Bloggers Do It Better: Maxi Skirt Friday

This is an easy and fun one for me: Pretty Shiny Sparkly is doing a Bloggers Do It Better Challenge, and it’s maxi skirts! I used to wear them in the 60’s and 70’s, all polyester and abstract, with big sashes at the waist. I also loved “granny” skirts, the Laura Ashley look with pretty floral prints, worn with a peasant blouse off the shoulder, and thong sandals. Just add a daisy in my hair and some Crosby, Stills, and Nash on the turntable.

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Now I dress up my maxi skirts, and keep everything a little more sleek and simple. I still love the look and feel of a long skirt sweeping against my legs all day. I wear either wedges or flats with my maxis, and I like both looks. Today it was my sparkly Ralph Lauren flats and I was super comfortable zipping around the office.

This blouse is one of my favorites. It has a cord running through it at hip level, so you can make it blousy or leave it straight. Or sometimes I tuck it into a skirt and it’s a whole different look. But I don’t remember the maker, and I cut out the tags long ago.

Blouse: I cut out the tag! from Ross, Skirt: Gap Body,
Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren, Bracelets: Target and thrifted

I solved my over-heating problem by . . . taking pictures inside! I hope no one is offended by the nude painting over my head. This is our “guest” room, and my closet/dressing/etc. room, and it has the best light in the house.

Are you a fan of maxi skirts too? Happy Friday to all.

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  1. Blogging has prompted me to try maxi skirts. I like this sleek look–a far cry from the Laura Ashley look, a phase i went through myself.

  2. Hi Patti! Thank you for the kind comments! I'm so glad there are other bloggers out there that from the Florida area. I love Yapa and I recently discovered Cottage Rose from a friend.

  3. The only skirts I like are long skirts. They are too informal for court, so I don't wear any to work. Right now, I don't have any. My legs are a bit long, so what qualifies as a full-length skirt on most women hits just above my "ankle". Given my cankle situation… not a good look.

    Looks great on you, though! And I definitely agree about keeping the lines sleek. That keeps it from getting frumpy or costumey.

  4. That's a really visible look for the office!I like this black long skirt as it seems very easy to style and create totaly different looks.I like the light in this room ,the pictures come out much nicer.

  5. That is a wonderful outfit. But I couldn't wear a long skirt right now because of the heat here in Tennessee. I get hot very easily and then sort of sick so I'm not only stuck inside but I'm limiting myself to the coolest things possible. I used to live in south west Florida. It feels like that here now. I'll wear my 2 long skirts in the fall.

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