What I Wore, Wednesday Edition = Rerun

What can I say, I love this skirt. And I included it in my 30-for-July workwear challenge, even though it has a memorable print. I wore it last week and I couldn’t wait to wear it again. So here it is, this time with an ivory ruffled tee and off-white linen jacket. The jacket was a good find: it’s JCrew, snapped up on eBay for about $12. I probably need to take it to the dry cleaners to get the lapels to lay properly.

Jacket: JCrew via eBay, Ruffled tee: Macy’s, Skirt: Viola, thrifted
Shoes: White Mountain, Bracelets: Macy’s and Target

After running around trying to get beautiful for photos, then adding the jacket, then stepping outside into jungle-like heat and humidity, I was melting. My photographer had to keep shouting: “think about kittens!” to make me smile with sincerity. (I think I can see the strain in my face). I need the jacket at work, where the A/C is set to meat locker. Step outside, and it’s hello, wall o’ heat. Are any of you struggling with this phenom right now?

And do you repeat pieces of an outfit in as little as a week? If you love, love, love them?

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  1. You should give the jacket a second chance ,maybe leave it unbuttoned. I wore my blue long skirt and green pants quite a lot lately.I like repeating my clothes the cool term …being remixing.You look lovely and fresh despite the heat. Actually the pattern of the skirt has a cooling effect.

  2. It was a heat index of 116 yesterday here in SC. I am pretty much sticking to dresses–dressier ones (Mad Men style) so I don't need a jacket. When it gets this hot, I'll take meat locker all day long!

    I would love that skirt with a navy jacket with shorter sleeves–saw a few on eBay in my larger-than-you size yesterday.

  3. I am totally a piece repeater – I think that is what makes a true fashionista…the ability to take the items in your wardrobe and mix and match them to create different looks.

    Loving the linen jacket and floral skirt.

    ~ Ad

  4. I suffer through the same thing everyday. Ready for work…..keys check, phone check. pashima or sweater check.
    You look lovely. I have been following you for a while.
    You look lovely and the skirt is fantastic!

  5. I do sometimes, but my closet collection is so big I don't really need to. I will repeat things much more on the weekends than on the weekdays for work.

    That's such a fabulous skirt, it deserves to be seen!

  6. I often repeat pieces in a week- pants and jackets anyway. I don't do it with tops, except maybe over the weekend. Rewearing pants helps when I'm too rushed in the morning to iron, and I often don't have 5 pair of work pants because I'm a difficult fit so it's hard to shop.

    For the lapels, you could try using a damp rag between the lapel and a very hot iron to press them into place without making the fabric go all shiny, or resort to safety pins pinning the outer end of the lapel into place. I use them on several of my jackets.

  7. Oh my gosh! The heat here in NC is brutal!! This is such a sweet look….the white jacket still looks summery even if it is summer! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  8. I think the skirt looks great with the jacket…I get cold at work also , but I like it because it is so hot outside…my little high school girls get cold in my room though..as soon as menapause hit…the thermostat went down and I threaten those who attempt to touch it…but I can at least wear jackets like you have in the summer. Nice look!!

  9. I DO repeat pieces of an outfit within the same week. IF I was having to go the office/campus this summer, I would shiver all day and then my glasses would instantly fog the moment I stepped outdoors. The only trick to stay a bit cooler–keep hair off my neck and perhaps talcum in damp places.

  10. Patti~On the melting thing, I'm melting but I sort of like it and wont complain. The winters are too vivid in my memory.
    Love the skirt–and yes, I would wear it 2x's in one week–or 3 if I love, love love it! I do it a lot~Paula

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