Feeling Thrifty in the City

Rain! I love to walk in the city but it was more challenging today. I did make it to the Daphne Guiness exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Their Museum is open and free to the public.

What a stunning collection of clothing! Her favorite designers appear to have been Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, with quite a bit of Alaia and Dolce and Gabbana besides. And she must be a tiny little woman, as the dresses look fit for about a 22″ waist. The fabrics and designs are so rich and sumptuous: feathers, fur, sequins, rhinestones, lots of silk satin. I wanted to touch them all, but I could feel the eyes of the security guard on me like hot lasers.

I was dressed for comfort and walking, and in lots of black – my NYC uniform. The long black skirt is from Banana Republic, thrifted, and the sweater is from the 15 Dollar Store. Yes! Don’t ask the price, it’s $15.  The shoes are also thrifted. The inside says “Walking Co.”, but I couldn’t find anything about them. They are nice, heavy leather and great for urban hiking.

I visited the Chelsea Buffalo Exchange, a resale shop that leans toward younger tastes and newer clothing than a traditional thrift. The prices are a little higher too, but I found a nearly-new gray Eileen Fisher sheath dress, fits like perfection, for $30. So I was a happy shopper.

I thought about so many of you who would also enjoy this store!

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary! So we are going out to a romantic little Italian bistro for dinner. I married my dream guy – once I got that right, a lot of life got easier.

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  1. Thanks Angie – you are right ! The vibe of the city helps shape how we dress. In Miami, for example, I never wear black!

  2. Thank you for bringuing us along on your fantastic trip to NY, I am really enjoying following your activities. And I love that striped sweater!
    I hope you had a nice dinner and Happy Anniversary!

  3. It's nice you take the time and tell us about your adventures in your favorite city. I like how modern you look today. isn't it strange how the vibe of each city can change the way we dress?

  4. Thanks Sally! The exhibit was truly clothing-as-art. Sigh, nothing in my size  : >

  5. Wow, thanks Dawn for the info on the shoes. They do feel like a higher-end brand!

  6. Hi Patti, your outfit is so pretty on you.  Love the striped sweater.  Maybe I will be inspired to wear mine soon.  Sounds like a great day.  I like Eileen Fisher clothing.  I find a lot of  clothing by her.  The walking company is right here in my town.  You said you could not find anything on the shoes.  They have great quality shoes and are a bit on the high side.   Happy 10th to you and your husband.   Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  7. Perfect NYC walking attire!  Happy Anniversary to you and your 'dream guy.'

  8. Thanks Debbi. You would have so much fun at some of the thrifts too. Although today, you would have gotten very rained upon with me  : >

  9. I thought about you a lot, Pam – you would have a blast with me at some of these thrift and vintage stores, I think!

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    The boots look great for walking and you looked very nice in your stripes and long skirt.
    Yes, I would've loved to go to that thrift store!!!

  11. happy anniversary! Your trip sounds really sweet and romantic. Enjoy! You look great, I like you in casual looks too!
    mongs, mythriftycloset.blogspot.com

  12. Actually I am so jealous!!  That you are in NYC…that you saw the Daphne exhibit…and that your found an Eileen Fisher for $30!!  Great fun and great shopping!!

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