How Do You Relax? My Three Favorite Tips



Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas much at our house, there’s something about the season that can make me feel hectic and careening from project to project. We all deserve a rest, some downtime. And we all have different ways of doing it. Music, yoga, crafts, unwinding with friends, Merlot – they all can be beneficial.


My favorites ways to relax:

1. Sneaking away to a coffee shop with my latest novel (still working my way though the Tom Rob Smith trilogy), grabbing a latte, and reading for an hour. I have a smile on my face but I don’t talk to anyone or check my phone! I feel only a twinge of guilt about that last thing, buy hey, I’m not President of the World. It can wait.

2. Browsing through some read-only blogs (These are blogs I don’t interact with, just enjoy) and learning something new. One of my current favorites is The Women’s Room.

3. Best time of the day: after yoga stretches and a bath, I climb into bed with my book or iPad and/or some drama on BBC America (stay, Luther, stay!) The secret here is to keep moving the time up. Now that it’s dark so early, I’ve been known to check out at 8 PM.


Tell me about your relaxation rituals, and maybe we can inspire each other, and chill our way through the season of cheer.

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Stay fabulous, and relaxed,


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  1. I usually manage to avoid the stress of the holiday season as there isn’t any Christmas celebrating at my house; but I so look forward to the week-long break from work so I can curl up on the couch with a book for a whole afternoon, and then nap if I want to.

  2. Pretty much the same as you, I think! I’m a terrible fidget and find it hard to sit still for long so an added cat on my lap stops me from moving about. xxx

  3. I’m with you. The best part of holidays is the opportunity to relax. I get too little of that with my work. My preference is a comfy couch, soft pajamas, a warm cup of tea and an old movie. Mmm!!

  4. Wine, friends, TV, reading – I’m the same as you really, minus the yoga! I have to say I don’t find it hard to relax at all, never have – I can usually switch off and go to sleep all too easily! xxx

  5. Merlot or shiraz – I’m not picky. I love eggnog, too! Otherwise, walking, biking, reading or watching a comedy all work for me, which boils down to exercise, escapism or laughter.

  6. I’m with you on reading. That is one of my favorite ways to relax although I read in spurts and not as often as I might like. Golfing and driving (not in traffic) are two of my other favorites. My go-to relaxation method, though, is probably old movies on TCM. LOL! Happy weekend, Patti!

  7. hi Patti,
    My 3 are:
    Walking the dog…the ONLY time I get total peace.
    Reading a trashy magazine or reading a “real’ book (depends on my mood)
    Talking (and laughing) with friends.

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