Closet Obsessions, Updated for 2019

Closet Obsessions, Updated for 2019. Fashion and style are such a gratifying hobby. We get to be creative, expressive, individual, purposeful — and obsessive! All within the realm of normal human behaviors.

Without being a slave to trends (and most of us reading this blog are not), it’s fun to get temporarily besotted with some item of clothing or accessory, and to stalk, hunt and collect it. Often the stalking is just via window or cyber-shopping, without buying. In my life, it means seeking affordable versions of my current crush, via thrift and consignment stores. Every once in a while, the object of desire is worth a splurge, and lasts for decades, like my beloved Moissanite wedding ring.

Here are some of my past wardrobe obsessions. Maybe you will relate to one or more — I’d love to know. I’ll post my current obsessions at the end.

  • Vintage gloves and scarves. I had to look in every thrift shop in town, and on eBay. I bought several, and still wear and appreciate them. The gloves are great for keeping the sun off my aging hands too.
  • Cuff bracelets. I’m still loving on these; I’m liking them even bolder now. But I do own enough. I think.

Swooning for this statement cuff by Virgins Saints and Angels. I could wear it with anything.

  • Tingly lip glosses. I went far and wide, and keep coming back to Burt’s Bees. Guess I am sticking with this one.
  • Patterned tights. You can ask me who carries these in my small city, ’cause I have been around. (Target‘s got the best local selection and prices, and Modcloth is a terrific online shop).

Would ya? I’d wear these with a knee length denim skirt and simple tee, and a big smile.

And my present obsessions: 

  • Midi skirts. My eyes follow only the hemlines of skirts on the racks, and I reach for the long ones. I love a long skirt even though a knee-length skirt may be more conventionally flattering.
  • Long-wearing lipsticks that aren’t chalk-dry. I still haven’t found the Holy Grail. I find ones that last, but make my lips peel. Or they’re nice and moisturizing, and they’re gone in an hour.

This liquid lipstick by Physician’s Formula is long-lasting and not too sticky. May not last through a couple of slices of pizza.

  • Cuffed/rolled/frayed-hem jeans. Ending at the ankle or an inch above. Perfect with sneakers and oxfords, and speaking of shoes . . . .
  • Oxfords and funky sneakers. These really do go with almost any outfit in my casual life. Socks or no-socks, leather or canvas, I’ll wear them.
  • A pantsuit. That’s an odd one, eh? But I saw some very cool looks on Ines de la Fressange (surprise, a tall, thin French woman!), rocking a linen suit. I’d break up the pieces some days, and wear it with my oxfords.  : >

What are your fashion obsessions, past and present?

Keep joy in your heart, and stay fabulous, xo,

Here’s some cool pieces to browse:

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  1. My obsession… I live in Seattle, is the brightest raincoat I can find. I have several in bold colors.

  2. I’ve been searching for the perfect lipstick for years! The ones that last manage to sink into the crevices of my lips and flake off, the creamy ones disappear within 30 minutes of application. I’m always looking for a great pair of pants that fits my non-existent hips and butt.

  3. So true that our obsessions do change over time. I must admit to having a few, gloves, both vintage and coloured leather, interesting skirts, sunnies, hats and leather jackets.
    The perfect red lipstick is a constant- my present favourite is Tomato by Linda Rodin, a bit expensive but non drying and lasts for ages.

    • Thank you for the lipstick tip, Jill. I’ve seen Linda in person a couple of times in NYC and she is completely lovely. xox

  4. I still have my long white gloves from Prom 54 years ago! Still wear them when the occasion arrives. My favorite lipstick shade was Chanel #34 Hot. So of course it was discontinued. I used organic lipsticks now. MY WISH LIST is for some descent weight cotton tee shirts. They are all see through now event the luxury brands. I also love midi skirts. I don’t wear tights usually and never leggings.

  5. Don’t we all have these obsessions? My current ones are jumpsuits and – like you – midi skirts! I can relate to the long wearing lipsticks too. Why is it that so many make ones lips peel? Oh, the money I’ve spent in search of the perfect one … xxx

    • I know – i think that whole lipstick business is out to drive us mad! : >
      Thanks for coming by, Ann, xox.

  6. A past obsession was “THE Perfect Black Blazer” when I was in the corporate world. Needless to say, never found it.

    Silk piano shawls, the lovely ones with heavy embroidery and very long silk fringe, always want to come home with me. I’m still looking for the ultimate leather jacket and the ideal pair of jeans. I am glad that the high waists are back but don’t care for what I call plastic jeans; the ones that are only 40% or so cotton and the rest is synthetic stretchy material. I continue to be obsessed with scarves even though I have 3 full closet shelves of them in all colors, lengths, fabrics and patterns. Comfortable, funky boots in wide widths are something I am always on the lookout for along with the perfect under eye concealer that does not crease and lastly, products for curly hair that don’t turn my tresses into a dry, stiff nest.

    It’s great to see pants suits coming back, though I’m not going to be on their bandwagon. Does anyone remember that not so very long ago, they were not at all acceptable in the work place?

    • Yes, Cee, I remember when pantsuits were forbidden! Seems ridiculous now.
      And big yes for curly hair products. I like my current, Curls Rock by TIGI – it has hold plus moisture. xox

  7. The podcast How I Built This just featured one of the creators of Burt’s Bees (not Burt–he died). Very interesting!
    I like the return of pantsuits even though I’m about half as tall as Inès.

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