A Couple of New York Scenes

Our first day out and about was not a fashion-y day, as you can see by my attire. We ran errands, then headed downtown to the World Trade Center Memorial. It is a beautiful place, somber and evocative. I experienced a flood of sadness, rage, pride and thankfulness for the courage of the responders and so many others.

We walked over to Zuccotti Park where the Occupy Wall Street protesters are camped. Whatever your political beliefs, it is a reminder that we have the right to peacefully protest — thanks Founding Fathers! And so many countries do not permit the same.

I loved this poster, juxtaposed with the brooms. It means so much to me, as a woman whose mother’s generation was expected to be homemakers above all.

My humble walking outfit for the day. Just my most comfortable Nike’s, skinny jeans, requisite black tee and scarf. That’s the Fossil purse I later traded in at the thrift store!
It’s raining today, so I am hoping to make it to the FIT Daphne Guinness exhibit, then hide out at the Barnes and Noble/Union Square, with a half-gallon of coffee and the Steve Jobs biography. Life is good. Have a happy Thursday.

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  1. I think you have on a great casual outfit.
    I would love to see the WTC memorial. Seeing it on TV choked me up, I cannot imagine what seeing it in person would be.

  2. Jealous you are going to the exhibit–but share as much as you can!  Jill has been doing a good job keeping us updated.

    And so chic is your walking outfit…truly.

  3. There you are!
    I am looking forward to seeing all the places you go to – so I can review my list and maybe add some more 🙂

  4. Trading purses? Very cool, I have yet to manage that type of thrifting. Sounds like you are having a fantastic trip!

  5. It sounds like you are enjoying your time in NYC.  I would love to visit the World Trade Center Memorial someday.  I want to wait until my little one is just a little older so she can appreciate it.  Kayla really wants to go too.    Heather

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