What I Wore: Pink, Red, And Rust

I have just come off a week-long manifesto about black and how much I love it – but black is not all that I love. This color-packed outfit threw itself together from my closet and I really like the results. The occasion was our usual Sunday lunch and a beer at Coasters Pub. (No one in our family had the kangaroo burger, but the split pea soup is delicious). It was quite chilly for Florida winter – a high of 65 degrees!

long dress pussy hat

I love a dress that “surrenders the waist” when going out to lunch.

I’ve got thick tights on under my heavy-cotton midi dress – I thrifted this dress (similar?) a couple of years ago and I heart it so much in winter. No tags, but it has a great swooshy shape and feels wonderful. The gorgeous black pendant is created by Suzanne Carillo, and the reversible puffer vest (sim) lets its red side show through. My deep cranberry boots (sim) are a wardrobe workhorse.

The final piece in this colorful look is my new pink pussy-hat, found at a lovely Etsy shop. It’s warm and cute, and also represents my solidarity with women who are still fighting for respect, equality, and a safe place to be. I didn’t march in Washington DC this year, but I’ve put a lot of marching miles on my boots. Always peaceful.

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  1. Great thrift indeed and precious hat!! You look great and you wear midis so well! Have a super sweet weekend doll!!

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