Black and Gray And A Cloudy Day: Visible Monday

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Black and Gray And A Cloudy Day.  The cloudy days have beauty too – they are quieter and more thoughtful. Today was a cloudy day, and I dressed to reflect it. Yesterday we helped our friend Bryan send his beloved dog Iris to the Rainbow Bridge. A marvelous old girl of sixteen years, and of the finest, sweetest disposition. Rest in peace, and heavenly doggie treats for her.

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A black leather jacket is a closet staple. It always makes an outfit more city, more polished. This one by Danier was found in a thrift shop in Vancouver and picked for me by the talented Suzanne (go see her fab vintage store here). The divine black and white vintage maxi skirt is from Kinky Melon, Vix’s shop.

I love the Greek key design at the hem of the skirt. Reminds me always of the iconic NYC coffee cup!

Underneath is a simple gray cotton sweater from J. Crew Factory. It has a zebra on the upper left chest, but he’s hidden by the jacket. It was an Impossible Hair Day (you’ve had them too?) so I added a black knit cap.

The sadness of losing Iris shows in my face. It’s often better to let our insides show than to “fake it”; I hope you understand.

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Stay fabulous, kiss the dog, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Love this OOTD! The leather jacket is very rich and the whole look reads urban boho! Is there such a thing ? Sorry about your friend’s dog.. that is very sad.
    This weather… like spring today. I also wore leather !

  2. I am sorry for you and your friend’s loss. Pets are a part of the family unit and it can be hard to lose them. I think you pulled off this black and gray look very well. I really love the skirt and the fact you wore a leather jacket with it.

    • Thank you Lanae. We do love our pets like family and they’re so good to us.
      I enjoyed your “beige with a pop of color” – great looks. xox

  3. A sad day when you say goodbye to a much loved dog – they’re part fo the family. Also that’s a great jacket and love that neat hat of yours x

  4. Your comment about ‘cloudy days’ is a beautiful sentiment.
    We all ache a little at the thought of losing a pet so thank you for sharing your sadness.
    You look great in a hat!

    • Thank you Fiona, for your kind words, and for coming by. Have a lovely week ahead, xox.

  5. Sorry to hear about the loss of a beloved pet. X You look great in this skirt and I hear you on the hat days. I have just decided I need some hats in my life. Thanks for hosting. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • Thanks Jacqui. I enjoyed getting to know more about you in your Sunshine Award questions, that was fun! xox

  6. So sorry to hear about your friend’s dog—I’d be absolutely devastated if that happened to me. You are a good friend. And on a happier note, I absolutely love this outfit—the contrast of the edgy leather jacket and the boho printed maxi skirt is just so good!
    Cheryl Shops |

    • Thank you Cheryl. Hug your pets today : >
      I love your V-Day gift ideas and got inspired! xox

  7. Sorry to hear about your friends’ pet passing away. Pets are family members after all. Love your black and grey outfit, especially that fabulous skirt! xxx

    • Thank you, Ann. Yes they are definitely members of the family, who love us unconditionally. xox

    • Thanks, Jess! You look stunning in red, and the leopard print scarf is all that. xox

  8. You are kind to support your friend with letting his Iris go. A lot of people don’t give much credence to the grief that accompanies the loss of a beloved animal friend. My deepest sympathy and condolences to your friend.

    That’s a fine, somber but very hip ensemble (that skirt!!) and I hear you with challenging hair days. For me, one of the advantages of working from home IS being able to wear a cap or a turban on just such days. Could never do that in the office.

    • Thank you, Cee – it sounds like you truly understand the way we love our pets.
      And thanks for sharing your Bad Hair Day solutions! xox

    • Thank you Jennie.
      You look fab in your python print – it plays up your cool pink hair! xox

  9. sorry to read about Iris, so sad! but good memories can help you to go through this sad moment!.
    Lovely outfit and lovely rainy inspiration, as I can see the print of your skirt as rain drops, it adds movement and interest!. I totally agree on your jacket adding an urban vibe!, you totally rock in it!.
    And impossible hair days are another reason to love a hat!. You look cute!

    • Thank you, dear Sra. Your cold-weather outfit is perfectly layered and the boots look just right! xo

    • Thank you, my friend. I applaud your message today – be a nice person. It doesn’t take any more energy most of the time, eh? xox

  10. Always sad to part with a fur baby, may she enjoy those doggie treats over the rainbow.I do love this outfit, the jacket is so good with that wonderful skirt and the little hat the perfect finishing touch.

    • Thank you, Maria, for your kindness.
      I’m loving your floral skirt styled for winter! xox

  11. Oh I am so sorry to hear Patti. It is always so heartbreaking to lose a furry member of the family. So sorry to hear about Iris.

    • Thank you Suzanne for the kind words, and for sharing your great style with us, xox.

  12. Aw, losing a member of your furry fam is just the worst. Good vibes to you and your friends, Patti.

    Will be joining you shortly in my disco dress! Thank you so much for hosting.

    • Thanks Kellyann! Love your description of the Downton Abbey Exhibit – I hadn’t heard of it. Have a great week. xox

  13. Awww, the rainbow bridge. I hadn’t heard the term before. Sweet dreams, doggie girl. And look at you wearing clothes from your buyers all over the world! Way to go.

    • Thanks Pao. Love your red coat and whole monochromatic look, very warm (did not want to say “cool” after you’ve been Vortex’ed). xox

  14. Well, this is a great look, although a sad occasion. The knit hat with leather and the skirt mixes it up just right. Saying good-bye to a loved companion is a hard, hard thing to do. The grief cannot be denied.

    • Thanks Jodie. I love your workout gear – it makes working out feel like more fun. xox

  15. I’m sorry to read about Iris. They really become members of our family, we spend so much time with our furry family members. More than the human ones sometimes!

    On a superficial note, this has to be one of my favourite outfits on you, Patti. I love it all. xx

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