Best Free Advice Of The Week; Visible Monday Reminder

Most everyone likes to give advice; it’s not all good advice. We have to be discerning and think for ourselves. I try to always do that, and every now and then I get some free advice that’s truly beneficial. Thought I’d share this week’s quotient of good advice with you:

From my voice teacher. She’s teaching me how to belt while singing. It’s challenging, it’s not just screaming, unless I’m doing it wrong. Her advice, over and over: Hold nothing back. Put it out there. Release your emotions and mean what you say. Great life advice too, if we feel we’re not being heard.

From a good friend and fellow blogger. Most of us Visible Women love lipstick. I noticed my friend Suzanne was wearing a flattering deep color, and she said it stays on for hours. That is the holy grail of lipstick, my friends. She didn’t know the brand, so we took her tube and went to the Ontario equivalent of Target. We hunted it down: Wet and Wild Mega-Last lipstick. It’s the GOAT – buy several!

free advice

There are lots of shades, so you’re sure to find one you love. I got a peachy-pink, a true red, and both Suzanne and I have a deep burgundy.

From a good friend and fellow volunteer. You can’t let the bad guys get you down. If someone is mean to you, they have a problem with basic human relations. This applies online and in person, although a lot more nastiness comes over the internet than you’ll encounter in real life. Be grateful that you’re you, you know how to rise above and focus on the hopeful, kind, and beneficial.

free advice

What’s the best advice you got this week?

Stay fabulous, and see you at the new “Easy does it” Visible Monday,


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  1. Great advice, I’m headed to Walgreen’s to buy that lipstick! And the advice from your friend about unkind people is truth, how come I have such a hard time reminding myself of this and not I let my feelings get hurt? Ugh, must remember!

  2. I have to thank you for that lipstick recommendation! I am a lipstick fiend. In fact, when traveling I often buy lipstick as a souvenir.

  3. As a fellow lipstick lover, I definitely have to try that one! If I could find a lipstick that stayed on, without drying my lips out, I would be thrilled (Hey, it’s the little things). I usually have a chocolate stash too.
    The Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) was a big thing when I was growing up too, and I’ve tried to live my life by it.

    • Yes, living by the Golden Rule would make all of our lives better. And yes to a chocolate stash, I apparently cannot keep one : > xox

  4. Slow down! And that s what I did. …yesterday! Haha, to late of course. I was already exhausted. Happy weekend!

    • That’s always a good one! Happy weekend to you too, see you at Vis Monday. xo

  5. Best advice this week…
    “Don’t sit on that!!!”, just as I was about to sit in some bird poo :oP
    Not quite as deep, thought provoking or empowering BUT Bloody useful all the same!

  6. Best advice came from my Mom, ” Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

    It’s funny…after we figured out that lipstick I was grocery shopping again today at Superstore and picked up two more. I’m scared now they will discontinue it and I won’t have any left. I bought one in a more Burgundy colour than the red this time. I’m thinking of tossing all of my other lipsticks because they just don’t hold up as well.

    I discovered that I also hoard chocolate like my newly found lipstick. I didn’t get a chance to show you my stash when you were here. I obviously have a deep fear of a chocolate shortage.

    Have a great weekend girlfriend!


    • I know, right? I bought a couple more at our local Dollar Store. Fear of running short of a great lipstick is motivating. I do want to see the chocolate stash. xox

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