When You’re Channeling Annie Hall: Visible Monday

When you’re channeling Annie Hall. She’s one of my favorite movie characters, because she loves life, laughs easily, and knows when to get out of a relationship with a selfish guy. I also love her wardrobe, the baggy trousers, and men’s hats and ties.

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I still adore Diane Keaton’s real-life style, and she and I are close in age. Today I channeled some Annie Hall with wide leg, drop-crotch trousers I think she would like. I found them in a small boutique in NYC, shopping with my glam friend Alida of My Makeover Mission.

This style trouser may not be “in” now, but what do we care? 😄

The paisley print blouse is from J Crew Factory. It’s supposed to button to the top with a dainty frill closure, but I chose to show some neckline. A v-neck really does make you look taller, if you want to be.

The vintage cuff bracelet is from Citizen Rosebud’s shop (now on hiatus). Well-worn Dr. Martens boots.

Love this “ON” crystal pin – also “NO” when you flip it. It was a gift from the lovely Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb.

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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Hi! Fantastic! Great Look Annie Hall! You inspire me to that style.I would like to know more about your makeup. What kind of product do you use? please share. Usually, I just wear makeup in natural look which I use Korean product such a BB cream from https://www.womenangle.com/best-bb-cream-for-dry-skin/. This bb suits to my skin type. I really love your look.

    • Thank you dear Natalia! I really soaked up all the gorgeous snow pictures on your post. And big congratulations on being a finalist! xox

  2. Oh man, linkd in has gone gestapo. I had to sign in via google, but it was nasty. I don’t like that stuff as I’m not on any social media except blogger.
    Anyway, you do look super cool in your annie hall interpretation. And I luv the no-on pin.

    • Hi Pao. Arghhh, I had no idea how bad the “new and improved” Inlinkz was going to be. I’ll try to go back to the original, or find friendlier software. Sorry for the lousy improvement! xox

    • Thanks Suzanne. You are a great face-reader, as my husband took my pics he said “think of the kittens!” : > xox

  3. You’ve surely nailed the Annie Hall look, Patti, and it looks fab on you too. I especially love that gorgeous Paisley print blouse! xxx

  4. Patti, I’m so delighted you are channeling Annie Hall. It was one of my favorite movies and I SO admire Diane Keaton. She is a woman who knows and has stuck with her unique style–very classy lady.

    • Thanks Kim; I admire her too. And I love your Erte painting as inspiration! Your look is beautifully inspired. xox

  5. You were able to meet up with Alida?? How wonderful is that!!!
    I saw Annie Hall only once, now you make me want to see it again. Especially since I’ve been loving hats so much lately.

  6. I went to a ballet recently, and the audience was full of dance-enthusiastic French women, who are even more chic than your usual French women. One look I saw again and again, on all ages, was similar to the your photo: loose pants cuffed or rolled above low boots, with about two inches of leg (or wild socks) showing. Worn with low boots, especially Chelsea or Doc Marten-adjacent (though sometimes they are worn with athleisure shoes). The trousers almost always are pleated and loose (even baggy) at the top, and either cut straight down for a wide leg or tapered at the bottom. Lots of old man plaids, some pinstripes, and also solid black.

    • Thank you TOF, and I appreciate this style report of chic French women! I do like the baggy-on-top, slim at the bottom trouser look too. xox

  7. Hi Patti,
    I love Diane Keaton and you have definitely channeled Annie Hall here! You look totally cute! Love that blouse!
    I can’t seem to get the Cookie Disable button to work so can’t get to Visible Monday. Grr. I’ll keep trying.
    Have a wonderful week!
    xx Darlene

    • So sorry, Darlene about the software. InLinkz has “upgraded” their linking software and it’s not all worked out yet. xox

  8. La dee dah la dee dah. Love Annie Hall/Diane Keaton! That’s a great look, Patti and the hat is the perfect touch. Paisley is never out of style, is it? <3

    • Oh yes, la dee hah, I forgot! I just re-saw Casablanca yesterday, and Ingrid is wearing a gorgeous paisley blouse in one scene. Timeless! xox

  9. Oh darn, InLinks requires a login and doesn’t like mine, and I don’t do social media – what a drag that the sign-in has changed. Sorry, Patti, no more pictures from me. 🙁

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