How To Wear Summer Dresses All Year: Visible Monday

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Living in Florida, I have almost no proper “winter” dresses – turtlenecked or velvety or hand-knit. I wear my summer dresses all year with some simple layering over and under. Sticking to mostly neutral or dark-floral dresses makes the transition simpler.

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The dark floral dress here (similar) was found on deep sale from Land’s End a few years ago. It gets a lot of warm-weather wear but I don’t put it away in November. I add toppers and jackets and scarves and boots. When it’s truly chilly – those eight days a year – I wear tights with my boots. I love wearing tights, but they mostly keep my sock drawer warm and stylish.


Summer dresses


On the left, my over-dyed vest c/o Diane Gilman (sim). Believe it or don’t, purple goes with everything. On the right, a more sedate suede cropped jacket (thrifted, sim). And my new favorite boots by Steve Madden (retail! but on sale). They zip up the side which is really great because laces slay me. Thrifted bib necklace (sim) for a little bling.


PicMonkey Collage22


Are you still wearing your summer dresses?

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  1. I think it is good for the environment and economical to wear summer clothes in winter. Layering is the new black. You look adorable. I love your Olive Oyl boots. That’s a compliment. I think Olive Oyl is quite chic.

  2. Living in AZ I have the same problem, I was recently lamenting how i only have 3 sweaters. But lately its been a lot colder than normal so I might have to take the plunge and buy another. Happy holidays and thanks as always for hosting the link-up.

  3. I’ve stored my summer clothes away – the rode in my closet couldn’t bare so much weight anymore. πŸ™‚ But as days get a little warmer and dryer, I’ll do just what you’ve done here, Patti. You look fantastic in your floral dress, and the purple vest is perfect. Happy holidays to you! Thank you for the link-up!

  4. Happy Last Minute Holiday Wishes to you Patty! Coming off long hiatus to say thanks for all your hard work making this brilliant gathering of stylistas possible. You are clearly the Brilliant-est One! Seriously, love your summery-wintry blend … so you! I do this quite a lot actually. Easy to shuck the jacket in a warm restaurant when I get rolling at our place on Saturday night!

  5. Funny, here in Scotland, you could easily do the reverse of this post…”how to wear cashmere and waterproof woollens year-round.” I guess that’s why we just bought a slice of land on the Gulf Coast!

  6. Oh, I love that vest with this summer dress. Deep sales are the best! I also love how your tights are so thoughtful in the drawer giving warmth to everything around them. Hahaha! And I’m with you on the boot side zips. Laces are as bad as skates (used to be anyway). Thanks for the linkup.

  7. Looking gorgeous in those soft colours, Patti, and what cool boots! Yes, I wear my summer dresses all through the year too, wore one tonight in fact, for a winter solstice party! xxx

  8. We’re in the midst of snow, so summer clothes are definitely in the closet right now. I’m enjoying your “winter” in florals with boots and the combination of brown and purple. Stunning, as always!

  9. I adore your purple vest with that summer dress! I wear nearly all my dresses all year long, despite living in chilly Wisconsin. I have a huge collection of cardigans, tights, & socks…I love tarting things up for winter because it means I can add more color πŸ™‚

  10. Of course purple goes with everything, especially browns. Ha! the 8 days a year it gets cold. I’m freezing now and I’m in my house! Anyway, you look groovy. And I luv the boots. I have the same pair in two different colorways. The zips are a life saver.

  11. I like the way you’ve layered it! I also wore a Summer dress this time, I love my summery dresses too mcuh to restrict them to our paltry summer season!x

  12. How lucky you are not to have a full winter wardrobe! All these coats, hats and gloves we need to keep warm, and all you have to do is add a little layer or two – bliss! I love the way these boots give your outfit an edge. Floral dress and industrial looking boots would never occur to me, yet you pull this off with panache. Thank you for the link up again this week x
    Anna’s Island Style

  13. I do layer some of my summer items, if our weather keeps being so mild as it is, I won’t need a winter wardrobe either! It’s been so mild in London.
    Have a great Christmas Patti, and thank you for hosting
    Laurie x

  14. A little bit of layering goes a long way! I, too, stretch out my summer wear with jumpers, turtle necks and tights! Although I’ve not been wearing tights that much as over here, as Catherine has said, it’s been soooo mild. Just not like Christmas at all! Love your boots with the dress – am I’m with you on the zip versus laces!

    Have a lovely Christmas, Patti.

  15. I hear ya, my vintage go-go boots are a nightmare to put on and invariably the lace comes undone three times when I’m walking anywhere so I have to stop and re-do them. Sometimes modern can be good!
    You layer like a pro. I wear the same stuff all year round, too – just with added thermals and a coat. xxx

  16. We’ve had warm enough days to continue layering summer clothes, but not for much longer. I love this outfit. I think that I like the purple vest best. Don’t get me wrong…the suede jacket is lovely, but the vest is BA and really accentuates the flowers in the dress. πŸ˜‰ Super cute, as always! Oh, and you made me giggle out loud when you said the eight days that it got cold enough in FL. That tickled me so.

  17. Your hair looks like angel hair!

    Those boots are wonderful. I’m with you on the laces. I have vintage boots that have to be laced up and they are a pain in the butt.

    I’m wearing some summer dresses with a cashmere sweater on top as I’m visiting my parents in BC right now. The weather isn’t too bad, not what you’re accustomed to though : )


  18. That brown jacket sure looks so nice with that dress and really warms up the whole color palette for winter. The boots are awesome. Ohhhh, I envy anyone that has mild/warm temperatures year round like you do. It is my dream to live some place like that…although I probably never will largely because of family who lives here. This is a beautiful area, but I could live in sunshine and warmth as many days as I could get. Hope you have a nice Christmas, Patti.

  19. Oh heck yes, purple does go with everything! Note my purple glasses and hair! I love this casual look on you, Patti – that is a lovely dress and the boots are awesome!

    Thank you for hosting this fabulous web-party! Now, where’s the wine?

  20. ” I love wearing tights, but they mostly keep my sock drawer warm and stylish”…. that made me laugh, Patti!!! I think it’s lovely that you can wear yours all year round – normally I’d be so cold that I’m wearing tights under jeans, but it’s been so mild in the UK that I actually wore a midi skirt with BARE LEGS this week, that’s unheard of in December!!

    Thank you so much for hosting, hope to see you at #iwillwearwhatilike tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Catherine x

  21. Patti, sometimes I wish I had your winter wardrobe problem or solution. It sure would save a whole lot of closet space. With four distinct seasons, we almost need four different closets (jk). Love how you had the layers to this already fabulous dress.

  22. Yes, purple does go with everything, and it looks very cute with this brown-tone dress. I live in a cold climate, with snow and ice and below freezing temperatures… and I wear (some) ‘summer’ dresses year round. I just a add a cashmere cardigan, tights and boots. And a warm coat, of course.

  23. Purple does go with everything because true purple is equally warm and cool. Everyone can wear purple. You look great in this outfit and I do really love that over-dyed vest. The dress is so pretty and I love the large floral pattern. I actually have a blog post all set to go for Visible Monday and will post it soon. I’m so excited to have gotten myself together enough to participate! xoxoxo

  24. I love the vintage-like print of that dress. Lace-up look boots with zippers are the best; I’m often in such a rush I don’t have time to deal with fiddley footwear.
    Living in Boston/London, I own few summer dresses, and can layer like there’s no tomorrow πŸ™‚

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