Downsizing Your Closet? Read This.

Downsizing your closet? I go through periods, more frequently in pandemic days, where I want to have fewer clothes, and a more “refined” closet. I have learned what I love, and I don’t love shopping as much as I once did. I am more attracted by quality clothing and the thrill of the hunt. The newest trends don’t interest me so much. I love changing around the pieces I do have and filling in wardrobe “holes” with just the right sneakers, scarf, tank, or topper.

I’m not interested in a certain wardrobe number, like a 34/37-item wardrobe, or, heavens forbid a six-item wardrobe, but I have learned a lot from those articles about choosing what sparks joy. I really, really love donating my just-okay pieces to Molly Mutt, where someone else seems to love them. Now that’s fun.

The Molly Mutt, where I volunteered for many years (pre-Covid).

It’s also fun to save money by not buying tat, as the Brits would call it – cheaply made stuff or “fast fashion” that doesn’t last through two launderings. I know my favorite brands, vintage and modern, and look for them at Etsy, Poshmark, and eBay. One positive thing about being 65 is I don’t have to count pennies so much anymore and I give myself permission to own a few really nice things on occasion. So maybe I’m not saving money so much as channeling it more wisely.

This is a Florida winter uniform: full skirt, cozy sweater, and Doc Martens.

A number of websites have helped me along in my wardrobe refinement journey. They each have something to offer and each speak from the author’s heart, not from a corporate point of view.

Garance Dore is French, bien sur, and how could I get through this post without a French woman? Her regular style “edits” get me thinking about how much (how little?) clothing I actually need to feel terrific. Yes, more than a handful of pieces, but not hundreds. Just my favorites and a little bit of frosting on top. 😊

“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”  

-Nicholas Burroughs

Into Mind is the OG of my minimalism sites. Anuschka has closed her blog but the archives are available, as are her books. She gives wonderful do-able advice if you’re downsizing your wardrobe. She is knowledgeable about shapes, textures, and colors, and doesn’t dwell on numbers. A great place to start your paring-down journey, if you’re so inclined.

Anuschka’s book is one of the most practical on wardrobe management.

Dream On is another inactive blog, but her posts are still available. Florie inspired me when I began thinking about downsizing many years ago. Her simple living essays cover far more than clothing, but she’s a pleasure to read, and re-read. Here’s a practical and relaxing post: Simple Life – Shopping.

Have you been downsizing during these stay-at-home days?

Stay safe, wash and wash and wash (your hands), xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:

Please be aware that links to vendors may be affiliate links. I may benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. Header image by Waltteri Paulaharju from Pixabay

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  1. In the beginning of the Pandemic, I was really into downsizing everything, including my closet. But, after so many months (or a whole year!) of this stay at home mostly existence, I got kind of bored or maybe tired of the whole thing (the pandemic and the downsizing). I still do some quick decuttering and didn’t really give up on the idea but after awhile I guess I found it to be just another chore. Love your outfit! Those boots are great. It’s snowing like crazy here in NJ. Just what we needed! More snow on top of the snow we already have. Oh well, Spring will be here soon. Hope all is well with you and that you are practicing safety when you go out. Take care Arlene from Kearny, NJ

    • Hi Arlene! Thanks for describing the Jersey weather – sometimes I miss it but not today : > I am also tired of the pandemic, and it’s hard to believe it’s been a year. Stay fab and safe, xx.

  2. Oh, love the Burroughs minimalism quote! I can’t say I am minimalizing my closet but I am trying to be thoughtful about what I purchase and donating what I am not loving or wearing. It seems to be working for me!

    • Hi Debbie and thanks for coming by! Glad to hear you’ve found a good wardrobe system – it makes life simpler : > Stay well, xx.

  3. I love that you’re getting so much wear out of your Docs, Patti! I told you they’d be a good buy! Mine are nearly worn out!

    I have been editing only in the sense that I have no patience with anything that is fussy, itchy, or doesn’t really make me happy (the ol’ “spark joy” thing). As I’m still going into the office 3 days a week, I’m still dressing up, and I try to put something fun on when we Zoom with family/friends.

    What I have been doing with our clothes/shoes is realizing how very much that is what represents us, and slowly incorporating it into our design in our house. Eg. my fashion books are on a bookshelf…with L’s funkiest shoes! I also have my party bags displayed, instead of hiding in a closet or box, so that I look at them and think about how I can wear them.

    Hope you and Sandy are well. Big hugs!

    • Hi Sheila! Nice to see you. I hope you are still making wonderful outfits, that is so YOU. And I like your home decor ideas, using your favorite shoes and bags. Life will return! Stay well and safe, xx.

  4. Once I realized I wouldn’t be returning to the office, I got rid of the suits. The jackets are next. My look has devolved into remote grunge office look in a beanie hat, plaid flannel shirts, yoga pants, and tennis shoes.

    • I love this progression, Tam! The beanie hat is my favorite pandemic accessory, so we don’t have to fix our hair. : > Stay safe, xx.

    • So I am slowly getting through this downsizing . I had at least 36 linear feet of hanging space i am down to maybe 24. It can be painful as some items are sentimental. Changing style a little also but making progress

  5. Love your style always but this outfit with gray top, black skirt and docs with that hair? Utterly perfect and cool.

  6. Great outfit and thank you for the site recommendations looking forward to viewing them .I have also been trying to downsize and enjoy and be creative with what I have in my very stuffed closet. I have set a goal of a semi no buy plan and when tempted to buy remind myself of the saying the opposite of more is enough and when I do buy be very selective.

    • Hi Joan and thanks for coming by. Yes, it’s fun to make new outfits from what we have already! Enjoy yourself, and stay safe and well, xx.

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