My Favorite Pictures – And Outtakes – Of The Year


It’s throw-back Wednesday at Not Dead Yet Style. Today I’m reviewing some of my favorite pictures, outfits, cats, and a few notable gaffes of 2015. As far as my personal style goes, I think it remains casual, feminine and with a touch of funk, throughout the year. Some pieces were sent to the Thrift Shop not long after I saw them here, and some have become daily favorites (my black sneakers, thrifted in Greenwich Village.) I like watching my fuzzy hair grow long and start to turn silver.

PicMonkey Collage1

Vancouver blogger meet-up – a highlight!; Skinny G relaxing; an outfit that did not make it – too dull.

PicMonkey Collage

My old girl Stinky; I have found my inner octopus; Sandy and Bernie; at Sheridan Square in NYC.

PicMonkey Collage5

I love black and gray: knit dress; funky 80’s zipper skirt; saddle shoes that did not make the cut (too costumey).

PicMonkey Collage4

Great days: colorful summer blouse; meeting Judith in NYC; cruising the Caribbean; I met Ally at The Ear in Soho.

So much has happened this year outside the realm of fashion: turning 60, my first year of retirement, the decline in my mother’s mental health (sad), Sandy’s emergency surgery (scary), learning to sing, traveling to NYC, and reviving my fire for politics/social issues. It’s been an overall captivating year and I am excited about 2016. As Dr. Seuss said, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


My favorite pic: relaxed and happy and my best red lipstick.

Visible Monday is taking the weekend off. A new edition on January 3rd!

Stay fabulous and I hope you have a wonderful holiday,

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  1. I loved to see that picture of you, Suzanne and myself at Vancouver. And I loved the pictures of the passing year. As Suzanne said.. that last picture of you is so good. You are a wonderful woman!! I can say that cause I verified it in real life haha.

  2. It’s been a year full of happy moments here too – I enjoyed your visual re-cap! The last photo of you is just beautiful, and as Val said, you, and so many of the other wonderful women I’ve met through my blog, are re-defining what 60 and up looks like. Keep on rocking Patti, you’re amazing. Merry Christmas!

  3. That last photo is such a wonderful portrait of beautiful you.

    Every year in reflection offers so many memories, some we cherish, others we’d choose to forget, but they all make up the fabric of our lives.

    Happy Christmas and all the very best in 2016!


    • Thank you Suzanne, and same to you. The memories we cherish keep us going through the bad times. xox

  4. I love that last picture. You’re rewriting what it means to be 60 – and it’s cooool!
    Boy, the years keep going by faster. It’s good when the tally at year’s end is more good than bad. Happy Holidays, Patti, and have an amazing 2016!

    • Thanks Val, you are so right about the years zipping by. Remember when summer was forever? xox

  5. It was an important year! I’m glad we shared some of it. Our meal at the Ear and time in Vancouver are indelible memories for me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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