We Love Our Shoes And Bags, Yes We Do

Yes, we Visible Women love our shoes and bags. They can elevate or casual-ize the tone of any outfit. They can introduce color and texture to our looks. And, best of all, we don’t have to take our clothes off to try them on. And satchels don’t care if we had the pina colada cheesecake last night.

Whether your closet holds a hundred pairs of shoes or just a couple, a basket full of purses or a treasured few – most of us love to recklessly eyeball a pair of pumps or an amazing bag.

Here’s some inspiration from the amazing women of Visible Monday:

Go casual and coordinated: Pam of Grey Is The New Black adds blush to her capsule wardrobe with these winning slip-on sneakers and pale pink purse. The floral scarf is a lively accent.

shoes and bags

Add an androgynous vibe: Melanie of Bag And A Beret is having Existential Angst, but we hope it’s just the 24-hour strain! Loving her masculine pointy-toed oxfords and little white socks. And the hair. And the sunglasses. It’s Melanie.

shoes and bags

Brights will make you smile: Claire of Claire Justine chose her hot pink metallic ballerinas for her son’s birthday party. These are so cheery, and perfect with the floral dress Claire is wearing.

shoes and bags

Seek harmony with your outfit: Cheryl of Northwest Mountain Living And Style is wearing fabulous two-tone heeled sandals that complement her soft-color maxi dress. The summer-y crochet bag is also tailor-made for this outfit.

shoes and bags

Dress it up with some glam: Vale of Fashion And Cookies is gorgeous and so beautifully coordinated. These blue heels are WOW with Vale’s fit and flare dress. And the metallic clutch is too good – it adds just a bit of contrast and bling.

shoes and bags

Stay fabulous, enjoy all the accessories, and stay you,

Here’s some shoes and bags that want to move into my closet:

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  1. very inspiring recap, I always enjoy some shoes&bags!, they’re so uplifting and could add instant coolness to a dull day!
    (And I also love Mel’s revamped t-shirt and general fabulousness!)

  2. The platforms at the top make me cringe, but all your ladies are pure inspiration. I particularly like the pink slip-ons with the pink bag.
    There’s a woman in my town whom I keep bumping into–at the market, at a dance performance…she wears all white, with white sneakers. She’s certainly over 60, maybe over 65. Anna Wintour hair. Very simple. She has a look, one that is classic yet, by being all white, a little edgy/daring. Not always the same white dress or same white shoes (I’ve seen her in some awesome white creepers).

    • Love that idea of all white – you’re right, it’s a little edgy and ageless. xo

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