What I Wore: Simple, Warm and Thrifty!

We finally got some cooler weather today so YAY, it was time for a proper sweater. I even wore a medium weight jacket and scarf on my way to work, and I wore my boots without feeling the slightest bit geeky.

The sweater is a steal from Old Navy, on sale for $14. It’s in one of my signature colors, mostly cotton, and it is so soft and comfortable. The skirt has been seen quite a bit around these parts, a thrifted 1980’s midi. I didn’t expect it to be so versatile when I picked it up!

The Diesel belt is thrifted from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (I miss you, NYC!) and the Gianni Bini boots are from a delightful consignment store right around the corner from my home. I felt great all day in this outfit. I realize it could be sparked up with more jewelry, scarves, etc., but it suited me just fine today.

I do have gold sparkly nail polish – that should count as an accessory, right??
And my newly thrifted bangle – a colorful touch.
Do you ever take a break from serious accessorizing, and go the simple route?
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  1. You look great. I did that today. After a couple of hours or rearranging my closet, I threw on the most columnar, simple all deep brown outfit. My palette needed refreshing. Meaning–no patterns, no prints–just rest.

  2. You always look gorgeous Patti … sometimes, I think it's mood dependent on the accessorising… but gold nailpolish is definitely an accessory.

    I have an award for you on my blog, should you choose to accept it.

    Happy 2012 stylish lady.

  3. Happy new year to you and your family and yes nail polish counts as an accessory . How nice idea! Does red count?

  4. Thanks Anne – yes, that's just it – I too like a clean open neckline, and am reluctant to distract from it.

  5. Oh, I love that outfit, Patti!  And yes, sometimes I like the simple route.  When a top has a beautiful, clean, open neckline, I sometimes feel that I don't want to clutter it. The belt and bangle are just perfect there.

  6. Thank you SC, I now consider that matter settled as I regard you as a style goddess  : >

  7. Wow, your cold beats my cold!! Thanks for coming by, Ariane, and stay warm  : >

  8. Great skirt length; shows off your boots!  And yes, in my opinion, nail polish is an accessory!  

  9. Hi Patti!
    We have cooler temperature as well, -17, brrrrrrrrr!
    Yes ! You wore that skirt! But so pretty and versatile, you can wear it with anything
    You look lovely my dear

  10. nice fitted sweater in a great color, so soft and feminine, goes really well with your pleated skirt. Your simple and chic belt gives the outfit a nice shape. Have a great 2012 Patti!


  11. Thanks Lisa! I love your simple, chic look today, with the gorgeous scarf.

  12. I didn't take much of a holiday, did I? Just Christmas Day  : >   I think you have a great style, very confident and casual-chic, and you look fabulous in boots!

  13. I love your blog and your outfits, Rebecca – thanks for coming by today!

  14. HaHa  Had to laugh at your new phrase, Tammy.  My co-worker back in Illinois…who was from Arkansas and talked with a bit of a southern drawl use to say she was "getting ready to have a high speed come apart!"  I had never heard that before. lol

  15. This look is classic and beautiful! 
    I don't quite know what I would call my style and I'm not quite sure I really would want to put a name on it.  It might make me sad:)  I think one of the best compliments I get is that I look pulled together…..That's a whole lot better than looking like I'm having a come apart (New phrase I learned from my TN sister in law)What happened to your blogging break?If you have time try to link up to my trending series.  It has another day or so to go.  I keep trying.  We'll see!!!

  16. I usually go with simple accessories, mostly because I feel like they get in the way when I am working.  Usually earrings are my go to accessory.

  17. Thank you, Une Femme. At work 90 minutes early sounds a bit punishing — hope this is not a trend!?

  18. YES, I do that exact thing in the morning — necklace on, necklace off!

  19. Pam, you always look great, and yes, I do look for your fabulous jewelry! I love that book too.

  20. Thank you Frances, I hadn't thought about the boots complementing the skirt.

  21. yes, let's see the sweaters! My workplace is much like a campus, so I'll bet we could interchange our outfits quite a bit.

  22. Yes! I did today. Had to be at work 90 minutes earlier than usual, so kept it simple, just earrings and a watch. You look very put-together!

  23. I haven't had trouble removing my polish yet — but I *do* have several coats on this time!

  24. Gosh, it hasn't really been cool enough here to wear a sweater. I seem to be hot all the time any more.
    You look fab in this outfit. I do love, love that skirt. I think you accessorized it perfectly. Even though I am supposed to accessorize, somedays I just don't make the effort any more. I think that when I worked it was part of my signature, now it is just not as important to me.
    I am excited to see you wearing nail polish. I do think it is an accessory. Almost every time I am out I get compliments on my polish.

  25. I know EXACTLY how you feel!  Sometimes, I put an outfit on and feel like it needs a necklace or something; and then I end up taking it off.  I kind of like a paired down look.  This looks wonderful on you!  Who knew that a blacked check skirt could be such a wardrobe workhorse?   But it clearly is!  Hugs to you Patti! ~Serene

  26. This is a great look, Patti!  I might have to go by Old Navy this week before I hit Goodwill…this sweater is one of my favorite colors!  I also love your belt.  You might laugh, but I have been a little simpler this year.  It has been a long time since I wore big earrings…that I used to wear everyday.  But, reading Parisiene Chic caused me to step back and tone the accessories down a bit….but I confess it has been hard,  I love them all!!

  27. Ha, I had to laugh at your "opportunity" to wear a sweater, as I've been considering a post on my collection of ugly sweaters.  I LOVE this sweater (gray is my favorite, though not most flattering wardrobe color) and a look like this would be perfect for a day on campus.  I go the minimal route on accessories MOST of the time I'm afraid.

  28. I'm not really an accessories gal, though I like them on other people. I will occasionally wear a statement necklace or bracelets and whatnot, but it always feels strange. 

    Have you worn sparkly nail polish before? I tried it for the first time this week and it was a total pain to remove. I actually had to Google it, because the regular method wasn't working. 

    Cute outfit! I love midi-skirts. They always make me feel profesh and pulled together. 

  29. Such a classic look, appealingly neat yet with enough quirky small details to be interesting. Surprising how much pop you can get from that bracelet and I think the sweater's hue really holds its own with the black — I also like the stitching on those boots, a nice complement to the black-and-white of the skirt.

  30. I think the belt and bangle are perfect accessories to that gorgeous olive sweater. I usually forgo any accessories past a belt and wear pattern, shine or texture in my outfits.

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