Do You Have Any “Bad” Style Habits? Here’s Mine

I don’t like to call anything “bad” about style or beauty habits, including mine. I am from the live and let live school of fashion critique. When I come upon an outfit that’s not my groove, whether online or in person, I find something positive and true to say or (best choice) stay quiet.

Surprisingly(?) that simple set of good manners does not exist universally online. I’ve never understood why on Facebook, for example, otherwise normal people take a moment to type: “Those shoes are hideous.” So well they may seem to you, but they’re like a Picasso painting to me, and why be mean? I have feelings too. /rant. So “bad” habits isn’t the right phrase. From the sunny side of the street I’ll say these are my “not yet up to par” beauty and style habits. No pressure to disclose your own – but hey, come on, let me know I’m not alone:

I use dull razor blades, because I am too lazy to get out of the shower for a new one. My method leads to blood and swearing. I think I can change this, now that I’ve disclosed it to the world.

bad habits

When I remember to update it, the Schick Quattro makes a very smooth shave.

I sleep on my side every night, no doubt creating enormous wrinkles on top of my average size ones. This habit will not adapt to change.

I have over-bleached my already thin, fine hair in the past. It definitely dried out and sometimes damaged my hair. All that stopped three years ago when I started the Gray Thing. Now it’s just purple shampoo and Mother Nature.

bad habits

This is not my hair, but it coulda been a few years ago. My silvers are a lot healthier.

I don’t trim my long hair nearly enough. I’ve got little “fairy knots” at the ends. Since I don’t color anymore, I’m not forced to make those hair-upkeep appointments. Resolved: no skipping trims from today forward.

My absolute most damaging style habit: buying on clearance, and/or being cheap. Before I got more style-savvy ten years ago, I’d sprint to the sale/clearance racks and find “bargains.” I didn’t have to love the piece, the tempting price was enough. Now I’m a lot more strategic and thoughtful. And I am worth a few full-price pieces per year.

Like these Steve M Antics sneakers. Just bought them yesterday, full price. I could not wait for clearance!

Beauty and health are closely connected, right? Well I probably drink too much wine, eat too much sugar, and can go a whole day with only a glimpse of fruits and vegetables. I’m working on this, and trying to eat closer-to-nature foods. Raisinets, for example; they come right off the vine, yeah?

 Stay fabulous and kind, xo

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  1. I love the comment that SU made about asking herself if she would buy it at full price. I must remember that question. I was raised poor and buying on the clearance rack has been my life. No matter that I might not entirely like what I am buying it’s the price. I let my hair go grey about 10 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I know all about those dull razors in the shower. Ugh. Old habits are hard to break. Also, I have learned that people on FB don’t have manners.

  2. I don’t understand why people waste precious time and energy writing negative comments on someone else’s posts. I too grew up with the adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, and I try to live by it.
    I’m trying to eat more vegetables and less sugar, and walk more to keep my weight in check, but I’m not sure when I last changed the blade in my razor 🙂

  3. I don’t always take my eyeliner off at night! Too much wine… Same. Occasional lack of fruits & veggies… Same. Impulse purchases! Ughhh lol

  4. I keep my razor refills in the shower! I used to be terrible at remembering to change them too but not anymore. I always sleep on my side or my stomach, I’d rather have wrinkles and be well rested than fewer wrinkles and bags under my eyes! Sleep is such a commodity (at least good sleep is) that I’ll do whatever it takes to be comfortable!

    • Big cheers to giving sleep a priority! And good idea about the razor heads, xo

  5. Oh, I am so lazy sometimes! I’m like you with the razors, though lately I’ve gone to using an electric razor because that’s how lazy I’ve become. And sometimes I don’t shave for a whole week! But don’t tell anybody. 🙂 Beyond that, I occasionally use a shampoo/conditioner combo rather than take the time to do shampoo AND conditioner. I often go weeks without exfoliating my face, which can leave my nose looking a little flaky under makeup. (Ew.) When left to my own devices, I’ll eat ALL the donuts and forget about real food, but for the most part I do a pretty good job on the diet and exercise front. I’m sure there are other ways I am lazy in my style, hygiene, etc. but I think those are the biggies. Thanks for the thought-provoking post! It’s kind of fun to acknowledge my humanness.


    • That’s what I need – an electric razor. Thanks, Sherry! Nobody gets that close to my bare legs anyway, and Sandy is near-sighted too. You look like you take diet and exercise seriously. xox

  6. We have a little something called ‘Winter legs’ here! Do you have that in cold parts of the US? The razors etc… are coming out now though.

    I still struggle to make myself stop and think ‘would I buy this at full price?’ during sales, but I’m getting better.

  7. I will do you one better–no shaving unless my legs or underarms are going to be bare. I’m so near-sighted, I can’t see the hairs, so they don’t bother me. And as long as clothing covers them, nobody else sees them either. On my first trip to Europe so many eons ago, I was shocked to see girls with hairy legs and underarms. Then the Europeans adopted shaving.
    My other bad style habit (that I’m willing to admit to) is wearing really ratty workout clothes. It’s from the Flashdance era, where if you wore anything too matchy-matchy you were considered not a serious athlete. And I never was a serious athlete, just a dogged exerciser.

    • Love the part about not seeing the hairs due to near-sightedness! I have forgiven a lot of “flaws” by never seeing them. xo

  8. Bad beauty habits? Hmmmm, does not polishing your nails count? Between cleaning, sewing, painting and diy projects inside and outside of the house….well, it would just be a waste of time. No polish is better than a chipped and fatty looking manicure, right? And I quit dying my hair a few months ago and have my 58 year self a pixie cut. My “greys” are actually silver/white so I’ve a very salt and pepper pixie going on. Suddenly deep blues look fabulous on me! Gave up on the cheap razors after one too many incidents of getting out of the tub, walking across the bathroom, looking down after brushing my teeth and realizing that I was standing in a puddle of blood. 58 year old legs deserve a nice razor, right? I’ve also abandoned the habit of buying clearance items just because they’re cheap although I’ve replaced it with thrift store shopping. But then I had to have a little conversation with myself about THAT! Lol! Diet is good…..fresh food, no junk food, sodas or processed stuff. But I do like a beer or a margarita every so often. Worst beauty habit? Staying up waaaay too late because I got engrossed with something and totally ignoring my body’s pleas for sleep.

    • I really like a “silver” look – lucky you! Sounds like we’re on similar paths, except your nutrition is likely much better than mine. xo

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