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I haven’t posted since Sunday because we are away on our fabulous two-week New York City vacation! We arrived on Tuesday to our sub-let apartment in the West Village. It is so much fun having our own crash-pad, rather than a hotel. Now we can make tea, snuggle up to the computers, and feel at home.

The very bad blogging new is I forgot to bring my camera cable. So all the cool shots I took today are still smugly in the camera, refusing to jump over to the computer. We’re going to buy a cable at Radio Shack tomorrow and remedy the situation.

As you probably know, there is fashion for everyone here! Here near NYU, I saw cool hipsters in leggings and sweatshirts, with tall Doc Martens. Downtown near Wall Street the change was gradual – to dark suits and sleek shoes/boots. Lots of great scarves, hair and makeup.

I even had time for a bit of thrifting today and picked up a very nice Morris Moskowitz vintage leather bag. I traded in my Fossil bag that I was carrying, plus a couple of dollars. I love dealing and trading with New Yorkers — all things are possible.

Hope to have more pics up soon. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Have a lovely vacation! We will still be right here when you come back!


  2. Will be waiting for your photos and your tales of adventure.  And have an absolutely fabulous time.  Great idea to sub-let!

  3. Oh Patti, how lucky you are to go to NYC. It is one place I would love to visit. Please do take a lot of photos. I can't wait to see them.

  4. I heart NY. I've had so many good meals, long walks, theatre shows, and shopping binges there. I was always amazed at how I could feel the energy on the street. My own rather laid-back demeanor would start to disappear into a new, NY version of myself with more excitement, wider interests, and more time in the day.
    I hope you have a truly wonderful time and bring back lots of photos and other goodies.

  5. Oh, Patti, how exciting!  Two weeks in New York?!  Wonderful.  Enjoy and I can't wait to see the pictures!!

  6. Oh you lucky gal!
    I should (hope) to be there in a month 🙂
    One of my fave things to do in NY is people watch… hipsters here I come !

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