I’m A Feminist Who Loves Fashion

I’m a feminist who loves fashion: is it a contradiction or can there be harmony? In my own life, the answer is a resounding YES to harmony. I consider myself a spirited feminist and I adore style. Here’s why:

For one, the amount of energy we apply to beauty and style is a choice, and choice is a central tenet of feminism. Some women choose to go make-up free and that’s all good. Why should we not have all the choices available: to use makeup, or not, color or not-color our hair, or wear stylish clothes.

I let my silver hair grow out then put some pink in it.

We can fight the good fight and still look amazing, if we so chose.  Feminism means equality – of opportunity, education, career choices, managing home life, and of course under the law. I choose to live with both ideas held simultaneously: caring for our outward appearance as well as our inner fire.

Even historically, women who sought equality used style and color to advance their causes. Early suffragettes created “uniforms” to help identify themselves: “. . . white to represent purity, green for hope and purple for loyalty and dignity.”

“On March 3, 1913, more than 5,000 women in ankle-length dresses and coats brought their picket signs and shouting voices to Washington. They were there for the Woman Suffrage Parade.” Source.

And fashion needs us woke women: we often face the pressure to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Nothing feminist about that. Ideally, fashion would be a celebration of diverse women’s sizes, ages, shapes and ethnicity. But there’s still plenty of size-ism and age-ism in the industry. Young and reed-thin is the aspirational message. That’s not OK. We have to call it out when we see it. 😊

“[Fashion] is one of the few industries in which women can actually excel, career-wise. On the other hand . . . the concept of the fashion industry places limitations on beauty and body ideals to society en mass.” Source

Equally not-OK is the exploitation of women and children in developing countries to satisfy our cravings for cheap, fast fashion.  Promoting ethical sourcing and diversity, shopping second-hand to reduce waste, recycling our clothes – these are some of our tasks as feminists.

Yes, brother. Source.

Finally, a certain by-product of looking after our exteriors is more self-confidence. That’s what helps us to go out in the world and raise our voices, and keep the fires burning. “A confident woman is a force to be reckoned with. A confident woman gets things done.  It’s about owning your desires and being in control of how you present yourself to the world.” Source.

Raise your voices and define your own life, and throw on some red lipstick if you like.

Stay safe, wash and wash and wash (your hands), xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:

Please be aware that links to vendors may be affiliate links. I may benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. Photo by lucia on Unsplash

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  1. I don’t see any contradiction between feminism and the passion for fashion. Everyone has the right to love what his heart is in. And if we condemn someone’s interests, how can we be called fighters for freedom and equality? Thank you very much for your position!

  2. Totally Agree With You!, and totally love your attitude and the way you’ve expressed it!. I’m a feminist who loves fashion, and many other creative activities who express our individual personalities!.
    And also love your hairstyle and that you look so fabulous in your jeans and gauze blouse!

  3. People don’t give up loving art just because they are feminists, or laborers, or politicians or whatever, and fashion is art.

  4. Beautiful shirt you are wearing in your picture très chic. I also love fashion and am so glad we feminist can have styling fun and be creative in our fashion choices and wear items we truly love and not feel pressured to follow trends. I like your store choices hope you continue as I like your style and it’s an easy, fun way to browse and shop.

    • Hello Joan and thanks for coming by. I agree we don’t have to follow trends, but create our own style! Today I’m wearing a maxi dress in sheer floral, over a black tank dress, with high top Converse sneakers. I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying well, xx.

  5. Equality in terms of fashion and make up, for instance, could mean that anyone regardless of gender can wear the clothes and the cosmetics they like – and in previous centuries both genders did wear heels for instance (not that I am advocating for anyone to wear heels, they are a literal pain in the a***).

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