  16. That dress is so chic in its simplicity. I really dig the Audrey Hepburn collar. Or, at least it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Arizona is similar with its oven heat outdoors and refrigerator temps in, so I get the need for the jacket. What a treasure is that bracelet your grandfather made! As much as I love everything you’re wearing, the bracelet is my favorite part.


  17. What a sweet dress, Patti. I guess the jacket’s for inside places in FLA. It’s bouncing around from almost 80 to 40 here in Chicago. Mostly 40s though.

  18. Black is so chic any time of the year – love this pretty summer dress! The undercover kitty wears the denim jacket quite well!

  19. I remember the aircon from a trip to New York long ago: it was do cold indoors that I got a cold, in mid-July, in the middle of the heatwave… I guess you have to get used to it.
    We’ve been having a bit of a heatwave this weekend, too. Just like that, overnight… I wonder how long it will last…
    You look stylish in black, and the new haircut is cool.

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