Bloggers: Where Do You Do Your Photo Shoots?

I envy you bloggers who always have an amazing photo location for your blog shots. I do almost all my Visible Monday pics on our balcony because: 1) it’s covered from the weather; 2) it’s (mostly) private; 3) the light is good; and 4) it’s convenient. The pale yellow paint out there on the balcony is a good backdrop, and of course there is ceramic kitty to lighten things up.

Finding a memorable photo shoot location is no challenge in NYC, where I’ll be next week. I love all cities’ street art, and am drawn to the juxtaposition of plain and artsy. Our small downtown has a few good spots but I’m wearing them out.

I like this downtown Melbourne, Florida location, with the weathered column and modern stone building:


Above, I’m in disheveled all-black, but feeling cheery. My stylist and I cannot seem to get the yellow out of my gray hair – it’s persistent. She thinks it’s from using minoxidil. If you’ve had any success in this area, please pass on your tips.

Now for some artistic photo shoots, take a moment to enjoy these fab over-40 women of Visible Monday:

Rely on Mother Nature: Tiina of Elegance Revisited is often in a gorgeous natural setting, or in the charming streets of her part-time home in Finland. She has a great eye.

where to pose

Build it yourself: Suzanne of of Suzanne Carillo has natural outdoor settings in the woods, and a collection of brilliant backdrops in her home. She always captures a great pic.

where to pose

OK, we can’t top this every day: BiTi of Pret-A-Vivre is in Rome, and doing as the Romans do – looking terrific in front of an ancient arch. I need this.

where to pose

Stay fabulous, wear what you love every day, and enjoy every sandwich, xo

Some fun Fall pieces to browse:

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  1. Patti, I am sort in your setup too. Living in the country is is sky, grass and an occasional critter for my photos for the blog. Instagram usually has better locations because I use my Iphone when we are up in the city, but that is about it.

  2. Living in London I’m quite lucky but park/country shots are always my favourite Patti. This shot of you is just stunning xx

  3. During spring and summer, I shot many of my photos in my backyard, since everything was joyfully in bloom. I’m trying to challenge myself to get out more and explore my own city. Great post and look, my dear. Xo Jonet

  4. I love the rich city background in the Florida shoot. Well chosen. The back dress is pretty fabulous too. I also do not stray far for most shoots.. but every 10 feet of my street looks different…so it is easy to get some variety, if not the most compelling locations.
    Lately, I find myself on the street…. Street style, quite literally!
    Happy weekend.
    And, for what it is worth, I love your hair that color .
    I will visit your friends here!

  5. Oh, I knew I was missing something – my ancient arches!! Those are amazing! You’ve almost got an ancient arch – that pillar place is great. I like outdoor shots best when I can swing it. But my stairway is always there. I see so many fantastic places on other blogs.

  6. The familiar can be comforting. I like your pretty, bright cat and warm yellow walls!
    Maybe you should do some INDOOR , out and about town , but just once a month to change it up??

  7. It’s so much easier to do the photos right outside the house, especially when I’m taking mom’s or Nancy’s photos! But I will admit, that leaving the development and looking for other spots, has been quite a treasure hunt. We’ve found little places that we never knew existed….right in our own neighborhood! So maybe it’s been a good thing?

  8. Thank you for featuring my Roman holiday photo Patti, When at home all my styling photo are usually in front of a white door I love yours here and also your hair, I am letting my grey take over, wish me luck Thanks again and a great weekend lovely lady!

  9. I always admire people who find interesting backdrops, and that can be anything… The wall behind your black outfit is a good example.
    I tend to go for convenience, something ‘on the way’ of wherever I’m going, or something in my own neighbourhood. That’s the natural settings, fall leaves etc… in Finland you’re never very far from something that looks like a forest. And then it’s just a matter of composition: limit the view to the trees and cut out the motorway…

    • you frame your shots so well, Tiina – and you do have different seasons, that’s a nice feature! xo

  10. I always admire those bloggers who take fabulous pics on fabulous backgrounds, but my love is for those who can create something genuine just posing behind a brick wall!.
    I love all the ladies who take photos of their outfits in their balconies, garage alleys, stairs, doors… wherever they are!.

  11. My posing place is the peeling, white painted brick wall in our rented garage. It’s generally quite private in spite of it being a shared space. The few people we meet know what I’m doing, so I don’t get many odd looks anymore 😉 If we’re out and about, we try to take outfit photos there. One of the parks here is great for posing too! xxx

    • Same here, Ann. It’s always fun to find a new spot as we run our daily errands. xo

  12. I prefer city scapes or really any place that doesnt have too much greenery …….ex: parking lots, schools, churches, downtown somewhere

    Greenery has a tendency to become yellow on camera IMO ……and i feel like the more neutral your background is the more your outfit pops. Fall is the exception though when most of us want to have foliage in our pics

    • yes, agreed – if we ever got some Fall colors down here in Florida, they’d make a great backdrop. xo

  13. Right now mine are on my back deck… boring… But my very small town affords very little other choices and since I do my own pics with just my phone, I feel even more limited. Not sure what I’m going to do when weather really turns bad here in PA because I really DON’T have a good indoor spot.

    • I know what you mean, indoor photos are really hard to make vibrant! Suzanne has some professional lights that help a lot. xo

  14. I need to be in Rome for blog photos too! : P

    Convenience is a big one for me. Having areas in my house that work for photos is so much easier than trying to scout locations elsewhere. Also I think that people became bored with my backyard/fence local that was my go-to before.

    I can see why you stick with your balcony as the lighting and views are great. I imagine it is too windy on the beach itself which is a shame because it would be perfect for some photos. I think I remember in the past you took some there.

    Enjoy your trip! I know you will : )


    • Not bored with the fence! Love that spot. Yes, the beach is gorgeous, but so windy for pics. xox

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