A Visit With Karina! And A Walk In The Park

We had the pleasure of visiting with Karina, of Karina Dresses yesterday. We took the subway to her office/design studio in Brooklyn and thoroughly enjoyed her company as well as that of her business partner, Garnet (he’s terribly camera shy).

I love seeing what new designs and fabrics Karina is working with. She’s got some gorgeous new sweater-knit dresses and ponte knits that are perfect for her body-loving dresses (see the fab Lauren dress here).

You can use my special code GIBP30 at the Karina store for $30 off any full-price dress online!

Street art outside Karina’s studio in Brooklyn.
I am wearing my new/old Pliner boots, naturally.
She’s as kind and smart as she is talented.

I also strolled through Washington Square Park, where you can always find music, photo ops and, on this day, some very assertive pigeons. You can see by my expression, however, that I loved every minute of their attentions, and none of them needed a bathroom break on my new leather jacket.  ☺

We are having a great day in the park, all the birds and me.

This coming weekend we are ON for Visible Monday! The link-up will go live Sunday evening at about 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

We’ll party on through Monday. Please join us with your fabulous Visibility!

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  1. That's the BEST photo of you, the last one with the birds. If I see you eating squab in the future, I'll know what happened.

  2. Love to see you looking so happy in NYC, Patti! That street art is a fabulous backdrop. xxx

  3. Hi Patti!

    You look so different when you post pics while in NY, but in a good way –
    You look lovely, relax and happy! – I love your style while in NY very edgy and jazzy –

    Anything going on for Halloween in Florida?

    Take care and i will see aT Visible Monday!


  4. How interesting to visit her design studio to see what she is working on.

    Thank heavens your new coat wasn't mussed up : )


  5. You look gorgeous in your new-to-you leather jacket. Those pigeons adore you! x

  6. You look fabulous in your new leather jacket!!
    I love the Karina dresses. One shall be mine when I reach my goal weight!!

  7. Love the picture of you with the wall art, Patti! And, I love the smiles both of you are sporting!! The sweater dresses would be fun!

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