Accessories: Are You A Maximalist Or A Minimalist?

Accessories: Are You A Maximalist Or A Minimalist? Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, I suspect. It depends on the day, the outfit, or the mood, but usually we have a leaning toward one extreme or the other.

Some of us stick to a couple of signature accessories, or we may like to layer them on. I am usually on Team Minimal, as my style is Modern/Casual/Easy. I sometimes stick a toe over the line to the more accessorized team, because I enjoy that look as well. My accessory idols are women who can make an outfit magical with an unexpected piece or two. A vest, a pair of tights, a scarf, and the net effect is wonderful.

Women who are always terrific accessory-lovers include:

Gorgeous Jessica of Elegantly Dressed and Stylish adds just a few, but special, accessories to this classic look.

Greetje of No Fear of Fashion accessorizes minimally but with impact. That ivory necklace is perfect, as is the modern metallic purse.

I tend to rely on a few favorite bracelets, necklaces, belts and a couple of scarves. I don’t wear many earrings because my curly hair obscures them, and my ear holes have closed up, ouch. That said, I do have the mop of curly hair as a daily accessory, as well as a small collection of hairpieces. I’m not terribly creative with scarves. I will use one for a belt, and most def tuck one into my collar in NYC in February.

This is probably as maxed-out as I get, with a necklace, sparkly bracelet, sunglasses and red lips.

My favorite cool-weather accessory is patterned or graphic tights. They make me feel whimsical and light hearted, and I always get a comment or two.

Cats on my calves!

I’ve also started wearing this fab wool hat from Tenth Street Hats, because it gives me a boho vibe that I love. They have very cool headwear, go give them a look. Also wonderful for days when your hair is behaving like a two year old.

Find this hat at Tenth Street.

Looking to the future of my accessories, I am into:

  1. Printed ankle socks with oxfords.

These are called “Hamil-toes.” 😄

2. More hairpieces that completely change my look.

Wearing one of my silver wigs. It’s fun to have thick hair for a day!

3. And shorter necklaces. Not quite chokers, but short enough to be easily seen in an open neck.

Love this triple strand beaded necklace.

How do you prefer to accessorize? Minimal or all the way?

Keep joy in your heart, and stay fabulous, xo,

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Here’s some cool accessories to browse:

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  1. I love to see some elegant accessorizing, quality pieces styled with attitude, but I think it’s not for me. I’m probably a maximalist, not because of the number of accessories I like to wear, but because of the size of them (massive!). I love Iris Apfel!

  2. It depends on my outfit, but I definitely have maximalist tendencies! I wearing 8+ rings on a regular basis, always have 7 earrings total on, and I am known to wear multiple necklaces and/or earrings! And sometimes, it’s just a pair of earrings. Belts and scarves, I deploy less frequently – I do love a playful pair of hosiery!

  3. That is a tricky one, I think it depends on the accessory. I am not a bag person but I love jewelry and shoes. I can go without a bag but never without my jewelry or accessories. I have a room especially for my shoes and I have a pantry for my jewelry especially hair accessories

  4. I wear more accessories in the summer because my clothing is simpler, and with bare arms and neck, I can wear bracelets, and bigger earrings. In winter I am more minimal – my rings and smaller earrings. I love Iris’ over the top accessorizing, but I just can’t do it.

  5. Well, compared to Iris Apfel I’m definitely a minimalist with accessories, but, in reality, I’m probably somewhere in the middle. Iris looks smashing, though, with all of the bracelets and necklaces, something I could never carry off. You look smashing also in all your looks. I truly love the graphic tights with cats, so very cute. I love how you wear hairpieces as accessories. I have a few I use but have never worn a full-on wig, but you have me thinking now. Is your wig comfortable to wear and not itchy? Thanks for sharing all these great looks!

    • Hi Debbie! Yes, Iris is a species unto herself, no one can duplicate her. I find wigs a bit itchy, yes, and prefer to wear toppers. I’ll write about it! xox

  6. This one got me thinking Patti. I guess I am mostly somewhere in the middle. I tend to use my accessories to ring the changes and add colour to my blacks.

  7. I love your blue eyelet skirt, yes I do see and appreciate that you are more of a minimalist. On the blog, I tend to be much more maximal in my style. I’m a little bit more subdued in real life. I love the examples of Jessica and Greetje!

    • I too seem to add more accessories for blog shoots than for a day like today: biking to lunch and catching up on blogs! Thanks for coming by, Elle, and have a wonderful evening. xox

  8. I think I’m in the middle. I always wear accessories, and they mostly include a necklace, a brooch (or two) and a ring, but I do not actually pile them on. Love those cat tights! xxx

  9. Patti, I would love it if you did a wig/hairpiece post.

    I generally go for one statement piece, usually a brooch or necklace. My hair is much like yours, silver and very curly, and also a “statement item,” so much as I love earrings, they get lost or tangled in that mop.

    When I was in my late 30s and a svelte size 5, I loved ankle bracelets with bells, bangles up to my elbows and multiple earrings to go with my asymmetrical haircut. Now I find too many “things” on me are annoying. As a 66 year old size 12, I still pile things on as I dress, but then I curate my look before I leave my bedroom and most of the accessories get taken off and put away. It’s taken me awhile to embrace “less is more.”

    If I had your slim legs, statement shoes and socks would be part of my repertoire. Alas. Not to be but a nice reminder nonetheless to have fun.

    • I would be happy to do a post on wigs/add-on hair, Cee. I’ve got a lot of personal experience, if not technical know-how! Oh I loved ankle bracelets too, sweet memories. xox

  10. I think I am a minimalist with accessories. I often forget to add them but I think they do complete a look. And there are times when go full on! Fun post!

    • Yes, it’s fun to go back and forth. Today I’ve just got my wedding ring and a cuff. xox

  11. I love wacky socks with pants. Discreet anarchy.
    Also scarves.
    Almost always earrings. For a long time, I wore diamond studs that my dad had bought my grandma. Then, while staying at my brother’s house, I was taking them off and one popped out of my fingers. I looked under the vanity in the bathroom and discovered it went down the A/C floor vent. So I know where it is, but I can’t get it without tearing his house apart. Sigh. I might get another piercing to wear the remaining stud on one ear.

    • “Discreet anarchy” is my favorite phrase of the week! Love that. Sorry you lost your family earring. I do love the idea of wearing the remaining one as a one-ear remembrance. xox

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