Dress Like You Mean It: Visible Monday

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Dress Like You Mean It.  I adore super-minimal style, like this. And over-the-top Gucci-esque style, like this. Both ways of dressing look like you mean it, it’s an intentional decision about how you present yourself. And that can change from day to day, depending on your mood (and the weather, and your office dress code, if you have one). I like my OOTD to say something about me.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

In this New York City pic (I‘m traveling this week, and had no time to pose properly for a new VisMon) my look says: I’m a city woman with black and white on my mind. That’s how I felt about myself: cool and a little funky, like the whole world is my coffee shop. My French bulldog sweater is just fly enough.

I love these Sofft oxford/sneakers and they can handle a five-mile walking day in the city. I like my hair long, too, and can’t wait for my new crop to grow out. Fickle about hair, we are.

There’s nothing remarkable in this outfit below, but the Washington Square Arch (through which you can get a glimpse of the Empire State Building) is a beautiful statement.  🎶 New York is where I want to stay. I get allergic smelling hay.🎶

This was back in September, a most pleasant month in the Northeast. I’m dressed for a warm day of walking, but my OOTD isn’t saying much.  : >

Are you clothes saying what you mean? Show us in the link-up.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

    1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
    2. Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinkz button “Add Your Link”. It should open a new page.
    3. In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!
    4. Visit a few other bloggers, to make new friends and increase your own following.


Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Cool and a little funky, yup, you’ve nailed it. I love every piece you have on. And the other one indeed says a lot! That skirt is amazing and look where you are! Sigh. My link photo today suits your headline – dress like you mean it. Heh.

    • Thanks Mel, star of “dress like you mean it!” You have and continue to inspire me to have fun with clothes. Have a blissful evening, xox

    • Thanks Emma! Loving your Spring green colors today, and they do complement your hair beautifully! xox

  2. Hello Patti
    Your look, as they say, is awesome – love that skirt, shoes to walk in and the tee! You’re right it’s so cool!

    And Patti, I don’t know if you do awards but if you go on my last but one post I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Hope that’s Ok, but I think you’re such a generous host and I love your posts which are always to the point with fashion that is just right for women of all ages.

    • Thank Penny, and thanks so much for the nomination! Likewise, I always enjoy your posts and your authenticity (and yes, your hair color is perfection)! xox

    • Thanks Kim! I like what you wrote about Free People and the “cool kids” – I’ve always thought that too! You look great in their blouse, xox.

    • Oh yes, I think you picked a great message – you always look so polished. Thanks for coming by and linking up! xox

    • Thanks Elle! Tiny feet are a challenge, yeah? (I have no personal experience, wearing size 9 since i was about 18 : >). Thanks for coming by and sharing your beautiful looks, xox.

  3. Love your black and white NYC outfit, Patti! I think the clothes I’m wearing always say what I mean … xxx

    • Thank you Ann. How pretty is your sky blue dress? Very. Loving the tapestry bag too; I’m always looking for one. xox

  4. Absolutely love the hair. Just what I have been growing towards. After reading your post I have the Green Acres song running through my head. I watched that every week.Thanks for the happy reminder.

    • Thanks Jess! I too loved Bohemian Rhapsody (always adored Freddie) and the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper duet was a highlight. She can do no wrong by me : > xox

  5. It’s such a great way to put on our clothes in the morning….make it say how we feel for the day!! I feel like we are blessed that we have so many options now!
    Love those shoes with the first outfit….perfect for walking around NY too!

    • Thanks Debbie. I long to be that city girl! Loved your tips about re-fashioning our summer clothes, and you look gorgeous as always, xox.

  6. Words to live by and always good in black and white . I really like both shots and outfits of you in your happy place . Many thanks Patti for Visible Monday, enjoy your travels.

  7. Enjoy traveling! Those Sofft oxfords look so cool and I know they must be super comfortable, it’s great when something looks as good as it feels!

    • Thank you Kellyann. You’re looking fab in your cropped flares, with those amazing leopard booties! xox

  8. Dress like you mean it – i couldn’t have put it better myself.
    No half-hearted outfits or saving stuff for best, just wear it!
    You and your longer hair are looking marvellous in your favourite place, Patti! Love the photo of you back in September, too! xxx

    • Thank you gorgeous Vix! Your pics today of that glorious block print fabric made me happy. xox

    • Ah, you know and love this great neighborhood! Wish you could come by so we could meet for a coffee! xox

  9. I get allergic smelling hay! I am working on a parody of that Green Acres theme re my currentlin residing in Maine and missing city life. I hear you, sister!

  10. Patti, those shoes! That is a great “saying something” outfit and your skirt in the September photo is fabulous, too.

    I’ve finally gotten comfortable wearing red. Not as an accessory but a red sweater, a red coat, red jeans, red lipstick-not gloss or balm. I’ve embraced being noticed when I wear that color and it is a lot of fun.

  11. Heck, yes! When I am more deliberate and mindful in my dressing, that’s when I have my favourite outfits. I hope you enjoy my kooky one this week! ;-P

    Thanks so much for hosting, Patti!

    • I more than enjoy that dress – I lurve it! Thanks for coming by and sharing the beauty, xox.

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